Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm Back! An Update on.. well, everything.

I've been gone for a really long time -I think possibly the longest I've ever gone without writing a post. Usually I'd apologize for being gone but to be honest, I'm not sorry. It was a much needed break. This semester has been incredibly hectic along with life in general. I drifted away from makeup BIG TIME. I've accumulated quite a number of new products (old habits don't change huhh) but didn't touch a thing. It's tough making time for makeup or any full (or partial) beauty routine with life gets chaotic. I'm finally on winter break though and I'm ready to get back into blogging. =)

So what's new? I've made it a point not to get too personal since this is of course a beauty blog but I guess there are a few things I'd like to share (or my posts could get confusing!) This year, I'm staying very focused on school because it's my first year taking all of my major/minor classes. So blogging time became study/paper writing time. I also broke up with my boyfriend of 3-4 years a few months ago. Now I have a new boyfriend and to be honest, I'm much happier.

Also, I've acquired a few new obsessions. I've always liked hair accessories but now I'm in love. I mean, it's gotten to the point where it's a wee bit extreme. I wear a hair clip or headband every day nearly every single day. I also now have an unhealthy outerwear addiction (blame it on the sales smh..) And lastly, I've grown a deep love for salad. I am absolutely in love with Pluto's and must thank my dear friend Nina for introducing it to me months ago. I go practically once (or more) a week. And what does my fave salad consist of? Romaine lettuce, avocado, boiled eggs, onions, sunflower seeds, wontons, and Asian dressing. Yum!

If you live in California, please visit this place!

Oh, and lastly, I also got a new camera (Canon T3) which I purchased as a birthday present to myself and cannot wait to show you the loads of pictures I've taken. Seriously, I have a lot to share. All my friends make fun of me for snapping photos of every detail of my day but I always tell them, "It's for the blog!" So now I must post them. Here are a few random snaps of my life, hauls, food, and more. I'll see you all soon!

 Beard Papa's
 Cutest hot chocolate I've ever seen (too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked!)
 Salted caramel hot chocolate
 Gingerbread hot chocolate (and Dr. Pepper)
 Chips Ahoy! Candy Blasts
 I'm loving these polar bears
 So cute!
 Love these too!
 I was VERY disappointed to learn that they no longer give you all the flavors. I got original, wild cherry and tropical (two of each.) Where's my butterscotch and mixed berry?!
 I bought a few Chocomize bars for a some of my loves for Christmas and am so excited! I haven't tasted them yet but I love the idea of being able to create your own chocolate bars. You even get to "name" each bar yourself -the name is printed on the back.
 Boyfriend got me this fabulous Bebe crossbody last month and it's currently one of my favorite bags. My other favorite is this gorgeous Gap bag I got on sale for around $17 (please do me a favor and check it out because it's really a lovely bag.)
Some of my hairclips..
I ordered these on Etsy from Giggles and Frills last month and am in love. Sure the clips are a little "childish" but I love cute and even sometimes even outrageous, unexpected clips.
Forever 21 headband.
Some clips I bought from some little Asian shops -I've come to LOVE Korean hair accessories.
Hello Kitty landyard my boy bought me.
Oh and it turns into a tape measure!
Red and cream roses.
Single pink rose my dad bought me.
Dried pressed roses from a few months ago. Whenever my flowers start going bad, I press them. I just stick them inbetween two sheets of paper, put them into a large book (like a dictionary), and put heavier books or objects on top of that book. Check back on them a few months later and you have beautiful, pressed flowers.
Gigantic lantern.

I have so many more photos to share and will try to post soon. I still have Christmas photos and hauls and I'm so behind. I will be working on other posts during the next few days. Have a wonderful weekend. <33


  1. Good, thorough update. Wow. The new camera works well. Your pictures turned out lovely.

  2. Welcome back :) I missed your posts. You've been through a whole ton of stuff in the mean time though :p I love the way you press your roses!

  3. Welcome back Hun! I've definitely missed reading your blog posts but everyone needs a break. I just barely got back into it too. Oh and that bee bag is cute!

  4. Yay you're back! Sorry to hear about your break up but its good that you're happier now.

  5. @ Girlie Blogger.. Thanks!! I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

    @ Jen.. Thank you! I'm glad to be back. P.S. I highly encourage you to try pressing flowers. I love how they turn out in the end. =)

    @ krySTYLES.. Yay! I'm happy you're back too. =) It was a MUCH needed break.

    @ Marasy.. It needed to be done.. but it was a huge weight off my shoulders in the end. =)