Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old News (but still something to talk about): Smashbox "Wish for the Perfect Pout" Set

I love Smashbox gloss. In particular, I love love love Smashbox's Lip Enhancing Gloss. It's probably my absolute favorite "overall" gloss. It provides great color, lasts long, and moisturizes your lips. It also smells good -which is always a plus! The size is perfect and the wide range of colors are perfect. I LOVE this gloss. They come in full, true color, and sheer color so you just choose which type of color payoff you want. From my experience, this is how I would describe each:

-Sheer Color: A moisturizing gloss with just a hint of color. If you want more color, I'd skip on these. These are almost clear on the lips with the slightest hint of color.

-True Color: For these, what you see is what you get. The color in the tube is the color that will be on your lips. To me, these are pretty opaque and creamy.

-Full Color: If you want a pretty bold lip with tons of color, choose these. The Smashbox site describes these as "high impact" with a "3-d pearlescent shine" and I definitely agree. They're not so "bold" that they look unwearable but they are high impact. I really like Aura and I think it would suit most skintones. (Picture above from

Individually, the glosses are each $18 a pop for a full size 0.20oz tube. I was so excited when I saw this set back in the beginning of November. Even though it wasn't very expensive, it was the BEST product I purchased with Sephora's F&F 20% discount. The set was $29 (and it's supposedly a $96 value.. not sure it should actually cost $96!) With the 20% discount, the set only cost me $23.20 (plus tax.) Anyways, you get 2 full size tubes along with 4 minis. One of the full sized tubes is the full color "Pout" -which is one of my major staple products. So I basically got a refill Pout (individually at $18) along with another full size gloss and 4 minis for just $5.20 more! GREAT VALUE!! These are sold out on both sites but I bet they're still available in some Sephora stores and other department stores such as Nordstrom, etc.. I just recently saw a few sets at my local Sephora. So if you see it, grab it while you can.

The set includes: (full size) Pout, (full size) Luster, (mini) Tease, (mini) Candy, (mini) Aura, & (mini) Radiant. Full sizes are 0.20oz and Minis are 0.14oz.
(Top row from left): Luster, Pout, Tease, Candy. (Bottom row from left): Aura, Radiant. Don't mind that little blue line. =)

I'm sorry but it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging or glosses if they are true, sheer, or full color. Some of the glosses are listed on the Smashbox site but some are not. I'll do my best at explaining.

1. Luster- Sheer nude with golden shimmer.

2. Pout (true color)- My favorite. Milky baby pink that's almost bubblegum but not quite. This gloss is opaque with light shimmer. I have to admit, this won't work for all skintones but if it does work for you, it'll look so awesome.

3. Tease- Medium berry color. It looks sort of like a "True Color" since it looks as it does in the tube but it's a tad sheer. Still has tons of color though.

4. Candy- Shimmery medium pink with hint of coral.

5. Aura (full color)- Another one of my favorites. This is kind of inbetween medium and dark. It's a darker medium peachy nude with shimmer. There's a hint of pink in there also. This is one of those great nudes that won't make you look dead. It's also "full color" so there's that sort of "3-dimensional" effect. Fantastic color. I can see this looking great on many skintones.

6. Radiant (sheer color)- Dark pinky plum color (almost a wine color) with shimmer. It's listed as a "sheer color" but it seems to have light to medium coverage on me.

I really think this is such a great deal. Check out your Sephora store or other department stores to see if they still have this. It might even be on sale now since the Holiday season is over. I'm going to check my local Nordstrom store to see if they have anymore (they always have good sales.) Last time I went to Sephora, this item was not on sale.

Are you a fan of Smashbox glosses? What are your favorite colors?

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