Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Picked up these delicious treats today. I totally imagined summer break to be nothing but pure relaxation and free time. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. =( I'm busier than when I had finals last week.... can't wait for a REAL break.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Perfect (Affordable) Peep-Toe Nude Heels? Introducing Nine West "Zuki"

I've really been trying to shop for items only on my wishlist in order to stray from buying things that I don't "need." Recently, during a recent Piperlime sale (20% off all orders), I snatched up a pair of Nine West "Zuki" heels in "Light Natural Leather" hoping they would be the perfect nude peep-toe heels. I think they come close.

The heels are simply gorgeous. They come in multiple shades ranging from black to natural to a snakeskin pattern. The heels feature a peep-toe (to me, the perfect amount -not too much toe and not too little!) and stacked heel.

The 4 inch heel (with 3/4 inch) platform is the perfect height for a short gal like me. While the heels are indeed high (and a wee bit scary since I never wear heels), they're comfortable enough and are easy to walk in -given I've only walked around the house in these so far. The only thing I dislike about the sizing is that the back of my foot slips out from time to time. (I noticed many customers had the same problem according to reviews from multiple websites.) However, luckily, I had purchased some "back of the heel" inserts just before receiving these and they really helped the problem.

Another major plus is that they are pretty darn cheap (compared to other quality nude heels) at around $45-50 (at most sites) on sale. I ordered mine for $36 (including 20% off) and also received free shipping. From what I've seen online, the regular price is $79-89 for these.

Although there are a few minor flawsome scuffs (on the heel and platform), I don't even care because they are great for the price. And I don't want to send them back and risk missing out on these beautiful shoes.

Also, I thought I'd mention that while light natural leather is gorgeous, I do wish it was a shade or two darker since I have medium-tan skin. These would be amazing nude heels for someone with a paler skin -but they can of course still work with darker tones.

"Back of heel" cushions found at Marshalls for $2.99
On another note, I think Piperlime has the nicest packaging. Who else wraps the shoe boxes with tissue and adds little cards and even a shopping bag?! I'll keep shopping with them for the packaging alone!

Where to Buy: Piperlime, Nine West, Endless

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lightweight Blazer & Absense..

I've been craving for a lightweight blazer/jacket in a pale, summery shade since the weather's getting warmer. I love the structure of a blazer -it automatically dresses up whatever you're wearing. However, I really like the light weight and "easiness" of something like a cardigan so I was hoping to find a blazer in a nice, lightweight material.

Gap came out with the lightweight crepe blazer (dusty rose available in stores) a while back and I've been waiting for a good sale. They had it during the 40% sale but I didn't give in since it was still nearly $60 (plus tax). Yesterday, my boy and I stopped by the mall and I noticed it on sale for $49.99 plus an extra 30% off. A $98 jacket for $34.99? Yes please! It's a bit loose but I can deal..

Forever 21 had this pretty watercolor blue jacket above on their site about 2-3 weeks ago for around $27. I must've checked about 8 times for this jacket (in stores) but never found it. It sold out online in 2 or 3 days. I'm (sort of) kicking myself for not just ordering it but 1) Forever 21 sizing is not consistent 2) The return policy sucks -only store credit 3) Quality is never guaranteed.. I've seen so many gorgeous items from F21 but when I go to feel the material, it ends up being a disaster.
I hope they bring it back or at least bring it to the stores because I'm in love with the color.
Anyways, my Spring classes are about to come to an end which means I'm in full procrastination mode. I'll be back by next week. Have a lovely next 2 weeks. <33

P.S. I'm aware that I still haven't done my giveaway yet. I have a huge bag just sitting in the closet waiting to be given away. Please be patient with me -I promise there will be one. I've just been super busy. Giveaways aren't easy -I need to sort out the rules, number of winners, prizes, etc. I said I'd do it after Easter but now I'm just hoping to do it when school's finally out. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love is Gap

If my heart belonged to a single store, that store would be Gap. If I had to shop at a single store (for clothes) for the rest of my life, it would be Gap. I've loved Gap all my life and as long as they keep producing casual cool basics, I'll keep coming back! Here's what I got:
Chevron Straw Fedora- $17 (navy sold out online) (similar here)
Blazer (light tan)- $30
(Outlet) Denim Peacoat- $20
1969 Denim Jacket- $24
Glitter Sweater (black)- $10
(Outlet) Glitter Cardigans (light silver, black)- $8 each

Great deals. Honestly, even though Gap is pricey (for me) at full price, they have really great sales. During their sales, I pay less at Gap for more clothes and better quality than I do for somewhere like Forever 21 or even H&M. Heck, I've even paid more for Target clothes!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I thought my computers got some sort of virus yesterday so I didn't touch them all day.. Turns out everything was fine. =) Here's a wishlist I wrote up during class in order of what I "need" most. I forgot to add 3 things:
  1. Jacquard coat (pale color)
  2. Sky blue (light) jacket
  3. Nude, taupe, or beige sandals or wedges
Why is everything I want so difficult to find?! (Except for the Gap Legging Jeans.. waiting for a great sale.) If I found all these things (without breaking the bank!), I feel like my wardrobe would finally be complete -well of course, with some extra things thrown in there too.

Happy Wednesday. <33

Monday, June 6, 2011

Free Lucky Magazine Subscription (Will go to first comment..)

Hey everyone! I have an extra free one year subscription for Lucky magazine. If anyone wants it, leave a comment. It'll go to whoever comments first. The promotion code ends soon so hurry! This is open to U.S. residents only.

P.S. Leave your email also (if you want it..)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitty in Black

Time after time, I visit Sanrio in hopes of finding cute but wearable "grown up" accessories. Usually, I walk out with jewelry (earrings and rings) but no purses or bags. I've been yearning for some new Hello Kitty (or other character) accessories that aren't plastered in pink and bright obnoxious colors. Also something to factor in? The price tag. There are occasions where I'll absolutely love something only to be put off by the price tag. $128 Hello Kitty cotton t-shirt? No thanks.
Well, the last time I visited, I did stumble upon something great and reasonably priced. I'd been eyeing the sequin wallet (in black) for months but never wanted to spend $40 it. Sure, it might by "cheap" compared to the other Sanrio wallets, but I could definitely get a better quality one for less. I lucked out and found it for $20 (on clearance). I got a grumpy girl that day though -she wouldn't give me stamps for the sale items. Everyone else always gives me stamps for any items I buy.. and extra too!
To go with the wallet, I also got the coin purse for $5 (regular price). I do have another Hello Kitty coin purse but it's too small to fit my credit cards.
And lastly, I got this Hello Kitty tote (same material and everything as the coin purse). I actually got this during another trip since this store sold out of them in a single day. I'm beyond happy to have found this.. it's basically a gigantic tote bag with a zipper but I love the design and colors.

Have a nice Saturday! Hopefully you get some sunny weather.. <33

Friday, June 3, 2011

Floral Flats for Friday (Express & Marshalls Deals)

I've been searching for some patterned flats for months. I needed the perfect pair to replace my favorite, nasty, worn out Old Navy flats purchased about 3 years ago. I was looking for something like a floral print -or any cool pattern with lots of colors (so that they could be worn with many outfits.)

I found two pairs. The first is a pair of bright Lucky Brand flats I found at Marshall's for $30. They're the same "Emmie" style as the last pair I got but with a floral pattern. And guess what? I found them online at Piperlime and Bloomingdales for double the price!!
The second pair is from Express. I bought two pairs of shoes there -the flats and some sandals. The flats went FAST. I wanted the navy pair also but they were sold out. There were only three or so left in the purple. They're no longer available online either. =\
The flats were on sale for about $20 and the sandals were $15. BUT, my awesome shopping buddy had a Express coupon for $15 off a $30 purchase so I scored both for $20 (plus tax)!
Here are the sandals. They're even cheaper online -just $12.45. I needed a new pair too. I'm sick of my Old Navy flip flops and wanted something a little "fancier." Plus, my little sister keeps stealing all my Old Navy ones..
And if you're curious about my beloved old flats, here they are (above). It's time I retired them. They're so beat up. I've sewn them up, added insoles -I've done everything I can but they're at the point where nothing else can be done. I've searched high and low on Ebay for another pair but I just can't find them. I know it's kind of ridiculous how much I love them.. but they went with everything. I got compliments on them everywhere I went! And best of all, they were under $10. Whyyyyyy didn't I buy ten back up pairs?!

Anyways, have a wonderful fantastic amazing marvelous Friday everyone. I know I'm happy it's finally here. The whole 3 day weekend really threw me off -I've been super tired all week and really need another weekend to recuperate.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Iman Display @ Target

As promised, I have photos of the Iman display at Target. They're not the best -they were taken with my iPhone but hopefully the pictures give you an idea of the line.
The line includes lipsticks, glosses, foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, and (I think) some skincare items too. Most of the shades are rather dark (no pale lipsticks and glosses here!) but I think that makes it stand out from other drugstore brands.
Lip Glosses

Enjoy! Not much to say here. Reviews and swatches of the products I purchased will be up soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When you love it, buy it in every color.. (Old Navy Hauling with great deals)

I have this habit of buying things I love in every color. That's why when you look at my closet, you'll see 15 of the same shirt -but in different colors. When I really love a shirt, I won't just buy 2 or 3 versions, I'll buy every shade they have. I swear it's a sickness. But luckily, I tend to buy things when they're on sale. =)
Take the Old Navy Ruffle-Front Jersey Top for example. I bought the white but loved it so much that I had to go back for the others! They didn't have the pink but I left with the gray, plum, and slate blue. BUT, I only do this when I'm getting a good deal. I scored each for about $3.50 a piece!

I also got some lace camis. The first (far left) was only $2! The others were about $5 each. I can't find the first two online but check out the lace-trim cami here
I also picked up this gray leopard tank for $5.
Along with these tanks, I also got a pair of jeans and some cropped pants for $4 each! Plus, they were both in petite sizing! Could you believe my luck?! Definitely check out your Old Navy clearance section if you get the chance.

When you love something, do you go crazy and buy it in every color? Or do you stick to just one? Happy Wednesday everyone -week's almost over.