Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Importance of Flowers

Tonight I'm up late caught in my thoughts on "life" again. My boyfriend got me flowers the other day -he always does. In the three or so years that I was with my ex, never once did I receive a thoughtful bouquet of flowers. He did once buy me a single rose off a San Francisco street after much kicking and screaming but that was it. My boyfriend now has gotten me (a bouquet) of flowers five or six times since last October. Oh yea, and we've only "officially" been together for a month.
Ok, maybe it's not so much flowers that are important, it's the gesture. It's the thought and time put into things of this nature whether it's getting you your favorite fancy beverage from the upscale coffee shop down the street or picking up the latest issue of Cosmo. These little things here and there are so extremely important. A few days ago, he got me an owl shaped candle and some tiny boxes with owls on them (yes I love owls!) It's these small things that remind me just how lucky I am. This isn't to say that my ex was horrible or anything. He did these "small" things sometimes but never on his own -I always had to ask.
Anyways, I'm beyond thrilled to be with a person who does these "small things" naturally without my nagging/begging/pleading. If you have a guy like this, hang on tight and remember to return the love.


  1. That's so cute! My friend's ex, when they were dating, would bring her a flower every time he saw her. They aren't together now because when they got married he decided that he would take up smoking weed and she left.

    You're lucky. None of my boyfriends in the past ever got me flowers. They'd always say "They're just going to die". Well my first bf got me flowers once but it was when we were putting flowers on his mom's grave -_-. Not the best gesture lol. My bf now that I've been with for 3+ years has never gotten me flowers even though that was the only thing I asked for for my birthday..My mom always gets me flowers every year..I guess you need to hold onto him cause most guys I've come across don't care about giving flowers. :-/

  2. @ Girlie Blogger.. I feel gushy every time he does lol.. I feel gushy every time I see him pretty much but I keep it all inside. =P

    @ Katie.. That's a bummer that they're no longer together. =\ As for you, I'm sorry that no one's gotten you flowers. I don't think it's so much the flowers but I do appreciate "small things" in general. BUT something that I do feel is very important is that guys do for YOU what YOU love. For instance, if your guy loves video games but you hate them, buying him a game as a present would be a very nice gesture. It's about what he likes, not you. And it should be the same for girls. Just because a guy thinks flowers are stupid and that they'll eventually die, they should think about how much YOU love them. This really fires me up because I know so many girls with boyfriends who say that. Good luck and I hope you receive some flowers soon girly!

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