Monday, April 4, 2011

My Boyfriend's Favorite Look

There's a certain makeup look that my boyfriend loves -he's deemed it his "favorite look." I by no means dress up for him but on occasion, I think it's nice to consider what he likes since I too give him suggestions when it comes to his appearance. For instance, I love when he wears camouflage shorts. And when it comes to me,  he likes when I wear very natural looking makeup. The following products contain the essentials to creating my boy's "favorite look."

  1. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Black (review here)
  2. MAC Pearlglide Pencil in Black Russian
  3. Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Whiskey (review here)
  4. Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base
  5. Tarte MultiplEYE Mascara
  6. Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector
  7. Smashbox Brow Tech Wax (review here)
  1. Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow
  2. Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer (review here)
  3. Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink (review here)
  1. Black Jack Intense Therapy Lip Balm (review here)
  2. LORAC Multiplex 3D in Polished (review here)
The look is extremely simple and fuss free. I basically just fill in my brows, line my eyes, dab on a bit of blush, smooth on some gloss and I'm done. I like to add illuminator and highlight certain areas too to add some depth but other then that, the look is natural looking and adds just the tiniest amount of "pop."

Take a look..

What about when it comes to fashion?

Source (Before)

I read an article yesterday that was fairly entertaining and sort of related to this post. Basically, some guys got to choose some outfits for their ladies. Initially, I thought they'd dress up their women in something tacky or tasteless but surprisingly, the majority of the "after" outfits chosen by the men were a lot better than than the "before" outfits. I don't know if they had help but if this was all them, I've got to give them some major props.

I'm curious to see what my boyfriend would "dress" me in if he had the chance. He usually likes what I wear normally so I think it could be a challenge if he were to try to give me a drastic makeover.

Do you ever dress up (or down) for your significant other? How do your fashion and beauty tastes differ? Have a fabulous Monday everyone. <3


  1. This is such a beautiful look, i love it :)


  2. My significant other likes me to dress in jeans and a tee w/the most minimal makeup possible! :p
    Your BF is so endearing to tell you his "favorite" look on you. He's right, you look wonderful!! :)

  3. how sweet! its natural which is how all guys should like us girls.

    I read that on yahoo. LOL, I would never let my bf dress me!

  4. You look very pretty and your skin is gorgeous :) My boyfriend really likes it when I wear dark smokey eyes and minimal lip products. He probs like the smokey eye because I don't usually wear my makeup like that and not a lot of lip stuff so I don't get lipstick on him! That article was really interesting. Maybe I should let my boyfriend pick out my clothes once LOL

  5. very pretty and i love how your skin glowed 'neath the makeup :)

  6. My bf likes me no with no make-up at all. Nothing, and he even thinks that I look worse or much worse with make-up,...I tend to use heavy make-up (smokey & red lips, I love that look; and bright colours, like red e/s and stuff) and he does not like it all (he always says that to me, specially after getting nearer and scrutining everything xD), which "saddens" me since I don't feel comfortable wearing make up with him and because I can't say one day "well, let's get prettier because is a special day..." or something. About clothes, uhm, it's the same xD I guess you could say I dress goth-like when I dress up, daily I am just LAZY, and look awful xD Comfort over all (I even go out in pajama some days xD), and he does not like neither xD But yeah, we still love each other xD

    Greetings cutie ^^

  7. very pretty!!
    i think most guys like the 'natural' look! my bf does too! and i love ur hair~~ i can never do curls like that

  8. Looks very fresh and pretty! I can see why it's his favorite :)

  9. I love this look on you, it's pretty!

  10. Such a cute idea for a post. I think you look so naturally pretty here :)

  11. Aww you look so pretty this lip color really suits you <333

  12. I love this post!
    My guy friends always compliment me when I ahve super natural and fresh looking makeup. The pop of color just adds a bit of fun to the look.
    You look like you've spent no time on a really clean look.

  13. you look adorable.I'm curious to see how my boyfriend would dress me:))...

  14. love it! beautiful neutral looks ;)

  15. My boyfriend also loves when I barely wear any makeup, but I love it, so he deals :D
    I also saw that article on Yahoo, and was equally surprised! Makes me interested in seeing how my man'd dress me!

    1. Michelle I think he likes it when you barely wear any clothes ;)

      And you drop any inhibitions in the bedroom ;)

      And can't blame him as seeing your picture, you are a babe

  16. gorgeous look, you look lovely :) xxx