Monday, February 15, 2010

Do you shop at Old Navy?? FOUR Promo codes to use (together) NOW

I know this isn't beauty related but I just really wanted to share some ridiculously great offers with anyone who happens to come across my blog. I just made a purchase and I got to use not one but FOUR promo codes -all in one go!

I've been needing leggings for the last 3 months and I've seen some cool ones on the Old Navy site but I never wanted to buy them since I hate paying for shipping and I couldn't find any good discounts so I just waited. I could never find the women's leggings at the store either so that was a bummer. Usually, I purchase my leggings from the GAP but they're a bit pricey (the ones I have were about $26) and I feel that leggings should be good quality while still being cheap. I tried Target but they never had my size. I even got some $6 Miley Cyrus ones from Walmart (LOL.. I know, Miley??) but they're thin and the lace edges are slowly coming apart. Forever21 I know has cheap ones but honestly, I don't really like Forever 21. I feel like they're prices are climbing while still selling customers cheap material. I feel that if you're going sell clothing made of cheap material, it better BE at a cheap price. I just wanted leggings that were decent material for a low price (since I need a bunch of them.) I own one pair of Old Navy leggings and like them so I know they'll be pretty nice. Anyways, here are some promo codes to use RIGHT NOW (use them together if yo can) and you don't even have to be a cardholder!!:

1. ONGET30- 30% off one full price adult item (no clearance, sale, or maternity.) I don't know when this expires. It's been active for months.

2. ONSAVE20- Save 20% off on $100 purchase of men's and women's clothing. Works with accessories and sale items also. Does not work with maternity clothing. So, if you have $80 of adult clothing/accessories and $20 of kid's clothing, it won't work. You need a full $100 (before tax) of adult clothing/accessories. Two different sources on RetailMeNot state that this code expires on 02/18/10 AND 02/28/10 so I'm not sure of the expiration date. You can call customer service to check but I'd just make the purchase by 02/18 to be sure.

3. ONGIVE50- Free shipping when you purchase $50 of kids, maternity, and baby items. I had 5 pairs of girls' leggings in my cart (on sale for $6 each) so that was only $30. I kept looking everywhere to add more items but I couldn't find anything but I was determined not to pay for the $7 shipping. Anyways, I found out that women's accessories can count for maternity items. Awesome! That means when I bought a purse, it qualified for this code AND the ONSAVE20 20% off adult code. It doubled! That meant I didn't have to buy more than I needed. I liked the purse anyways and couldn't find it in the stores. This expires on Thursday 02/18/10.

4. Tip- Sign up for Old Navy emails and when your first sign up, you get a promo code for $10 off $50 purchase. If you already subscribe, just sign up with another email. I can't give you a code because every email gets a different code since it's a one time use type thing. This usually expires within about a month from first signing up.

So.... how much did I save?! The total in my cart before tax and discounts was about $140 plus $7 shipping. The subtotal ended up being about $101 and after tax, I paid a total of $110 (and something cents.) That's a savings of nearly $50 since I didn't have to pay the $7 shipping either!! I love when I save money and I LOVE free shipping.

I bought about 10 pairs of leggings (not sure if girl's or women's will fit me better) so I'm most likely going to return whatever doesn't fit. I also got 2 purses (same style, different color) so I'll see how that works out. I also got a really cute romper and a top so we'll see what works out. Old Navy has a good return policy so it won't be a big deal if I have to return something. By the way, women's leggings are only $10 and girl's leggings (they will fit many adults -petite or average height) are only $6.

If you're a fan of Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, or Athleta, I recommend that you sign up for the emails. They're all under that GAP company and I get emails every week. I love the GAP for their casual styles -cardigans, vneck tees witht he pockets, hoodies, etc.. everything they sell is pretty timeless. Anyways, if you subscribe to their emails, you get some pretty cool offers (instore and online) so I highly recommend it. Also check RetailMeNot -I always find good tips and promo codes on the site.

P.S. I have loads of swatches to put up. I just haven't gotten around to it. Lots of NARS, MAC, and various other brands.

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