Monday, January 9, 2012

Late Night Creation: Whimsical Bracelet

I stumbled upon a store called Brighton Collectibles over the weekend and was immediately drawn to their vast array of pretty things including many accessories and jewelry. The "jewelry station" immediately caught my eye because of the assortment of chains, ropes, beads, and charms that could be combined to make your very own work of art. However, once my eyes landed on the prices (about $10 and up per bead/charm), I was out of there in a flash.
I headed to my favorite bead store and went to work. I purchased about $20 worth of supplies (beads, charms, wire, clasps, etc.) and headed home. I ended up abandoning the cool charms I purchased to save for a future project and created something more simple instead. My bracelet cost only about $8 to make. I figure if I'd made one at Brighton, it would've cost around $130 or more (everything was ridiculously expensive.) Next time, I plan on saving even more by purchasing my materials online.
Here's my little creation:
Do you ever get inspired to make things on your own? With the high prices on everything today, I'm finding myself resorting to DIY projects more and more. I also purchased the earrings below (on sale) from Aldo to make some brooches ($10 for everything.)
Have a super sweet Monday loves. <33


  1. So cute!!
    A great idea!!
    I love everything!

  2. Gorgeous beads. You will have so much fun creating fun jewelry with those.

  3. Great idea to make those earrings into brooches! Will have to check out my local jewellery store for bargains now! haha

  4. crafty! I like the braceletes, they look so cute!

    xo Cee Cee
    @Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

  5. @ rock-or-not.. Thank you!

    @ Girlie Blogger.. Thank you I did. =)

    @ Katattack2000.. Definitely check them out! They're way cheaper than brooches haha..

    @ Cee Cee.. Thank you dear. =)