Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sanrio Charms

I stopped by Sanrio last week and scored a few items on a deep discount. This chararcter charms kit is my favorite. I got it for around $14 (orignal price $38).

I'm so happy with this little kit -just wish it included the Little Twin Stars!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. <33


  1. thats so cute! i want the my melody one! lol

  2. Vintage Sanrio characters! :) I love this!

  3. These are so cute! The stuff at the Sanrio store is so pricey - glad to see you got a discount on it :)

  4. They are so cute!
    I wish we had this here in France!

  5. What an awesome deal! Which HK store did u get this from if u don't mind me asking.

  6. @ Donna ♥ Baby.. I love her too!

    @ Jen.. Me too. I was so excited to see Tuxedosam. =)

    @ D.Sadie.. Thank you!

    @ Rinny.. I agree. It was SO pricey before the sale.

    @ MakeupFanatic27.. Yes I agree.. I'm in love. <33

    @ rock-or-not.. I wish you did too. =\

    @ DonnaHsueh.. Thank you. =)

    @ Kristie.. I got it from the Sanrio Outlet store in Gilroy. =D