Friday, February 26, 2010

TheBalm Shady Lady Volume 2 Palette VS. Shady Lady Vol. 1 (Review & Swatches)

Here's one of my favorite new purchases -theBalm's Shady Lady Volume 2 Palette. I bought this a little over a month ago when I picked up my UD Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows and haven't stopped using it since. I use this with my Shady Lady Volume 1 Palette nearly every single day. The palette is $39.50 and contains 9 decent sized eye shadows (Shady Lady Vol. 1 was $38.) For the price and product, this is definitely a "bang for your buck" type deal and it's worth every penny.
The packaging is basically the same as their Shady Lady Volume 1 palette but it contains a zebra print design on the cover instead of leopard. They're both thin and squarish and fairly "flat" for easy storage. They're the same size but I noticed that this one was a tad "flatter" or shorter than the previous version.
Notice how it's just the slightest bit -shorter? No real difference though.

There is only one repeat shade in this palette so I do think it's something that every one should go out and get -even though they already own Vol. 1. The only repeat is "Caught in the Act Courtney." Here is a comparison of the 2 palettes:
On the left is the Shady Lady Vol. 1 palette and to the right is the newer, Vol. 2 palette.

They're both very different though I think both are great to have. I love that both palettes are so convenient. They're both the perfect size and carry a good amount of shades. Every single eye shadow has excellent color payoff and feels smooth and silky on the skin. I honestly like them both equally and I feel they both give such a different assortment of colors to create virtually any look you're trying to achieve. With both palettes, I can create natural eye looks to very dramatic, evening looks.

Shady Lady Vol. 2 Eye Shadow Shades..
1. Caught in the act Courtney- This is the only repeat from Vol. 1 but it's a nice, dark brown with copper shimmer. This is actually my least favorite color because I have to swatch it a bunch of times just to get a good amount of color.The other shadows swatch perfectly fine while this one took a little effort.
2. Feisty Felicia- Black purple with pinky shimmer
3. Insane Jane-Taupe with shimmer. Absolutely amazing.
4. Bosy Bobbi- Shimmery medium blue with slight hint of gray. Really nice and wearable. I’d totally wear this and I’m not much of a color person.. Very natural blue.
5. Makeout Mary- Mossy green with shimmer
6. Just This Once Jamie- Shimmery medium pinky lilac with some taupe in it but more "lilac-y" than anything. Very nice.
7. Mischiecious Marissa- Gorgeous shimmery light bronze peachy orange with the prettiest sheen. This is a beautiful nude-y color that's a great base color.
8. Tempting Tara- Pearly white shimmer
9. Devilish Danielle- Light champagne nude shimmer. Perfect for the browbone.

Above are swatches of the Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette.
Here are swatches of the Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette -for comparison.

Here are the shade descriptions for the Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette -just in case you wanted to know..
1. Caught in the Act Courtney- Dark shimery brown copper shimmer.
2. Shameless Shana- Coppery brown with shimmer. I like to use this as a crease color.
3. Luscious lani- Light nudey pink with shimmer. Use this a lot for my base/lid color
4. Jealous Jordana- Dark forest green that's slightly emerald green but more natural. Very deep color with pretty shimmer. I also see some blue shimmer in there.
5. Risqué Renee- Dark navy blue with shimmer. Almost looks indigo.
6. Curvy Cami- Beautiful medium plummy color with shimmer. I like this for the outer-v.
7. Jet-setting Jennifer- Light golden green with more gold than green.
8. All About Alex- Olive green with shimmer. Almost looks a bit taupey.
9. Easy Wheezie- Shimmery, steely slate blue with more blue but a hint of grey.

Do you own either one of the theBalm's Shady Lady Volume 1 or Volume 2 palettes? How do you like them?

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  1. Hello
    I am really interested in the number 2, but I do not believe it's available in the UK as yet...


  2. PS - Thanks for the comparisons & swatches - very helpful!

  3. @ Conny.. Hmm.. I'm not sure when it'll be available in the UK but when you see it, definitely get it. Of all my palettes, I find myself using both of these the most. I absolutely love the quality and colors and think they're such a great deal. Hope you find it soon! =)

    @ Anonymous.. Thanks! I try.. LOL. Glad the swatches were helpful.

  4. ugh i wish the vol 1 was still available! i really want to get volume 2. thanks for the swatches!

  5. I have both of these palettes and they are a MUST!!! I love thebalm products!