Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sneaky You.. Urban Decay: Disney's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows Update

Have anyone of you been feenin' for this little beauty to the left here? I have. There's been all sorts of rumors as to when this third limited edition book of shadows would be coming out. I've read that Sephora announced that it would be available in late Decemeber (something like that) but it was false. I've heard rumors that this would come out in February, in March, and another claiming that it would be available to us a few weeks before the movie opened. Well.. I looked on the UrbanDecay site today just to see if it came yet and it was THERE!!..but I "missed" Alice. On the homepage, it tell you that it's "Available now but only in very limited quantites and to get mine TODAY." When I clicked on the link, it took me over to the page where you would add the product to your cart to go buy it but when I got there, it said in red font, "You missed Alice! She was just here, but we know where she might be hiding... leave us your info and we'll tell you if we see her." So I left my name and email.. I wasn't too concerned since I already subscribe to their emails and don't mind emails from them. Hopefully, it's available again very soon.
I've had the other 2 previous palettes.. the original Urban Decay Book of Shadows (with the flower popups) and the Book of Shadows Volume 2 (with the peacock packaging) but I've since passed them both on. I know loads of people loved them but when I got them, all I did was swatch and push them to the back of my makeup drawer. I receall using them both only ONCE. They were pigmented and very nice but too glittery for my taste. I like shimmer.. but lots of the colors were packed full of glitter. I'm also more of a neutral gal and I usually wear makeup (and clothing) in whites, blacks, tans, browns, taupes, olives, grays, plums, etc.. those kinds of colors. I guess I'm a bit boring huh.. but I just love those "earthy" colors. When I saw this palette, I felt like it had more natural colors than the other 2 and contained a few richer colors that I love like the purple on the upper left corner and the golden color on the top row. I have really high hopes for this palette and want to get my hands on it ASAP.
Did any of you run into Alice on the Urban Decay site? If so, did you make it time to buy one?? Let me know!

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