Sunday, February 21, 2010

FREE Stila Precious Pearl Palette!! + Review & Swatches

This little beauty is the Stila "Precious Pearl" Palette and you can pick it up for FREE Stila Cosmetics site. That's right. When you make a $40 or more purchase at their site, you get the palette free (plus you get free standard shipping since it's automatically added with any $40 or more purchase.)

The promo code is FASHION. I'm not exactly sure when it expires but but I do know that it still works as of today, February 21. I just wanted to post a little review for you gals/guys so you know what the palette looks like before you take the plunge.

The palette is quite compact at just 4.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The cover has a pearly "seashell" like tile pattern. The border around the tiles that is mirrored along with the rest of the palette, which contains mirrored edges and a mirrored bottom as well. The is a sticker on the bottom that takes up most of the bottom space (so you don't have to worry about finger prints.) It's very simple and elegant -no garish designs.

The palette contains 6 shades -all containing genuine crushed pearl. I'm not too sure what "pearl" does for the skin but each of these shadows is incredibly smooth and pigmented. All the colors are "pearly" and shimmery. While I do like Stila's "regular" shadows, they sometimes have some fallout -which I of course am not a fan of. These pearl shadows, however, don't give me problems with fallout at all.

Now for the Colors..
If I one day wanted to dress up like fairy and don a magic wand, I'd do my makeup using this Stila palette. The colors immediately remind me of fairies, princesses, and mermaids -anything mystical and pretty. The colors don't have their own individual names but here goes.

1. White (1st shade from left)- White shade with a hint of gold champagne to it and gold shimmer. I guess I'd call it ivory. I think this would be a good highlight color for people with lighter skin tones but on me, it's way too light if I wear it on my browbone.
2. Light Pink (2nd from left)- This is such a pretty "ballerina pink." It's light, baby pink with pinky shimmer. I see the slightest hint of lilac but it is indeed very pink. This is one of my favorite shades out of the bunch.
3. Medium Pink (3rd from left)- Medium dusty rose shade with pink shimmer. It's a fairly warm-toned shade.
4. Deep Blue (4th from left)- Gorgeous, deep, navy blue with blue shimmer. I want to say it's almost going into "indigo" but it still is very blue.
5. Green (5th from left)- Medium green shade with the slightest hint of gold and contains green shimmer. It reminds me of the sea -a color that you would see on mermaids.
6. Gold (6th from left)- Not your standard yellow gold. It's more of a dirty, antique gold with gold shimmer.
Swatches (all of my eyeshadow swatches never contain a primer):
The swatches above were taken with indoor and natural lighting (the window was open and the light inside was on) and I feel that this picture depicts the shades more correctly. The shadows pretty much look exactly as they do in the pan. All shadows are extremely pigmented.
This is what the shadows look like in "natural lighting."

I really hope anyone who's interested in the Stila Precious Pearl Palette goes ahead and snatches up one of these babies before they're gone/the offer expires. You get this entire palette when you make a purchase of $40 or more so go get refills of your foundation, lipgloss, whatever. I think this is such a great deal and if you already shop at Stila and love they're items, you might as well buy whatever you like and get this palette for free. If anyone knows when this deal expires, please let me know!

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