Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 New Glosses

THE best "pick me up" for me personally is a tube of lip gloss. You can go with the drugstore route and spend anywhere from $1-8 (sometimes there's even a BOGO deal) or you can go high end and splurge on that $30 tube of magic lip serum you've been eyeing for months. Either way, a tube of gloss does wonders when you're having a bad day or aren't in the most wonderful mood.
I picked up the (first) three above last week -the Nuance gloss has been in my "to try" pile since the collection came out but it was long forgotten. The forgotten products in your stash also work as fabulous pick me ups when you don't want to spend!
From top (with flash): Cargo Classic Lip Gloss in Alexandria, L'Oreal LeGloss in Peach Fuzz, L'Oreal Le Gloss in Baby Blossom, Nuance Ultra Shine Gloss in Pomegranate
  • Cargo Classic Lip Gloss in Alexandria is a mauve baby pink with shimmer. When swatching at the store (Beauty 360), I thought it would be much more pigmented so I was rather disappointed that it applied sheer on my lips. For $22, it's really nothing special -just a nice every day gloss.
  • L'Oreal LeGloss is flipping amazing. At around $8 (way cheaper if you go to Walmart or Target), I got two tubes of pigmented gloss that I'd never expect to come from a drugstore. Peach Fuzz is a bright almost neon tangerine out of the tube but on the lips, it applies as a nice, natural color with a tangerine orange tint. I expect Baby Blossom to be a big hint since so many girls tend to reach for the nudes and pale pinks. The color is a milky very pale pink that's super opaque with no shimmer. It's nice but it can be a bit much -you only need the teensiest amount.
  • Nuance Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is the first product I've tried from Salma Hayek's new line. I bought "Pomegranate" hoping for a more subtle, very natural looking gloss and it's quite nice. Once applied, it looks very natural with a tint of raspberry pink and no shimmer.

What are some new glosses you've purchased or rediscovered in your collection?

Have a terrific Tuesday lovers. <33


  1. I'm not a huge fan of gloss, just cos I hate when the wind blows my hair into it, my I've been dying to try the L'oreal Le Gloss ones for ages. xx

  2. Oh wow, I haven't heard anything about Nuance but that looks like a really pretty color! I'm also intrigued by the Le Gloss.. I've been hearing so much about them lately!


  3. love the colors! I love mark. lip gloss but I def want to try out the Loreal ones!

  4. Ooo I want to try out the Loreal ones :) thanks for the review :)


  5. Omgosh, the Nuance lipgloss's color is so gorgeous!


  6. Just picked up the loreal peach fuzz and love love love it!