Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missoni for Target and H&M Update

 I'm sure you've all heard about Missoni's upcoming collection for Target. To be honest, I wasn't that hyped up for it until I saw an ad in Lucky last week. Since then, I've been dreaming about this collection. I recently stumbled upon a great link I wanted to share containing loads of images for the upcoming collection. The collection includes everything from women's and children's clothing to makeup brushes!! The best of both worlds.. Click here to view the images!!
I personally wouldn't wear all those patterns together in one go but I'd love to own several individual pieces. I'm really looking forward to a few sweaters and of course the shoes. I'm all about patterned shoes.

Below are my favorites so far..
 (None of these images belong to me. They are from this source.)

And on another note, I've been frequenting H&M a lot lately -I'm talking several times a week. I've been eyeing many of the coats and jackets featured in their store posters (especially the coat shown above.) From what the store employees have been telling me, tomorrow, these items (and more) will finally be hitting the shelves. I'm about to be the first one there when they open. I can't wait!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone.<33


  1. I can't wait!!!! Love the photos.

  2. I LOVE Target, esp when they collaborate!

  3. @ Tara.. Me too! I'm counting down the days.

    @ Jen.. I feel you.. I LOVE Target as well. And I really, really love Target clothes lately. Pretty good quality but I think it's a little expensive at full price. =[ I always wait for the sales.. I don't think I'll be able to wait for THIS though.