Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sephora Brand Flashy Liner Set

The limited edition Sephora Flashy Liner Set consists of 7 mini-sized Flashy liner pencils in a nice variety of colors. The set includes blue, silver, mauve, copper, brown, green, and deep black. The Sephora Brand Flashy Liners are described (on Sephora's site) as being waterproof, longwearing, and are also supposed to "glide on easily" so there is less tugging on the skin. I noticed this set so, so many times in the past month as I've been to 3 different Sephora stores at once or twice a week. I kept neglecting it and assuming they were just a gimic.. come on, 7 pencils for just $20?? Yea right! Anyways, I was looking through the Sephora site and noticed that the rating for this set was 4.5/5 stars! I looked at some other liner sets that Sephora was offering, and found that more customers preferred this set to the others. Compared to the others, this set contained more colors and a lower price. Over the past 2 weeks, my need for this set grew. I wanted it BAD. I went to my local Sephora store and found that they were sold out and wouldn't be receiving anymore of these sets. The other Sephora nearby was also out and I didn't want to wait. Sooooooo, my lovely boyfriend drove me to the Sephora in the pouring rain last night and I finally got my hands on this set. I immediately swatched in the car and fell in love. Here are the swatches:
Top Row: Deep Black, Blue, Copper, Mauve. Bottom Row: Brown, Silver, Green.
I wore the Blue Flashy liner today for a family get together and the color was very -flashy. A super bright blue-teal color and I had to tone it down a bit and add Mauve to it. In the end, I added some black over and it turned into an amazing bright blue-black. Surprisingly, the color lasted from 5:30PM and beyond. 9 whole hours later at 2:30AM, it was still in place. It didn't budge whatsoever. I have extrememly watery eyes so I was surprised by the wonderful staying power. I actually had to remove it with some good makeup remover (I always use baby wipes to remove makeup.) NO liner has ever stayed (on my waterline and lashline) for over 2 hours -in my whole life. Not MAC, Revlon, MUFE, Tarte, Urban Decay, CoverGirl, etc.. none of those. I'm really amazed by this. If you have issues with liner always disappearing from your waterline, I'd say go for this. If you like experimenting with colored liners, go for this. If you're on a budget, go for this!!!! Pick one of these up while you can because they're selling out in lots of Sephora stores.
Here are some other liner sets that are currently on sale (I passed these up for the Flashy liner set.) They're all around $20-$35:

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