Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something I've Always Wanted.. (My Name Necklace)

Let me tell you, I've always dreamed of having something with my name on it. When I was younger, I'd go to souvenir store and such only to find adorable keychains and dazzling necklaces with every name in the book but mine. I'd browse the selection and see everything from "Bob" and "Nicholas" to "Samantha" and "Angelina" but there was never ever a "Kali." I've never even met someone with my exact name (same spelling and pronunciation) -it figures why they wouldn't bother with my name.

I first saw the MyNameNecklace months ago after seeing it featured on various blogs. After reading many positive reviews, the necklace immediately held a spot in the "most wanted" section of my wishlist. Because of this, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to work with the company a few weeks ago.

I received the sterling silver necklace (on sale for $33.95) and I had it customized to say my name -"Kali." The necklace chain comes in three length choices: 14", 16", and 18" -I went with the 16" and it's the perfect length. It's not too long as I like my necklaces worn higher but it's not too short that it's uncomfortable.

Helpful Hint: If you're unsure about which length will be right for you, try using some tailor tape to measure around your neck. If you don't have tailor tape, use a ruler and cut a piece of string so that it's 18" long. If it's too long, cut off 2" and if it's still too long, cut off another 2" so it's 14" (the shortest length.) This way, you get an idea of how long the necklace will be.

I received my necklace last Friday and have been wearing it nearly every day since. I've already received several compliments and I love that it's so unique -I may be the only one in the world wearing this exact necklace! =P Another major plus is that the necklace stands out without being flashy and tacky. The white gold version is next on my list.

If you have a not-so-normal name like mine and have always wanted to own a piece of jewelry with your name on it, I highly recommend this necklace. If not, I still recommend it because the necklace is absolutely beautiful  -and the price doesn't hurt either!

If you're interested in purchasing a product from MyNameNecklace, use the code GIFT or DISCOUNT for 10% off your entire purchase. They also offer free standard worldwide shipping which I'm sure my international readers will love to hear.

Where To Buy: MyNameNecklace

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  1. i need this !! haha i felt the same.. no "siwing"s around at any store !!

  2. This is so gorgeous, i have been eying the necklaces on their website for such a long time now. Yours is beautiful, is it the carrie style? :)

    Xo Christine

  3. Love it! I think Carrie from Sex and the City made these name necklaces so popular, great post :]

  4. I love it! the "K" is written in a very pretty way :)I have my name necklace in gold I was a kid when my mom made it for me the chain was very long at that time but now it fits perfectly

  5. haha awesome you got a name necklace! I think it's bling bling! :D

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  8. I'm a Kali too and I saw this while searching for Kali name necklaces! Keep on fighting the good fight.

  9. I'm a Kali too and I saw this while searching for Kali name necklaces! Keep on fighting the good fight.