Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 Wishlist

Valentine's day is soon on its way in just about 2 weeks!! I love holidays because it gives me an excuse to buy gifts, dress up, and go shopping! Sometimes people make this big fuss over Valentine's Day but I really don't think you need to be in a relationship just to have a good, fulfilling VDay. Back in highschool, I used to go out and get my best friends Valentine's gifts and they'd all do the same -even the boys. =) I'm planning to do the same thing this year and pick up boxes of candy hearts and silly valentines for my friends. I'm also planning on getting my little brother and sister some cool gifts so I'm super excited. This Valentine's Day, I want to ditch the oooohey gooooey romantic plans and just have an awesome, fun day. All I want is to eat a hearty meal (a good one this year!!) and to see a movie or play.. preferably a play. I definitely shortened it but here's what's on my Valentine's Day wishlist.. the things I'd really love to have:

1. Smashbox "Decadence" Vanity Brush Set" -$46.95

I know this came out a very long time ago but I just recently re-discovered it and I just have to have it! I've been needing to upgrade my makeup brushes for so long now but I keep going out and buying more makeup and zero brushes! I really don't have the heart to go and buy expensive individual MAC brushes so I'd definitely settle for these (less than $6 per brush!!) This is such an awesome value since the original price was $150 back I think 2 years ago and now it's only $46.95 on Ebay (shipping included.) This set would totally knock me off my feet.

2. Happy Family "Robot Messanger" -$20.00

I absolutely love robots so this would really suit me.
I love the olive tan color and the big robot on the flap. This is a really good bag for school or trips -something not too big and not too small. I love the crossbody style and that there's a flap so my stuff doesn't spill out everywhere. I just love the cool, casual feel of this bag -perfect for days where I don't feel like dressing up. The bag even has an extra zipper pocket on the inside! ..perfect for pens and misc. items. The price is awesome as well. (Btw, if it says the bag has been sold, click on their shop and there will be tons more available.)

3. Sanrio "Hello Kitty Nerd Scarf" -$30.00

Oh I just love this scarf so much. I love everything from the Hello Kitty "Nerd" Collection. It's adorable. Hello Kitty with her red bow and black rimmed glasses (with tape in the middle!) I love the red stripes on the scarf bus I'm not crazy about the "I (Hello Kitty Face) NERDS" wording across it but it'll do. I do find it a tad pricey at $30 (because material wise -it probably won't be that great) but Sanrio items are always overpriced so it's a given.

And what I want to do/where I want to go.....
1. Wicked San Francisco

This sounds like such an amazing show. I haven't been to a play in such a long time and I'd love to attend this. I love plays, costumes, and costume makeup! I haven't read the book yet but its been on my reading list for awhile so I'll need to buy a copy soon. The show is quite pricey but hey, this is a wishlist. It would also double as a homework assignment (one of my classes requires that I attend plays and poetry readings throughout the quarter.)

P.S. If anyone knows of any awesome plays or poetry readings in the SF Bay Area or around there, please let me know! Email or leave a comment.

2. Valentine's Day Movie

I'm dying to see this movie. For some reason, it seems like it'll be like a "He's Just Not That Into You" type of movie and I loved that movie so I think I'm going to like this one as well. It opens on February 12, 2010 -perfect timing for Valentine's Day but I have a feeling it's going to be packed.

What are your Valentine's Day plans? What would you love to have for Valentine's Day?

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