Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Gingerbread House Project

Boyfriend and I bought some gingerbread kits during the holiday season but never got around to doing the projects. We decided to finally build the house but added our own Valentine's Day twist to it. Above are our two little gingerbread people.
My boyfriend recently shaved his head and is now sporting a (teensy) mohawk which is what that line of blue frosting is. I was going for a Madonna vibe but then changed my mind and went for a Jackie O look.
We decorated the pieces first before putting the house together and let me say -WHAT A MESS. We had to add loads of extra frosting to get the walls to stick together which is why it doesn't look as neat and pretty as it should.
This is my favorite part of the whole house. While I was striving to make the house look "normal" and pretty, he was getting creative and doing things like this!
I like my candy corn Valentine's Day lights.
Decorating supplies
Although our house collapsed in the end (we rebuilt it 19395343 times), we had so much fun building it. It was nice to just make something together and see the end result. I'm very lucky to have a boyfriend who will do things like this with me. Our next project will be finishing up the gingerbread people kit!  -_______-


  1. Aww that's so sweet :) Love gingerbread!!

  2. Super cute Gingerbread man and lady! ^_^

  3. Adorable...we bought one too that I decorated Jan 3rd and then threw out. Luckily ours came already assembled!