Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011 Favorites

I didn't even realize that it was the end of the month until just now! I've been super busy with school and work lately so I haven't actually had time to wear much makeup at all but here's what I came up with:

1. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush- I got this a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. It's basically just your so-not-average watermelon pink with golden shimmer as described on so many other beauty blogs. I actually do prefer Coralista over Bella Bamba but this packs a nice punch of pink.
Above (with flash) from left: Benefit Coralista, Bella Bamba
2. Illamasqua Lover Blush- I've been wanting this for the longest time and was finally able to get around the end of December. Sephora stores and online have been out of stock for months so I was thrilled to find this at my local Sephora store. Lover is a matte, very bright, apricot peach. It's easy to apply too much since it's so pigmented but when using just the right amount, it looks beautiful.

Above (no flash): Illamasqua Lover Blush
3. NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss- I've been using the Turkist Delight side of my NARS Turkish Delight/Sayonara Lip Gloss/Stain duo all month. I love the milky pink shade and the NARS formula is so moisturizing -a must for my dry, Winter lips!

Above (with flash) from left: NARS Turkish Delight, Sayonara
4. Cetaphil Skin Restoring Moisturizer- My doctor gave me a full size bottle of this and the new cleanser back in (I think) December and I've really been loving both products. (I didn't take a picture of the cleanser since it's in my bathroom.) The lotion really helps to lock in moisture and keeps my skin soft and smooth -at least during the days that I remember to apply it! I think my skin likes when I switch skincare products from time to time.

5. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in Black- This has been in my Monthly Favorite many times now but it's really one of the only makeup products that I've actually been using this month. It provides a dark, long lasting line and stays on all day -even through any allergies or tears.

Above (no flash): Milani Eye Tech in Black
6. Claire's Rose Earrings- I got these dusty rose earrings in a set of 3 at Claire's for around $9 earlier this month. I absolutely adore them and have been pairing them with every outfit. =)
7. Raffaello Almond Coconut Candies- I can't stop munching on these! They're sweet (but not too sweet) and are totally addictive.

What are your favorites from January? Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, January 28, 2011

UPDATED (MAC) Wonder Woman Wishlist

Ok so I know I've been blogging about MAC's Wonder Woman collection a lot but I'm very excited. Since I saw the swatches on Temptalia, I really cut down my list:

1. Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
2. Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo

That's it! I don't know if I'm going to the preview party anymore since I've seen the swatches but we'll see. If I have time I'll go.. What's on your list?!


I just had a 15 hour day of nonstop work and no breaks (except for driving to a boatload of places but I don't think driving counts as a "real" break) and I really, really just want to crawl into bed and sleep for 10 days straight. 15 hours may not seem like a lot for some but after a week of school, work, and lots of homework, today nearly killed me. Well, it really wasn't even that bad until I got home. What made me feel so upset/annoyed/exhausted was that right when I walked in the door, my mom yelled at me about something super tiny. I don't know about you but after a long hard day, the LAST thing you want is someone yelling at you for something stupid. I'd understand if I did something really "bad" but I didn't -so I just feel really crappy right now. And on top of it all, I've been feeling sick but I basically just have to ignore it, slap a silly smile on my face, and take care of my responsibilities.

The thing is, I still have to do dishes and other chores at home before I can even go to sleep. =( STINKS. Then I have to get up and face the world again tomorrow! But that's life huh.. I'm yearning for some much needed "me" time. It's funny because I don't even care to hang out with my friends right now or go out or anything -all I want is to get some rest!!

Anyways, I just needed to vent a little -again LOL.. How's your week been going? Vent and rant about it in the comments!

(OMG if only I had that bed ^ when I was little..)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Swatches!!

I've been hoping and praying for some online swatches of MAC's Wonder Woman collection so you can imagine my excitement when I pulled up Temptalia this morning and reviews and swatches for all of the products were up!! Online swatches always help me to shorten (or lengthen) my wishlist.. Have you ever been happy to actually NOT love everything in a collection?! It helps save money! =P

Check out the swatches!!

Heroine, Marquise'd, Russian Red, and Spitfire Lipsticks

Athena's Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, and Wonder Woman Lipglasses

Blush Duos
Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo
Amazon Princess Blush Duo

Mineralize Skinfinishes
Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish
Pink Power Mineralize Sknfinish

Eyeshadow Quads
Valiant Eyeshadow Quad
Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad
Defiance Eyeshadow Quad

Pigments & Reflects Glitters
Bright Fuchsia & Marine Ultra Pigments and Reflects Bronze & Reflects Pearl Glitters

Penultimate Eyeliner

Opulash Mascara
Army of Amazons, Bad Bad Black, Themyscira, and Victorious Mascaras

Click here for collection photos and details.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Preview Party: Are You Going?

I cannot wait for MAC's Wonder Woman preview party next week. I haven't been this excited about a MAC collection in a very long time -I check daily for swatches, I mark off the days until the collection launches, etc. OMG.. I fall asleep thinking about this collection!!
I love the invitation -they're the same images that came out with the collection details but I'm happy to have a "hard copy" for myself. I'm going to start collection MAC invitations and promo cards because they're stunning -I wish I'd started a long time ago but it's better late than never. =)
So, who's going? I actually prefer buying my MAC products from counters or the PRO store because I'm not to fond of the store nearby but I'll go for the preview party -if I have time. I really, really hope I have time but I don't know what my schedule's going to be like yet. If not, I'll have to hit the stores on the 10th when the collection comes out.

P.S. The collection comes out right before Valentine's Day -I'm sure some MAC Wonder Woman products will make an amazing present for that special lady in your life! ;) HINT HINT.. (Hope my bf reads this.)

Here's my MAC Wonder Woman Wishlist again:
(Products listed in order from what I'd love to have most to least -stars determine "how much" I need a product)

1. Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo ***
2. Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish ***
3. Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish **
4. Amazon Princess Blush Duo *
5. Marquise'd Lipstick
6. Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad
7. Emancipation Lipglass
8. Themyscira Opulash Mascara

Collage made by me -images used in collage belong to MAC.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: NEW Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Palette in Silent Treatment Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $2.99 (0.12 oz)
Product: 21.5/25
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: B+
I'm a little late with the Nudey Tuesday for today but thought I'd squeeze it in before it became Wednesday (PST.) I'm going to try to make it as short and non-wordy as possible to make it in time! Anyways, today I'm reviewing Wet 'n' Wild's new Color Icon trio in Silent Night. Reviews for the other shades will be coming soon! =)
The Packaging: The three eyeshadows come in a very basic, black plastic palette with a clear lid. A small compartment at the bottom of the palette holds an eyeshadow brush and a sponge applicator.

Product Description
Product Directions

The Product: Recently, Wet 'n' Wild came out with some new Color Icon palettes containing an upgraded formula that promised 30% better pigmentation than the original. And as promised, Wet 'n' Wild's new Color Icon formula is better than ever. The eyeshadows all contain amazing pigmentation, blend easily, and are very soft. Also, the eyeshadows are a lot less chalky than before which is a major plus!
However, I found the "softness" of the eyeshadows to be a slight issue -they are a bit powdery for my taste and are prone to fallout but still very good for only $2.99.
The Color:

1. Browbone- Very pale, frosted peach with shimmer
2. Crease- Matte, dark bark brown with pale gold shimmer
3. Eyelid- Slightly frosted medium taupe with an almost rosy/pinked "glow" to it and shimmer


Above (no flash) from left: Browbone, Crease, Eyelid

Overall: I already liked the "old" Color Icon eyeshadows but these blow those out the water! They're definitely one of the better drugstore eyeshadows when it comes to color payoff and I love the wide selection of shades. I also think the price is just right because they're very affordable and are a great value considering the product you're getting. Most of the time, when I pay so low for a beauty product, it's really "too good to be true." That's not the case with Wet 'n' Wild's Color Icon eyeshadows -they work and won't put a dent in your wallet.

Where To Buy: Walgreens

Saturday, January 22, 2011

$5 Barbie Tees @ Target

I stopped by Target the other day and while passing their checkout counters, I saw a little Barbie display on one of the end caps. There were tee shirts, mugs, Barbie accessories, and all sorts of random products so I happily grabbed two t-shirts. They were marked $9.99 (on the shelf) so I wanted to try them both on to decide on which one to get. To me, 10 bucks is way too steep for a thin, cheap t-shirt.

In the end, I couldn't decide which to get so I brought both to the register. When the cashier scanned one of the tees, it showed up for only $4.99! I ended up buying two -and then also running back to get another pink one (which ended up being ripped on the side so I'll be returning it!!) I think I'll go back to check the prices on the mugs though because maybe all the Barbie items were on sale and not just the t-shirts.

About the sizing.. The t-shirts are available in (from what I remember) S-XXL. I'm an XS in shirts and I got the White in a medium and the Pink in a small. Both smalls fit me but I didn't like how the material of the White tee felt so "stiff." Also, medium was longer and I like the my shirts to cover my butt. The medium for the pink had a ripped side (like the additional pink one I bought) so I got the small which fits fine. The large even fits me although it is loose but it's not overly long and doesn't hang off my butt like most big t-shirts.

Check the seams.. If you buy these these, again, be careful and check the sides of the shirts. The seams tend to tear easily -this can easily be fixed but it's worth mentioning.

Which design do you like more? I like the pink one but I don't wear a lot of pink -I wish it was on white instead. The design on the white tee looks SO CHEAP.. like a DIY iron on job but I really liked the images of all the different Barbie and Ken dolls so whatever. I don't buy many shirts with cartoons or images but I will if they're Hello Kitty or Barbie!

Have a lovely Saturday!! <33

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Old FOTD & My Insecurities

I upload TONS of photos on a regular basis so it's not unusual for me to forget "where" I transfer my new photos. It's a pain in the butt but yesterday, I was a little excited to find some old FOTD photos that I lost I'd lost! These aren't the best but they're photos from when I was testing out looks from the cards in the Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection (way too long of a name if you ask me.) I believe this is from the "Fashion" look.

These were from last Summer so I don't remember what I used on the rest of my face and on my lips (I really like this color!!) I don't even remember where I was going! Agh this is what happens when you don't take notes or wait too long to blog about stuff.

My camera really washes out eye close-ups but here's one anyways so you get the idea of the look. Something I didn't like about this palette was that the shades were too light for my skin tone -it was difficult trying to get them to show up.

I miss this hair color!! ^^
That's pretty much it! I initially didn't want to post these because it shows the qualities that I'm quite insecure about.. What are my insecurities when it comes to "how I look?"
  1. My dark forehead. Ever since I was a kid, my forehead's been so much darker than the rest of my face. Maybe my forehead is bigger than the rest of my face? I don't know.. But it's always been a problem! It's gotten better as of late but it's something that I'm insecure about. I know there's things that I can do but I seriously just haven't had the time!
  2. My neck lines. I've mentioned that I have Eczema a few times.. Months ago, I asked my dermatologist why I have these neck lines and he told me that it was most likely because when I was younger (like 4 or 5 years old), there were some Eczema rashes on my neck that we never took care of (you have to use creams and ointments to get rid of them) so it gave my neck lines that discoloration you see in ALL my photos. I hate them but what can I do?
  3. My veins. OK.. I love veins on boys (like arm veins) but I HATE that I have them on my face! I have them on my cheeks at the sides of my mouth so if I'm eating a lollipop (weird example) or puffing up my cheeks with air, you can really see them -I look like a fish!
  4. My teeth. My teeth have specks of EXTREME whiteness. For instance, the top halves of my two front teeth are super white while the bottom halves are "normal." My other teeth aren't as bad but the "white" marks are there. This is due to fluoride tablets that my old dentist prescribed me when I was younger. He didn't know that where I lived, there was already fluoride in the water so basically I was getting twice the amount of fluoride that I needed so it caused this weird bleaching affect. This is why I rarely smile "with teeth" in blog photos. Don't get me wrong, I love to smile with my teeth! But I'm a little self cautious about it.
  5. My Eczema. Eczema to me can be a blessing and a curse in one. The good part about it is that I very rarely get acne so my skin is very clear without having to do much. The bad part is that I face extreme dryness and I'm itchier than the next person. If I do scratch, I get these horrible rashes that really aren't too attractive. I've luckily been able to maintain it for the most part and am thankful to have good doctors and health insurance so it hasn't been a huge problem. However, if I go days without applying ointments and creams, it can get really ugly.
Ok, I wasn't planning on writing about insecurities today but it kind of just spilled out. I think I'll do another post on what I actually "like" about myself but today I was feeling a little insecure! Anyways, today I'm asking: What are your physical insecurities?

Have a marvelous day everyone!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robot Love & Lunch

I just wanted to pop in and share something I drew during class today -I call it, "Robot Love". =) I'm going to color it in later but thought I'd snap a picture of it first. Also, a random fact about me: I pay attention better when I'm doing something else. If I'm listening to a rather lengthy lecture and not doing anything but trying to focus and listen only to the teacher/speaker, I'll start daydreaming and my head will drift 18035854465 miles away from what we're learning about. BUT, if I'm doodling or doing something else, I actually listen a lot better and retain most (or even all) of the information we learn. Strange but true!
And here's what I'm eating for lunch. I stopped by a Thai place on the way home and ordered two Pad Thai dishes for my mom and myself -I got chicken for her and beef for me. Why Pad Thai? Because I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. My insomnia is bad enough as it is but when you're hungry and can't sleep, oh man.. I got about 1.5 hours of sleep last night and I'm in desperate need of a nap before work tonight. But first, I gotta get my grub on!

Restaurant Review: I Love Teriyaki & Sushi

Revisit: Yes
Quality of Food: 22/25
Customer Service: 13.5/15
Setting: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Overall Grade: B+

This past Saturday night, I headed to one of my go-to spots for yummy Japanese food, I Love Teriyaki & Sushi in Concord, CA. to fulfill a Sushi craving that had been eating at me all day. My friend and I walked into the packed restaurant at around 8 a.m. and were quickly seated. Our drinks arrived shortly after and we were given about five minutes to ponder over the menu full of scrumptious options. When the waitress returned, we ordered the Spicy Chicken, Spider roll, Lion King roll, and two orders of Unagi.

Above: One of the menu's pages
After we ordered, I informed the waitress that we were in a bit of a hurry and although the restaurant was very busy, she made sure that our orders came out very quickly. First up was the Spicy Chicken which arrived in under five minutes. I felt that the chicken was leftover from a previous batch because unlike with our past visits, the chicken was on the colder side. It was still slightly warm and definitely edible but I thought I'd point that out. Also, I think that because we had told the waitress that we were in a bit of a rush, the chefs didn't bother to make us a fresh order.

And as for the taste? The chicken was slightly crunchy and mildly spicy. I cannot eat food that is too hot so this is perfect for someone who likes a bit of spice but nothing too wild. I also liked the fact that the chicken pieces weren't all skin and no meat -you're getting "real", quality chicken here. The plain rice went nicely with the chicken as the chicken can be "too flavorful" to eat on its own. The small side salad topped with house dressing was also a nice addition to the meal.

Now onto my favorite part -the actual Sushi! At nearly every Sushi restaurant I visit, I order a Spider roll and Unagi. The Spider roll at I Love Teriyaki and Sushi was made up of cucumber, avocado, tempura soft shell crab, and Sushi rice and is wrapped in a ring of seaweed and covered in a light layer of sesame seeds. I absolutely loved the tempura crab in the Spider roll -it was fried perfectly. Most places often fry the crab too much so I end up tasting more almost burnt, overly fried batter than actual crab. The roll itself tasted sensational. The ingredients were fresh and I could easily tell that it hadn't been sitting out.

The Unagi (freshwater eel) was another favorite. It was simple -just eel that had been marinated in sauce (tasted like teriyaki) placed on top of Sushi rice, tied together with a string of seaweed, and topped off with sesame seeds. I Love Teriyaki and Sushi's Unagi is by far my favorite as it's fresh and not rubbery like it is at most other restaurants.

The last item we ordered was the Lion King (baked salmon) roll. What's a Lion King roll? A Lion King roll consists of everything in a California roll -imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, sushi rice -wrapped in baked salmon and topped off with special sauce (spicy mayonnaise).

Although I don't typically like salmon (ate too much of it growing up), I did really like this Lion King roll. I already like California rolls but the baked salmon layer really gives it that extra "oomph" -I loved how the different flavors meshed so well together.

More Photos..

Overall: Quality customer service and good food are what I look for when dining out and at I Love Teriyaki and Sushi, I received both. The service was great -our waitress was very friendly and our food arrived with lightning speed. The prices were fair -no cheaper or more expensive than most Sushi joints. And most importantly, the food was awesome with the exception of the slightly cold spicy chicken. Overall, I Love Teriyaki and Sushi above average (B+) and with a few changes (food that's not cold!), I would definitely give them a solid A grade. I recommend the restaurant to any Sushi lover who just wants to sit back, relax, and eat quality food.

May be important to some: One more reason why I like I Love Teriyaki and Sushi is because they are open all day with no breaks in between (Monday, Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.) So many Japanese restaurants close in the middle of the day (late noon to early evening) and then reopen in the evening. I can't stand when I want Sushi at 4 p.m. but can't get it because the place is closed!

Location & Contact Information:
1985 Willow Pass Road Suite B
Concord, CA. 94520
(925) 680-0888

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: EOS Lip Balm Trio Set with Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Pomegranate Raspberry Review

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $9.99 for set of 3/ $3.49 individually (3 x 0.25 oz)
Product: 22/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: B+

Although lip balms aren't exactly what you'd call "nudey", I do include bases and primers in the Nudey Tuesday series. To, me, EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) lip balms act as even better lipstick bases than as actual lip balms and I felt it was the perfect time to finally do a review on them. Valentine's day is just around the corner and who knows when you'll need those puckers to be prepped and ready for some good ol' smooching?
The Packaging: During the Holidays, Walgreens was offering trio sets of EOS lip balms in cute little bags. The set that I purchased came with the three lip balms, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet mint, and a sparkly silver and white mesh bag.

The lip balms themselves are packaged in small, colorful "egg" shaped containers. Each contains a dip (for the thumb) so that opening and closing the lip balm is easy as pie. Also, the actual lip balms themselves are sphere shaped for fun yet precise application.

While these lip balms are packaged in adorable containers, there are two minor cons to the packaging. First off, the lip balm sphere inside is prone to becoming loose and slipping off its "surface" so that when you twist off the lid, the sphere is upside down inside the lid instead of being attached at the bottom. The problem is easily solved by closing it back up and shaking the sphere to the bottom. Secondly, the little containers can collect (minor) dust and dirt.

The Product:

EOS lists the following qualities:
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Shea butter & vitamin E
  • Smoothes on clear
  • New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips
  • Twist-off top
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Petroleum-free
  • Phthalate-free
"EOS is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petroleum free."

My Thoughts: This is a good lip balm that will be great for lips in average condition. This isn't something that will cure severely chapped lips -I go to my Jack Black for that. However, it works beautifully when my lips are a little dry and need an extra boost of moisture. Update: I forgot to mention that the lip balm does leave a sort of waxy layer but it's nothing bothersome -it leaves lips feeling smooth and soft.

Now as lip balms, these are nice but as lipstick bases, they're exceptional. I rarely fuss with lip liner because most tend to be drying on me so EOS lip balm is a great alternative. It works as an amazing, clear base that keeps the lips moisturized and the lipstick on. It really depends on the lipstick but I'd say this gives me an extra 1-3 hours of lipstick wear. In my experience, it also helps for lipstick to apply a lot more smoothly and evenly.

The Flavor:
1. Honeysuckle Honeydew- This tastes just like honeydew. I love that it's not too sweet or overpowering -it's really just right. The scent is very light.
2. Pomegranate Raspberry- This has more of a raspberry taste to me. The flavor and scent are very light but you can definitely spot the berry in there.
3. Sweet Mint- This has the strongest scent and taste. From what I can recall, it's almost identical Orbit's Sweet Mint gum. There's a tingly sensation for a few minutes after application so those with sensitive lips may want to steer clear of Sweet Mint.

Overall: In the beginning, I have to admit that I was very weary of purchasing EOS lip balms. I saw them being reviewed by practically every "popular" YouTube guru out there and that made me not want to buy them. Honestly, I just don't trust many gurus and I prefer reviews from blogs, MakeupAlley, and Specktra.

However, I had to test them for myself before I judged. I'm so glad that I gave in because these are really great and live up to the reviews all over the blogosphere. Are they life changing for me? No, but they are really good lip balms and excellent lipstick bases and for the price and unique packaging, you really can't argue.

Where To Buy: Walgreens