Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Haul & Launch Fiasco

Jason Wu arrived at Target today and as expected, it was insane. I'll share what I hauled first though and if you want to hear my little rant, you can scroll down to the bottom. =)

My Experience with Target and Mr. Wu..
My boyfriend and I arrived at Target at 6:30 a.m. (doors open at 8:00 a.m.) and we waited in the car until the other customers started rolling up. I quickly ran outside to secure my first spot in line at 7:15 a.m. I saw two chairs at the door and went in front of them as no one had been sitting there then entire time that I was in the parking lot.

Two gals suddenly ran out of their car to yell at me and tell me that they had been there since 4 a.m. and that those were their spots in line. Sure that's fine and all but I expect bodies to be holding places in lines not vacant seats.

I didn't want to cause a scene so I figured, "What the hey, it's only two people."

Others started to line up behind us and we chatted about items they wanted. Most seemed to have their eye on three popular items: the poplin dress, black trench coat, and kitty scarf.

About ten minutes before the store opened, the ladies in front had two more gals join them. They were forming their own small army. The others and I looked at each other in despair. We knew what was happening. They were going to barricade the aisles and hoard all the Jason Wu items for re-sale.

The others and I decided to join forces and grab things for each other if they were accessible. The doors opened. My boyfriend was sent to the accessories wall as I headed to the clothing racks.

The one thing that I wanted the most was no where to be found.

Photo by Target
Luckily, my boyfriend was able to grab the last flap satchel for me. I had originally wanted the Straw Classic Flap Bag but after seeing both in person, the flap satchel looked much nicer (in my opinion.)
Anyways, when he was headed to the accessories wall, one of the women from the army tried to accuse him of running (to get him kicked out.) He's very tall so he has long strides but in no way was he running -he was walking next to me the whole time! Also, that same woman grabbed 95% of the bags and scarves for herself and loaded them into a cart.

As for the website, I tried buying a few items at 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. but the items kept disappearing from my cart. Also, the site wouldn't even open up on my laptop so I was forced to use my phone -I just kept having cart and account problems!

All in all, I did score some great items and I'm quite lucky compared to others. However, I'm very irritated that the group in front of me turned out to be re-sellers and I'm so disappointed that Target doesn't have a better policy. Online, they were limiting people to buying two of each item and I feel that they should enforce the same rule IN STORE. No one in their right mind needs 10 of the same purse and all the sizes of a single dress or skirt for just themselves.

Did anyone else pick up anything from Jason Wu today? How was your experience?


  1. I loved everything you picked up! The bag especially. Target definitely needs a better policy or to do what they do for black friday and hand out tickets to people that are standing in line so no one can sneak in.

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  2. Hi Kali!

    I just wanted to ask about the sizing of this collection. I live abroad and am only asking a relative to buy things for me. I'm particularly interested in the fit of the two dresses you got. Do they run true to size? :) Hope to hear from you!


  3. @ adthenshesmiled.. I totally agree! It would be much more fair that way or at least to limit a certain number of items per customer or a limit to how many of each item you can buy. It's not nice to have people cut when you've been waiting so long! =\

    @ patty.. I would say that it seems to run true to size. For reference, I am generally a 24-25 inch waist. I can fit a 2 in H&M but feel more comfortable in a size 4 (more room for the hips) whereas for stores like Gap, I'd usually be a 0 or 2 (all depends.)

    I'd say stick to your size. For the navy dress, the 4 fit with some room left. For the black/white dress, it was perfect (in x-small.)

    Also, (for the navy dress) I kept the 4 because I can always wear a belt or bow and tighten it that way at the waist.

    Hope this helps and good luck. =)

  4. I heard a lot of people waiting in line were a bunch of ebayers. I went to Target this afternoon and there were lots of XL sizes left...some of the clothes were torn :/ Crazy! What a crazy experience! People trying to get your BF kicked out! That's insane!

  5. That satchel and the sheer blouse are adorable!

  6. Great buy. I didn't buy anything because I woke up too late. My friend and I both set our alarm to 6:00am but both slept right through it and didn't get to Target until noon. Of course nothing was left by then except for ONE XL dress.

    Now I have to wait until target restock, which I hope they do.. I am looking forward to seeing a bit more of his collection.

    And I agree, your Target should have a limit per person. Some Targets I know had a 2 or 6 limit per person.

    How did you like the collection?

  7. Wow. 4 a.m is a bit crazy. But hey, hope everyone got great stuff. The bag is beautiful. Love its structure.

  8. I love the items you chose! I ordered online and am impatiently waiting for everything to make its way to me, though nearly all of it has shipped already.

    Mal @ The Chic geek

  9. Great haul! So envious that you got the Navy Poplin Dress! They didn't carry those in my area.

  10. Great buy there! Be glad at least you had a BF to help you shop around, instead of going in as a lone soldier in the battlefield! And yes, no exageration to that. Things can get pretty hectic and crazy around there...

    I'm also disappointed with their sale policy. No idea why they wouldn't have put a limit item per 2 person. I mean, it's not like they're are going to be left overs anyways.

    I really wanted to satchel :c
    How much was it? It doesn't say the price on the website since it sold out.

    Oh, and it would have been great if you had posted more pictures/angles of the stuff you got and wore them ^^ So we could see how it looks like in person.