Friday, January 13, 2012

This Week's Hauls

I picked up some things during Sephora's extra "20% off sale" sale. I got to use a gift card too so that was an extra bonus!
The Brow Tech was the only non-sale item. I've been lemming for it since mine ran out but Sephora stores stopped carrying it and it was out of stock online since forever!! I wanted to pick it up during the F&F sale so I'm really unhappy that I had to pay full price! However, I am relieved to finally have it.
Hair clips from Giggles and Frills
I see a ton of other Etsy sellers with practically the same items (right down to the color) so I think a good amount of them are just using the same pattern. However, what makes Giggles and Frills stand out is that she doesn't just do felt hair clips. Most of the clips are made with ribbons which are creatively put into place to form various objects like rainbows and ballet slippers. I highly recommend this seller.
And lastly, I bought "He's Just Not That Into You" which is one of my favorite movies. =)

Have a terrific Friday everyone.


  1. Good haul! Very cute stuff.

    I love "He's Just Not That into You." I thought it was funny.'

  2. So lucky!
    We don't have these hello kitty polishes here in France!!

  3. @ Girlie Blogger.. I love that movie!! I feel like I'm always referring to it.

    @ rock-or-not.. Oh I'm sorry. =( I think they're just sparkles though -hopefully you have something like it! If it makes you feel better, I would LOVE to have some of the makeup you have over in France. =)