Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All in the Bag

I originally wrote a post (which is still being written) to update everyone on my whereabouts and "adventures in life" but I figured what the hey, why not write a few posts from my phone instead! We'll save the details for later. Updates from my iPhone are sure to be faster than me sitting at my laptop for hours on end.. Anyways, how was your Christmas? Or Hanukkah? Or whatever holiday you celebrate? I hope it was lovely. The photos show one of the gorgeous purses my boy got me and I'm in love with it! What was your favorite present this year? I'll show you my favorites soon! Happy Tuesday everyone. <33

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Urban Decay F&F Haul

I had some credit at Urban Decay and wanted to make use of it during the F&F sale. I really didn't "need" but I did pick up a few things. I think I only spent like $10 for all this (I had some credit from when they messed up an order.)

Limited Edition Lipstick Cap (free with any lipstick purchase)
Wallflower Lip Junkie (deluxe sample)

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone. <33

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rose Gold

Armani Exchange rose gold watch (no idea what the name is since I left the box in the car -I'll update if anyone asks!) I was browsing the watch section in search of a pretty rose gold number. I checked out the oh so popular Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs pieces first but to be honest, I didn't really love any of them.

I nearly settled for a Marc until I walked by the Armani display. It was love. However, all the watches were too big, too plain, too blingy, just "too" something. Then, the sales guy pulled THIS baby out from behind the counter. Supposedly, none of the stores have put this version out yet so I'm glad to be the "first." It's just perfect. It looks a lot like this except one mine, the face is pink and there are crystals surrounding it.

I love love love this!! Call me obsessed but I'm already looking at other colors now -I think I'm about to become a watch whore. On my list: White/Gold, Dark Gray or Black/Gold, Chocolate. Mmmmmm..

This is one of my first birthday presents for this birthday and I couldn't be happier. Thank you thank you thank you to the person who gave it to me. <33

Have a super fantastic Monday everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gucci Gucci

I fell asleep looking at these gorgeous Gucci "Sofia" Crystal Embellished Platform Pumps. That's what happens when you browse the Nordies site late at night I guess. I'd so buy them if I had an extra $2,295 laying around. I guess I'll have to settle for some cheaper Steve Madden ones or something. Cheaper yes but way less fabulous than the real deal.
Sorry I've been away.. I've just had a bad week. I really haven't had much energy to doing anything at all -not even SHOP. Crazy right? Well, hopefully I get out of this funk soon.
Anyways, what dream shoes are on your list?
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Haul & Presents

G of the Sea Perfume ($15 @ Marshalls)
H&M Striped Blazer
Forever 21 Burnt Orange Blazer
Forever 21 Beaded Cardigan
Forever 21 Kimono-esque Maxi Dress
Forever 21 Dusty Rose Dress with Ruffles
Forever 21 Graphic Skirt
Gap Outlet Jewel Bow Flats
Forever 21 Hair Clips
Claire's Keychains (for my loves)
Hello Kitty Momiji Dolls
Hello Kitty Momiji Cup

I used to do hauls where I'd post almost everything I purchased but I felt like those got rather boring. Seeing the same v-neck or striped t-shirt gets old. In the post, I featured items that were my "favorite" or the most "interesting" among the things I've purchased in the last few months.

Have a marvelous Sunday loves. <33

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All I want is DIOR

 I know sometimes people hate to watch videos but you gotta see this! Makeup related too. <33
And this..

I have a really imporant midterm this week so until Thursday noon, it's all work and no play. Looks like no blogging until then but I figured posting a couple awesome videos was better than nothing! I really love both.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tiramisu from last night. iPhone cameras stink. Time for an upgrade.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Graffiti Eyeshadow & Blush Palette Review & Swatches

Repurchase: No
Price: $35.00 (eyeshadow- 4 x 0.07 oz, blush- 2 x 0.16 oz)
Overall Grade: B-

The Packaging: The Hello Kitty shaped compact is the answer to any Hello Kitty lover's dreams. The charming palette features a silver (mirrored) bow and colorful "graffiti" along the surfaces of the compact. When the top tier is opened, a nicely sized mirror can be found above the four eyeshadows. The second tier reveals the two blushes.

I absolutely adore the packaging. I really appreciate that they kept the classic kitty shape down the bow. Also, while the compact is a tad bulky, it's bulky enough to be sturdy yet it's not so bulky that it's too large for travel. It's love.

The Product: Aside from the cuteness factor, I wasn't crazy about the actual "product." While the eyeshadows swatch decently, applied, they're not so great. They were "too soft" which made them powdery which then resulted in some fallout. There was decent color payoff but eyeshadow primer is a MUST. The blushes weren't any different and I had to swatch them several times to pick up the color.
The Color:

  • Pale muted neutral gray with shimmer
  • Light-medium grayed blue with shimmer
  • Very pale, almost white, pink with silver glitter
  • Dark smoky charcoal gray with silver shimmer
  • Light warm muted brick red
  • Warm bright pink
Above (with flash): eyeshadows (clockwise), blushes (left to right)

Overall: While this palette does have decent quality eyeshadows and blushes, I would never use it. If this were my only palette, I could of course see myself getting some use out of it. However, with my collection, I would never reach for this when I have so many better options -it just wouldn't make sense. To me, this is more of a palette to get for "collecting purposes". If you're looking for top quality eyeshadows and blushes, this is not for you. But if you're only fishing for something "adorable", this is the palette for you.

Where To Buy: Sephora

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sanrio Charms

I stopped by Sanrio last week and scored a few items on a deep discount. This chararcter charms kit is my favorite. I got it for around $14 (orignal price $38).

I'm so happy with this little kit -just wish it included the Little Twin Stars!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. <33

Monday, October 3, 2011

September 2011 Favorites

September's favorites seems to consist mainly of theBalm and lip balm. School's been hectic so minimal makeup has again taken over my life.
Favorites included:
  1. theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer (bronzer) (buy here)
  2. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (highlighter) (buy here)
  3. theBalm Mischievous Marissa & Devilish Danielle (from Shady Lady Vol. 2 Eyeshadow Palette (buy here)
  4. Kiehl's Scented Lip Balm #1 in Mango (buy here)
  5. Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in Black Metal Love (buy here)
  6. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm (buy here)
  7. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme 2X Lip Shine (buy here)
I'd usually elaborate on each but I don't have the time -I have so much schoolwork to get done! I'll see you all back here by Friday or so. Please feel free to ask questions about the products in the comments. I will respond -just don't have the time to talk about each right now.

Have a lovely Monday everyone -I already can't wait for the week to be over!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Momiji Hello Kitty Doll

I was super happy to receive this doll (along with the matching accessories) from my friend this week. I wanted "Astrid" the most out of the six dolls. I'm just in love with her white hair, rainbow dress, and Hello Kitty guitar. These Momiji dolls kind of remind me of the Kimmidolls.

Check out the other dolls..

P.S. Momiji dolls are "message dolls" so they're really neat for gift giving. =)

Have a fantabulous Friday everyone. <33

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to make a love package..

I was making a love package for a friend over the weekend so I thought I'd do a post on a "how to" for one. I absolutely love giving "packages" as opposed to a single gift. These are things I personally like to do when it comes to my love packages:
  1. Stick with a theme. This could mean similar colors, shapes, patterns etc. For this box, I went mainly with pink, purple, and strawberry flavored snacks and sweets.
  2. Add lots of yummy treats. I like adding foods that you wouldn't see at your local CVS or Target.
  3. Add some useful items. For this box, that would be the hand sanitizer and the Sharpies (but in the color theme of course.)
  4. Add fun, random things. Hello Kitty air freshener, toy flower, and golf erasers? Check.
  5. Make sure it's nicely packaged. To me, presentation means a lot. I forgot to add a photo of the "final product" but I simply tied it all together with a teal bow (ran out of time) to match what I was wearing. =P (It would've been frilly and pink if I had the time!!)

Have a super gorgeous Thursday everyone. <33

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Up All Night

I was up all night baking these darn cupcakes. Sure they're the lazy woman's version of a Hello Kitty cupcake but they still took so long to bake (different cake flavors, mixing frosting colors, cleaning, etc.) Six hours total and I'm finally done.

I think I'll be taking a LONG break from cupcake baking after this. I'm tired and I'm only on a few hours of sleep. Can't wait until tonight!! I look forward to sleeping and cuddling with my Lotso bear.

Have a beautiful Wednesday my loves. <33

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 New Glosses

THE best "pick me up" for me personally is a tube of lip gloss. You can go with the drugstore route and spend anywhere from $1-8 (sometimes there's even a BOGO deal) or you can go high end and splurge on that $30 tube of magic lip serum you've been eyeing for months. Either way, a tube of gloss does wonders when you're having a bad day or aren't in the most wonderful mood.
I picked up the (first) three above last week -the Nuance gloss has been in my "to try" pile since the collection came out but it was long forgotten. The forgotten products in your stash also work as fabulous pick me ups when you don't want to spend!
From top (with flash): Cargo Classic Lip Gloss in Alexandria, L'Oreal LeGloss in Peach Fuzz, L'Oreal Le Gloss in Baby Blossom, Nuance Ultra Shine Gloss in Pomegranate
  • Cargo Classic Lip Gloss in Alexandria is a mauve baby pink with shimmer. When swatching at the store (Beauty 360), I thought it would be much more pigmented so I was rather disappointed that it applied sheer on my lips. For $22, it's really nothing special -just a nice every day gloss.
  • L'Oreal LeGloss is flipping amazing. At around $8 (way cheaper if you go to Walmart or Target), I got two tubes of pigmented gloss that I'd never expect to come from a drugstore. Peach Fuzz is a bright almost neon tangerine out of the tube but on the lips, it applies as a nice, natural color with a tangerine orange tint. I expect Baby Blossom to be a big hint since so many girls tend to reach for the nudes and pale pinks. The color is a milky very pale pink that's super opaque with no shimmer. It's nice but it can be a bit much -you only need the teensiest amount.
  • Nuance Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is the first product I've tried from Salma Hayek's new line. I bought "Pomegranate" hoping for a more subtle, very natural looking gloss and it's quite nice. Once applied, it looks very natural with a tint of raspberry pink and no shimmer.

What are some new glosses you've purchased or rediscovered in your collection?

Have a terrific Tuesday lovers. <33