Friday, December 18, 2009

500 Point Perk: Sephora by OPI Set

I think this is the best 500 Point Perk Sephora has offered so far. I'm glad I rarely bother to use my points on any of those deluxe samples and skipped out on the Sephora palette (first 500 point perk) or the Kat Von D "Rock N' Roll" palette. I think this is the BEST deal they've offered.. and for free! I remember the 500 point Sephora palette being dusty and the Rock N' Roll palette had terrible color payoff. These polishes are the real deal. They're actually sold individually for $9 a pop so this is a $27 (plus tax) value.

The set includes: Personal Shopper (rich vixen red), Dear Diary... (warm light pink), and I'm With Brad (shimmering wine over dark coffee.)

(Shade descriptions are from Sephora site.)

My nails aren't the best but I hope I captured the colors decently. "Personal Shopper" is a basic, primary red and I got the full effect with one coat. I really like the color and it's perfect for the Holidays. "Dear Diary..." is a sheer, milky pink. The first coat went on sheer so I layered on another coat and the color was perfect. "I'm With Brad" is like a dark, burgundy brown with reddish shimmer. All the swatches were done without a base coat or top coat.
Here are the swatches from the Sephora site:

Personal Shopper

Dear Diary...

I'm With Brad


  1. thanks for the swatches! i'm waiting for mine in the mail tomorrow!! love Personal Shopper and I'm with Brad, both colors I wanted to add to my collection anyway. I'll probably give Dear Diary to a friend, too pink for my tastes.

  2. I really want personal Shopper! classic red :)
    Please feel free to check out my blog :)