Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here's a little online haul from weeks ago. I finally purchased a "My Pretty Pink Box." I was meaning to posting this weeks ago but I guess better late than never. I purchased 2 -one for me and one for my cousin. I also purchased some origami star paper from Ebay and a mortar and pestle (for mineral makeup.)

I'm sure you've all seen the items that were in the box since it was released weeks ago but here's a picture of the items I received. Both boxes contained similar items although their were a few differences. We both received the "Totally Texty" shampoo (it smells good!), KISS French Nails in "Real Short," Revlon Fantasy Lengthes lashes in "Defining" and "Flirty", and mineral eye shadow samples from Paint Fx Cosmetics. The rest of the items varied between the boxes. There were also other mineral makeup samples, facial scrubs, face masks, and soap.
For more indepth reviews of the products for September's My Pretty Pink Box, I suggest the following links:

From both boxes, I received a total of 4 mineral makeup samples -3 eye shadows, 1 blush.

From Left to Right..

1. Paint Fx Cosmetics "Dream"
Kind of a light periwinkle shade. It reminds me of the sky (when it looks lavender and blue and pink) VERY pretty.. shifts to purple. It's not a very light or dark shadow.. just medium. Medium shimmer.. great color payoff. I want a full size version of this but I don't know if it goes with my skin though.

2. Paint Fx Cosmetics "Fantasy"
Beautiful Fuchsia, very basic color with medium shimmer. I don't have a need for this because I already own colors that are so similar to this but it's very pretty.
3. The Mineralista "Kiss of Gold"
It's a lighter shade of gold but very flashy. It's so shiny and bright with a fantastic "sparkling effect." It looks like a white/gold but most definitely gold. This is very metallic-y and contains lots of shimmer.
4. Orglamix mineral blush "Tarragon"
This is a dusty rose color with lots of shimmer. It looks too shimmery for my cheeks but I could use it as an eyeshadow.
*I also received a coupon from Orglamix stating that the first 25 people who mention "My Pretty Pink Box" in their Orglamix order will receive a free full size eyeshadow. I went to go get one but they were already out! However, Cheri (who runs Orglamix) happily gave me a free eyeshadow anyways. I will review those in an upcoming post. Also, the boxes included Paint Fx Cosmetic coupons for any full size eyeshadow for the price of......... 1 PENNY! I will do a review on lots of Paint Fx mineral shadows soon.

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