Saturday, January 9, 2010

NARS Lovers: A Discount on NARS Makeup

I am a huge fan of NARS makeup. NARS is one of my favorite cosmetics brands out there but I rarely have the luxory of buying lots of their items at a time. Everyone knows.. the stuff is really expensive. So when I want something from NARS, I usually put it aside and keep it on my wishlist until there's a Sephora 20% off sale (which only comes around like twice a year!) or a 20% off sale (which comes around about once every 2 months. Sign up for their emails!) I will only buy NARS full price if it's a blush or lipstick or if I have a gift card. Their singles and duos are lovely but they simply cost too much! I love their palettes but they range around $55-$75! Anyways, my NARS wish list has piled up in the past week or so. I was in Italy during the end of December to early January so I missed out on the 22% off deal on the NARS site. So I waited and waited for a Sephora or promo code to come up for about a week and no luck. I signed up for emails from Nordstrom, Saks, Barneys, etc.. but still no special deals.. only offers of free shipping. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and spent a LONG time searching Yahoo and Google for any NARS discount codes out there. Everything was either expired or didn't work (I tried codes from various discount sites.) Finally, I stumbled upon this:

15% off any order over $60 at!!
Promo Code: J1001900
(Offer expires January 15, 2010)
I really don't know why this code wasn't posted on any of those discount sites.. but it really should be. My determination paid off! I was ecstatic when I found the code. Also, NARS offers free complimentary shipping on all orders over $25 and free 2 Day shipping on orders over $150.
I ordered lots of items. I'm really trying to go on a No-Buy but these were things I "HAD TO HAVE." Anyways, I just wanted to share this code for any NARS lovers out there. It really helped me out and I hope it helps others too.
Do you love NARS? What are your must have NARS items?
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