Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'll take one in every color please.

I am officially in love with the Sam Edelman Adena flats (..they're really loafers so why are the called flats?) I eventually gave in and bought Gunmetal. I was planning on waiting a little while longer since they're so darn expensive (at least for me) but this color was selling out everywhere. It couldn't wait. Eventually, I want black too -but I'm waiting for a sale.

So why do I love them so much? They're everything I love in a single shoe. They're sparkly but not tacky. They're gorgeous but still comfy. And I absolutely love love love loafers right now. Also, I associate them with one of my favorite movies as a child. Remember A Little Princess? These loafers reminded me of the slippers from this scene (@ 3:20) the minute I put them on. They're just magical.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today's $3.48 Find (plus 30% off @ Old Navy AND 50% off @ Gap TODAY!)

Hey everyone! I've had a busy day with the family but I'm finally home to rest for an hour or so before we head out again. I wanted to share these adorable Zipper-Bow Faux-Leather Flats I found at Old Navy and get this, they were only $3.48! There was not tag so the manager gave them to me for $4.97 plus an additional 30% off. (Click here to print. I got this coupon in my email but this is a RetailMeNot version.)

When I got home, I checked online and they're actually regular price still at $24.94! Mine were the last pair left (that I could fine) so I'm wondering if they're really on sale at all stores -or if mine were a lucky mistake.

I think you all know by now that I love shoes -especially flats. I've been wanting a zipper bow pair so I'm very pleased with these.

On another note, I wanted to add that Gap is having a GREAT promotion today in stores only -50% off ALL women and body. I got there when they opened and it was packed.

P.S. I know you all asked to see my shoes from this post but because I've been getting LOTS of new shoes lately, I'm thinking of doing a shoe collection post (in photos) soon instead. But if you're really interested, here is the list of shoes shown in that post:
I got some really great deals -20% off both my Amazon and Endless orders, so I don't feel too guilty bad. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!<33

P.S.S. And to all of those out there who are in for a weekend with Hurricane Irene, stay safe. My prayers are with you. <33

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T.J. Maxx & Marshalls theBalm Haul

After reading Mai's post Sunday night, I was eager to search my T.J. Maxx locations for the Meet Matt(e) and TheBalm & the Beautiful (a.k.a.Muppets Cast Your Shadow) palettes. After calling six loactions and visiting one, I walked away with Meet Matt(e) ($16.99), Betty-Lou Manizer ($12.99), Mary-Lou Manizer ($12.99), and Bahama Mama ($9.99). I was absolutely thrilled to find the second two because I'd just purchased both from Sephora at full price (those will be returned now!) However, I was still super bummed that I didn't get my hands on TheBalm & the Beautiful so I headed to a nearby Marshalls where I found Frat Boy and Cabana Boy (both $9.99).

Tomorrow will be another "hunting day." I'm headed out of the city to find this darn palette and I realllllly hope I do. It would totally make my day week month!

Have a marvelous Tuesday lovers. <33

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Sam, I think I'm in love with you..

Above: Sam Edelman Adena Loafers in Rose Gold
I've been eyeing these for Sammies for quite some time. Although I do buy a lot of things, I usually wait it out over a matter of days, hours, and sometimes even weeks to make sure that it's something that I absolutely need. On Sunday night, I bit the bullet and I have no regrets.
I was debating between the Rose Gold and Gunmetal for so, so long but ultimately went with the Rose Gold because I felt that it would go well with my skin tone -plus, Gunmetal was out of stock on Endless.
And I was right. Rose Gold is so stunning. My photo and online stock photos do not do it justice. It's the loveliest nude rose gold color and goes so well with my skin. I still do want Gunmetal (for when I wear cooler shades) but I am so in love with the Rose Gold and am very happy with my purchase. Also, I'm a (larger) size 5.5 and the size 6 fits nicely.
I want all of Sam's loafers now! I have four more on my wish list. Oh yea, and it's not just Sam -I think I'm in love with the whole Edelman family. I'm loving his wife Libby as well. I already own two pairs of her Kendra ballet flats!
 Have a gorgeous Saturday everyone. I have a tough day ahead of me but these bad boys (or girls -haven't decided yet) are THE best pick me up.

Friday, August 19, 2011

So I've been on a shoe kick..

LOVE everything.. except for Amazon sent me the wrong rain boots!! But maybe I'll keep them anyways since they're pretty darn cute -but plain.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missoni for Target and H&M Update

 I'm sure you've all heard about Missoni's upcoming collection for Target. To be honest, I wasn't that hyped up for it until I saw an ad in Lucky last week. Since then, I've been dreaming about this collection. I recently stumbled upon a great link I wanted to share containing loads of images for the upcoming collection. The collection includes everything from women's and children's clothing to makeup brushes!! The best of both worlds.. Click here to view the images!!
I personally wouldn't wear all those patterns together in one go but I'd love to own several individual pieces. I'm really looking forward to a few sweaters and of course the shoes. I'm all about patterned shoes.

Below are my favorites so far..
 (None of these images belong to me. They are from this source.)

And on another note, I've been frequenting H&M a lot lately -I'm talking several times a week. I've been eyeing many of the coats and jackets featured in their store posters (especially the coat shown above.) From what the store employees have been telling me, tomorrow, these items (and more) will finally be hitting the shelves. I'm about to be the first one there when they open. I can't wait!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone.<33

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoesies: Hive & Honey "Genne" Ankle Boots ($20 STEAL!!)

I just got these Hive & Honey "Genne" Ankle Boots in the mail a few minutes ago and had to do a post. I obviously haven't been out and about in them yet but from what I can tell, these are a pretty amazing steal at only $19.97 (original price was $139). Piperlime offers free shipping as well -only catch is that these are final sale.

As far as how the boots look and feel, I'm really loving the 1 inch platforms which offer comfort and height. I also really like the overall design as well and I feel they'll be great for late summer and early fall -too cold for winter though. Also, just for reference, I purchased my usual size 5.5 (lots of reviews recommend getting a size down) and they fit perfectly. However, I am a "larger" size 5.5 but just under a 6.

Anyways, have a fabulous day. If 4.5 inch peep toe ankle boots are your thing, snap these up before they're gone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OOTD: H&M Floral Dress

Oh how I wish I had one of those photographer boyfriends.. Today I'm wearing my $10 H&M sale find with my Miss Trish Jaguar Sandals from Target (so obsessed with these.) I also added a silvery gray bow to accentuate the waist -the dress can be a wee bit overwhelming for someone of my height (5'0).

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Target Shoe Rack

My shoe situation was getting out of hand so I picked up this Over-the-Door 18-Pair Shoe Rack from Target for $13.49 (on sale). It didn't fit over my door -my door wouldn't close properly, so I had to mount it onto the wall. The ratings (online) give the shoe rack a 1.5/5 star rating but so far, I love this rack. Many reviewers complained about the rack NOT being for heavy or big shoes. Because I'm a size 5.5-6 and because this rack is for my flats only, those issues weren't a problem.

Now for the fun part.. the shoes!

Have a lovely Saturday! I apologize for the lack of post -I've just been really busy with life. =P