Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: Urban Decay Bronzer in Gilded

This is really just a quickie -no in depth review today and I do apologize! I just haven't had time for them and am seriously reconsidering the way I write reviews. I still want to keep a majority of it the same in terms of how I review the actual product but I think adding things like the packaging and going too into detail about things that aren't too important are just more time consuming than they are useful.


I picked up Urban Decay's Bronzer (for face and body) in Gilded last week during the 25% off summer sale. I actually only wanted to get a Pocket Rocket gloss for my friend but since free shipping requires customers spend $50+, I threw in a few extra items that I definitely didn't need.

Since the sun starting showing its face around here, I've been on a real bronzer kick. I have a handful of bronzers but they're all either matte or very tan or orange-y. I wanted something that was shimmery (but not over the top) and golden.


Urban Decay's new bronzer in Gilded does the job. When applied, it shows up as more of a "glow" -no disco ball cheeks here. I have more of an olive undertone but I love how the warm, very golden bronze color brought so much warmth to my skin. To be honest, I felt like Asian Malibu Barbie and as lame as that sounds, that's a plus in my book -at least on certain days.

As for the negatives, I think the only thing I can say is that the bronzer lasts about 5 hours (applied over primer.) But then again, I've seen so many bronzers and blushes only last for 2-3 so I'd say 5 hours is pretty average.

Prior to purchasing the bronzer, I read Christine's review. She notes in her review that this (new) version contains a lot less product than their previous one which I didn't catch. I absolutely hate when companies do that. However, being the makeup junkie that I am, I'm not too concerned about that because I know I'll never use this up. And $26 (for 0.26 oz) is actually cheaper than I'd expect from a high end brand since other (high end) bronzers usually go for around $30 and up.

Overall Grade: A-


Urban Decay Bronzer in Gilded
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  1. I'm on a crazed bronzer hunt this summer too, and I'm seriously considering Gilded. I like Asian malibu barbie, hahah :)

  2. This seems SO gorgeous!! I'm very fair so I would probably only need to use a light hand, but even so! It's stunning! I think this is definitely a must-have bronzer! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Love Britt xxx

  3. @ Jen.. Did you/will you buy it? Love..

    @ Rinz.. It is! Highly recommend.

    @ Brittany Love.. YOu're welcome. =] Did you get it?