Monday, February 22, 2010

SALE: $9 Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliners (Liquid Liners) at Sephora

If you visit Sephora or their site often, you probably know that lots of items from the Kat Von D line have gone on sale. I picked up a discounted lipgloss and an eyeshadow single but my best "beauty buy" from the sale were these Kat Von D "Autograph Eyeliners" which are liquid liners that come in a wide range of colors.
I'll start with the packaging. The packaging is pretty standard -bottle and brush applicator. The handle of the brush is black with some white florally scribbles and designs. The brush itself is pretty thin (thinner than the Urban Decay Liquid Liner brush) but it's easy to achieve a clean line in one go.

The "sale" colors include Call Girl, Brass Knucles, Immortal Love, Romantico, & Love Metal.
Shade Descriptions (In order of swatches left to right):
1. Brass Knuckles- Beautiful, pigmented yellow gold. Not a dull or bronzey gold -true yellow gold.
2. Call Girl- More of a flat, almost matte, periwinkle shade to me. It has that hint of lilac to it but it's a fairly dull color.
3. Immortal Love- True, deep, matte brown.
4. Love Metal- Shimmery silver.
5. Romantico- Olive brown with a hint of antique gold.

So which are my favorites? Immortal Love is the best because I don't have a good, dark, matte brown (no shimmer whatsoever) and Brass Knuckles and Romantico also have superb pigmentation. I only have to swipe all 3 of these shades once to get great color payoff. Love Metal and Call girl on the other hand..
Above is a picture that I took of Call Girl and Love Metal swatched only ONCE! In my swatches of all the colors above, I had to swatch both of these 5 or 6 times just to get some good color payoff.

Also, at first glance, Romantico reminded me of Urban Decay's "Smog" Liquid Liner but when I compared the 2, Smog was more of a browny olive while Romantico was the opposite -more olive with a bit of brown. The 2 are still similar though and both contain shimmer. Here's a picture..
Above (from left to right): Kat Von D "Romantico & Urban Decay "Smog."

I'm overall very pleased with these liners with the exception of the Call Girl and Love Metal and for only $9 each, these are excellent! You can also check out the "non-sale" Kat Von D liners here ..which are $16 each.

So what do you think of these liners? Have you bought any? What else have you tried from the Kat Von D collection at Sephora?

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  1. Haven't bought the liners, but I have bought a KVD eyeshadow palette in Momento Mori, 6 KVD eyeshadow duos, and 2 KVD lightning lipglosses. I also purchased her brush set recently.

    Overall I am very impressed with her products. I like that the shadow duos because they are buildable. I do many different layered looks and sometimes like to spend quite a bit of time on my makeup, so I do quite like them.

    The glosses are very very sparkly. They are pretty though, I must admit.

    The eyeshadow palette is my favorite. The colors are very pretty and bright.

    Her brush set was a great value and so pretty. The texture of the brush handles is absolutely luxurious and I am very satisfied with my purchase.