Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are you registered with Groupon & Ebates? If not, you're missing out on AMAZING deals!

So I realized today that I've been referring people to Groupon A LOT lately (in person) because they've been offering such awesome deals. A new Groupon (sometimes more than 1) is offered every day and the deal is determined on where you live (when you sign up, you select a location.)

For instance, during the last 2 weeks, they had a deal on American Apparel that was pay $25 and get a $50 Groupon (which is like a printable gift card.) They also had one for Nordstrom Rack. Then over the weekend, I bought a groupon worth $30 for only $15 for a nice restaurant. Most of the deals on Groupon offer a savings of 50% or more -which is why I've been referring so many people.

What I didn't know was that you could actually earn "Groupon credit" for these referrals. Whenever you refer someone and they buy their first Groupon, you get $10 in Groupon credit (torwards your next Groupon purchase.) So, I'd like to refer you! Of course, by all means, feel free to sign up on your own but if you use my referral link, I get the $10 credit. Also, refer your friends with your own link so you too can get credit! I'm kicking myself for not sending my friends the referral link (instead of telling them to sign up on their own) because I could've gotten $30 in Groupon credit!! Agh..

P.S. I just checked and Groupon is available in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Why is Groupon so awesome?
  1. Registration is free.
  2. You get amazing deals for places like your favorite stores, restaurants, and even places for kids. They also offer deals on services such as massages, car detailing, and more -all at around 50% off or more (off the retail price.)
  3. When you refer others, you get $10 in Groupon credit when they make their first purchase.

There are TONS of cashback programs out there and I've signed up for 3 or 4 but for now, I'm sticking with Ebates to make life simple. I've had an Ebates account for (I think) 2 years now but am just NOW starting to use it -I know, totally kicking myself for all the cashback I could've earned from all my Sephora, Ebay, GAP, and Old Navy purchases during the past 2 years.

Ebates offers a bunch of cashback deals for different stores (it changes) which is why I like shopping with them -for instance, Sephora's cashback a month ago was 3 or 3.5% but it's now 5%. What happens is when you check out (at whichever store you're shopping at) through the Ebates link (for that store), Ebates tracks your order and gives you a percentage back of what you spend. At the end of the quarter (or month -not totally sure), they'll add up all your cashback and send you a check or transfer the money to your PayPal account. I JUST started using Ebates so I got $3.41 back last month! =P

And something else I didn't know was that Ebates gives you $5 when you refer someone to Ebates and they make their first purchase. Again, feel free to use my referral link OR sign up on your own. Also, if you're a new member and you sign up, they'll give you a gift card (this is a pop up when you first enter the site) for a store of your choice when you hit a certain cashback amount within the quarter (I believe it's usually $5.) I never got my gift card since I forgot about Ebates right after I signed up! =(

Why is Ebates so awesome?
  1. It's absolutely free to join.
  2. You save a lot (it adds up) because you get cashback when you shop at your favorite stores. Ebates has cashback for most of my favorite stores so that's a major plus. Also, if you have a promo code (like a discount or GWP) for whatever store you're buying from, it's like getting double rewards. You just have to remember to always checkout through Ebates to get the cashback (just open your store's link from Ebates.)
  3. Ebates will give you $5 for every person you refer once they've made their first purchase.
Anyways, here are my referral links again:


And again, you do not need to register through my link -feel free to register on your own. However, if you use my link, I will receive credit for Groupon/Ebates. Also, remember to refer others with your own link too so that you too can receive credit. =)

I hope this post helps some people. I just thought I'd talk about it since Groupon and Ebates has been saving A LOT of money lately and I've found myself referring both websites to lots of friends/family members. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

Check the Mail! Did you get your Sephora Gift Card?

I totally forgot that every year, Sephora VIBs are sent gift cards during the Holiday season. The amount of your gift card depends on how much you've spent during the year. The weird thing is, I didn't buy that much from Sephora this year and if I did, it was mainly with gift cards so I was really surprised when my gift card was for $20! Last year, I'm pretty sure it was only for $15.

The catch? A $40 minimum purchase is required. At least it's like getting 50% off your purchase and I was planning on getting some Christmas gifts from Sephora anyways. And it's nice to get the gift card since the whole month of December will be all about spending on everyone else and nothing/very little on myself -at least I'll be able to get a little something for ME. =)

Here's how it looks..

P.S. I mentioned in the last post that I'll be VERY busy until next Tuesday and will be MIA so I apologize for missing out on Nudey Tuesday! I believe it's the first time I've ever missed it. =(

P.S.S. Happy Birthday to my cousin!! She turns 24 today. =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vacation/Black Friday Haul & Update (Will be MIA until next week)

I wanted to share my vacation haul real quick before I head back into the world of studying. I have 2 projects, 2 essays, homework, and LOTS of reading due this week and 2 tests and 3 essays due next week so I'll pretty much be MIA until next Tuesday -I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Anyways, onto the vacation haul.

I've been wanting OTK boots for the longest time (2 or 3 years!) The thing is, all the one's I've wanted were either too expensive (around $400-$500 range) or I didn't think the quality was worth the price. These boots that I got from The Rack (at the Vegas Outlets) will do until I can afford a super expensive pair. They were only $29 on sale! =) The only thing is the smallest size was a size 7 (I'm a 5.5-6) but with socks, the fit is decent. I can wear them with the cuffes up (for OTK style) or down for more of a pirate style.

I picked up a heather gray shaw collar cardigan from GAP for $20 on Black Friday (originally $49.50) -I originally wanted New Vineyard or Navy but I'm OK with the Gray. I'm confused at why the buttons online are brown though while my buttons are gray. I also got two hidden chain tees from Ann Taylor LOFT for $10.19 each (they were on sale for $16.99 in the store plus I got 40% off on top of that.) These were originally $39.50 each.

Before the trip, I bought my cousin's birthday present from HappyFamily on Etsy. I got the robot messanger in red (not shown) and gray and the Dino tote was free. The customer service was excellent -I was weary of some of the poor feedback comments left by other customers and the TONS of comments saying that they take forever to ship (some people didn't receive their items until months later) but I got my items in under a week! The seller was also quick with emails AND I got the free tote so overall, I had a great experience with them.

I got a trio lipstick freedom palette from Inglot for $16 (colors are 07, 15, 36) and their Lip Paint in AMC 57 for $12. I also went to CCO and picked up a Birds & Berries eyeshadow single from the Liberty of London collection for $10.25. I actually did buy this when LOL came out but I swapped it with someone since I wasn't in love with it. But, I was wanting it again so I'm glad I found it at CCO!

I also picked up a few souvenirs (for gifts) from M&M's World. I have to say that EVERYTHING was so overpriced. I really wanted some M&M's earrings (just plastic studs) but they were $10! That may not seem like a lot to you but to me, it's very overpriced especially since they were just tiny plastic circles with and "M" on each one. Also, the plastic necklaces (like what little girls would wear) were around $15-$25!

This last set of EOS lip balms weren't from my trip but I thought I'd post them since they were such a great deal. I got 3 EOS lip balms in Pomegranate Berry, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew, and a pretty mesh pouch for just $9.99! I got this from Walgreens and have no seen it at any of the other stores I frequent (like CVS and Target.)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Went to Inglot!! =)

Hey everyone! So I went to Inglot for the first time today and was uber excited as I've heard so much about the brand. I don't have much time to blog but the manager (super nice staff btw) did allow me to take pictures and videotape -sadly the photos kind of stink since I was in a hurry but hopefully my video (which I will post soon) gives a nice view of the store. I've been at the computer for over an hour -I made a goofball mistake and uploaded the WRONG video so I had to start over but this is just taking too long so I'll have to share it another time. Anyways, there were SO many items to choose from and since I didn't have much time, I only walked away with some lip products. I REALLY hope I get a chance to go back there soon. For now though, I hope you enjoy the photos from this post! As for the quality of the products, I'm not sure yet since I just bought the products and haven't even tried them out. Anyways, enjoy!


Have a great Saturday everyone!! If you haven't already, let me know in the comments what you hauled from Black Friday. I'll share my haul soon. The last photo shows my small Inglot haul (all lip products!)

Friday, November 26, 2010

What are your Black Friday plans?

I'll be updating from a phone the next few days through Sunday. The hotel I'm staying charges a crazy rates for internet so I won't be getting to do any reviews like I had planned so I apologize in advance! And there will likely be some spelling/grammar errors. =(

Anyways, what are your Black Friday plans? I MAY be going shopping but not sure yet -I REALLY hope I get a chance to go to Inglot since they don't have it where I live. Well, have a lovely Black Friday everyone! Hope you get some GREAT deals!!

P.S. Have you ever been to Inglot? What's it like??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Pre-Black Friday Find ($15 Coat @ H&M!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be on vacation starting today through the weekend so I may or may not be gone -I'm trying to get some posts done so that I can have them scheduled for the days I'm gone but I still need to pack and get reading for our family Thanksgiving feast. =)
Anyways, I wanted to share my new coat with you all. I was at H&M on Tuesday looking for an oversized sweater (something not too long but past the butt) but there was nothing -either they were all too long or they didn't have my size. I decided to head for the sales racks and halfheartedly looked through the piles of clothes (I rarely find anything in the sale sections at H&M and Forever 21 because usually it's just the really ugly clothes either with the ten rows of ruffles or barf colors left.)
However, I lucked out and spotted this coat! I'm extremely weary of buying outwear (i.e. jackets, coats, etc.) at stores like H&M or Forever 21 because the quality usually isn't great -most of their outwear tends to feel like felt you'd buy at the craft supply store. But this coat felt nice. I looked at the tag and found out it was wool blend (great!) I figured it would half off (they had a 50% off outwear sale going on) but I saw a big red tag on the shoulder that read $20. Yes, TWENTY DOLLARS! I looked at the inside tag and found out the original price was actually $79.95.
After that, I bumped into an old friend (who now works there) -another plus! Then, I skipped happily to the fitting room to try on the coat. It fit nicely but I wasn't sure if I liked the bottom (which flares out so it looks like more of a dress coat for going out.) My friend (that I was shopping with) didn't like it but my other friend and some other customers talked me into getting it. I'm really happy I did!
But let me tell you why it was only $15. When I went to the register, the worker told me that it had been a return from a larger H&M store that carries a certain line of clothing (this coat was from that line.) Because this store didn't carry the line, they had to mark it down to get rid of it since there was nowhere to put it. So that's why it was $20. Then, he gave me, I guess, a $5 off "inconvenience" discount (I didn't even ask for it!) Earlier on, I had asked him about some sweaters but this very rude customer interrupted us so he was forced to go with them but I was totally OK with it because that's when I ran into my friend. It wasn't much of an inconvenience for me but for $5 off? I'll take it! P.S. I forgot to mention that I actually had a gift card so I paid nothing for this.
Here's the front of the coat. The belt is extremely long but I don't mind because I'd rather wear it tied than the way it's supposed to be worn. I love the side pockets -plus they're not faux pockets (I hate faux pockets.) The color is great to since I've been looking for a camel coat since forever. Also, the sleeves are the perfect length (something that rarely happens.) The one thing I'm not super impressed with is the plastic detailing (buttons and belt ring.) They look cheap since they are just black plastic and are the only thing that totally give away that the coat is from a store H&M or Forever 21. BUT, buttons are always easy to replace and the belt "ring" won't be too noticeable since I'll be wearing the belt tied instead.
I love the back of the coat. The stitching detail (lines?) make it look nice as well. And I love the tabs on the shoulders of the coat.
Here I am wearing the coat. I think it fits me (pretty) well so I'm happy about that. The length is also good -not too long or short and perfect for wearing over a dress or leggings. I don't think I'd wear this with jeans or other pants though -it looks too "dressy."

Here's another photo of my wearing the coat. Here you can see just how much the coat flares out. I'm thinking of taking it to a tailor but I'm not sure. Should I leave it flared or should I have it taken in so that it looks more casual?

I also love that the coat is lined! Most coats I find from H&M/Forever 21 are not lined or they're lined with poor quality material. This coat actually feels "heavy" which means I know that it'll keep me warm and will stand up to the cold and wind that most cheaper coats wouldn't. Something I did notice during my recent trip was that I believe H&M has stepped up their game when it comes to outerwear. I think (overall), their outwear is much better quality than that of Forever 21.

Recycled wool blend. =) I mentioned above that I'm very picky about coats -I usually buy my Fall/Winter coats from GAP because they offer good quality (usually wool) and fit me right. I'm so happy that I was able to find this coat in a size 4. I usually wear a 2 or 4 at H&M but it's nice to have the 4 since I'll need to wear layers under the coat -you don't ever want to wear a coat that's so tight that you can't fit your bulky winter sweaters and thermals underneath.

That's it for my haul. I'm pretty sure I'll be missing out on Black Friday since I'll be on vacation but this was a nice pre-Black Friday deal considering all the sales I'll miss.

What are your Black Friday plans? What stores are you hitting? Any Thanksgiving plans? Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something I Love: Peppermint Ice Cream

I love Peppermint ice cream. Most places don't sell it year-round so I get extra excited when it shows up around the Holidays and I buy/hoard excess amounts of the stuff. How does it taste? Peppermint ice cream should taste like candy canes -it usually even has little bits of candy cane inside (the ice cream.)

Tonight as I was driving home, I told myself, "No, no ice cream tonight. I've already had too much." Right as I turned onto my street, I made a U-y and turned around and headed to Baskin Robbins! Now I'm sitting here kicking back and enjoying my delicious peppermint ice cream when I should be working on my online test/essay/homework. I'll get to it when I'm done..

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Have a nice night everyone! <3

Nudey Tuesday: KIKO All Over Light in 06 Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: 7,50 € (About $10.18) (0.15 oz)
Product: 23/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A-

While in Florence last Winter, I had my first run in with KIKO Cosmetics. I remember walking into the store and being amazed/thrilled/fantastically happy and loving the MAC-like theme -but in purple. From what I gathered, KIKO is sort of like what I'm guessing Inglot is like. It's "like" MAC with all it's variety (both in products and color) and the layout is a lot like MAC too. However, it's a lot cheaper -even with the USD/EUR conversion rate.

I scooped up loads of KIKO goodies and even talked my cousin into grabbing a bucket full of products for his makeup loving (now ex) girlfriend. I promised myself I'd get around to reviewing all my new purchased but like every new product I buy, it was all lost and forgotten simply because I have too much. Well 2 weeks ago while my friend was dolling me up for my birthday, she asked to see all my blushes and highlighters and surprisingly, she pulled out my KIKO All over Light Highligter in 06! So now I'm happy to say, me and KIKO have been reunited and it's finally time for a review.

The Packaging: The highlighter comes in a round, matte black, rubbery compact (similar to NARS.) The brand name is printed on the front in silver and the bottom lists the color and weight. Inside, there's a handy mirror. That and its compact size make this highlighter ideal for travel -I just need to bring along a brush. The downside is that because of the rubbery material, the compact quickly gets dirty with dust and marks.
The Product: (Please let me know if you'd like to see the ingredients -I'll have to dig up the box.)

The highlighter is finely milled and feels creamy and buttery even though it's a powder. It feels light on and doesn't irritate my skin -always a plus. It's also fairly long lasting for a face product and wears for about 6 hours (actually wears longer but I haven't tested it for longer than 6 hours since I always end up washing my face earlier on.)

One of the reasons I forgot about this highlighter was because when I got back home and swatched it, I realized that it was incredibly flashy and shimmery. This is not your every day highlighter unless you work at the club or something. BUT, it is wonderful for nights we're you're going out and want that extra "oomph!" My friend liked it so much she even asked to borrow it for her photo shoot.

This is how it looked when I first bought it!

The Color: 06 is a beige pink with lots of silver glitter and shimmer. Take note (again) that this highlighter is incredibly shimmery and very flashy.


Above (with flash): KIKO All Over Light in 06
Above (with flash): KIKO All Over Light in 06

On the face! (I showed you these Birthday FOTN photos already but here it is again. My friend applied All Over Light to my cheekbones and forehead.)

Overall: I'm so happy that I've rediscovered this highlighter and will continue to use it for special occasions -especially for days/nights that I'll be photographed (weddings, parties, etc.) The only thing, again, is that it can be too much for daily use which is why I lowered the grade of the "product score." But overall, I do recommend this if you can get it! From when I last checked, KIKO still doesn't ship internationally (boo!)

Where To Buy: KIKO Cosmetics

P.S. I'm a little peeved that it's actually cheaper now (considering the rate changes.) Back last December, the rate was something like 1 EUR = 1.51 USD but I guess now it's 1 EUR = 1.36 USD. I want to go back now and buy more!! So cheap compared to other high-end brands. =P

And if you were wondering what I still haven't reviewed from my KIKO haul (this was nearly a year ago), here it is. Talk about being behind!