Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tarte Sale: 20% Off Everything

For those of you who love Tarte, there's another sale going on. They had a few 50% off the entire site sales during the end of last year but I always put it off. If you're in desperate need of their products, they're having another sale that's 20% off (better than nothing huh..) If it can wait, I have a feeling they'll have another 50% off sale since they had 2 during I believe November and December of last year. If you love Tarte and you love deals, sign up for their emails. They ALWAYS have promotions and special offers. The current promotional code is: JANUARY20. (Sorry, I'm not sure when it expires but I'm guessing at the end of January.) Here are a few of my favorites from Tarte Cosmetics.. (the following prices are the original prices before any discountis taken.)

"Smooth Operator" Tinted Moisturizer (with SPF 20)- $35
I really love tinted moisturizers. I have eczema and extremely dry, sensitive skin -which can be a big pain. However, one positive factor to my skin condition is that I rarely break out but on the down side, my skin on my body is always so dry! Anyways, I don't like using foundation on a regular basis so I opt for tinted moisturizers. This has been my favorite one for the last year or so. It doesn't dry me out (which is a big problem I have with most foundations, tinted moisturizers, etc..) and it gives me light to medium coverage. I think this stuff works pretty well and on the plus side, it's made from natural ingredients and also contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun. I already wear sunscreen on a daily basis and this provides just a little extra protection. Tarte's site offers a chart (on their site) to help you choose the correct color for your skin. Before I bought my first tube/bottle, I had gone to Sephora to check out some Tarte items. A makeup artist for Tarte was in that day and applied some to my face. She told me I was the color "Veil" and when I went outside, I looked liked a ghost that was way too made up! I wasn't interested in it until I was shopping for a tinted moisturizer. I decided to give it another try and looked at the chart before buying a tube. I matched the description of "Disguise" -medium with beige undertones, and bought a tube without testing it. It was perfect! I think the chart really helps so keep that in mine if you plan on buying this.

"Femme Naturale" Eye Palette- $44

I purchased the "Femme Fatale" palette monthes ago. The colors were pretty and pigmented but honestly, all I did was swatch the colors and shove it in the back of my makeup drawer. I never used it so I eventually passed it onto someone else. If I could go back in time, I would've just purchased this palette instead. This palette contains more natural colors than the "Femme Fatale" palette. The packaging is cute (but not too practical) and it comes with a double sided liner and a "Brush with Greatness" double-ended shadow brush (this alone is valued at $24.) I think the "Femme Naturale" palette sold a lot better than its counterpart because this is no longer available on the Sephora or Tarte site. I don't have swatches for this item since I don't own it but there are gorgeous swatches on Temptalia's blog. Personally, this isn't on my "Must Have Right Now" list but it would be nice to have.
"Picture Perfect" Eyelash Curler- $15
A few months ago, I tried this lash curler at Sephora and I absolutely loved it. I didn't think it was any good until I tried it. It gives my lashes a nice, natural curl that holds all day.. and longer. I also like that when I squeeze the grips or whatever you call it, it doesn't hurt my fingers. I like that the grips are lavender. it's just a really lovely curler. I didn't buy it since I didn't want to spend $15 on a curler when my favorite $3 NYC one works just fine.. maybe even better (it's even better on my lashes than the $19 Shu Uemura one I bought for over 6 times the price!) I'll buy this next time Tarte has a 50% off sale since I'm not in dire need of a curler.

Vitamin Infused" Lip Gloss- $21

Honestly, this is not worth the $21 price tag but if you get it at a discounted price, it's a great gloss. I bought this in "OM" from earlier last year and it was really pretty. To me, it's kind of like a MAC Dazzleglass. It's decently moisturizing and is semi sticky. The gloss is sheer pink with shimmer. The reason I don't think it's worth $21 is because it's just so small for that price. It's just your average gloss. I do like that it feels good on my lips and doesn't make them chapped. Another reason I don't think it's worth paying full price for is that you have to apply it a good amount of times before you get your lips full coated. Every time I used it, I'd have to stick the wand back in the tube up to 4 or 5 times just to evenly coat my lips. I like it but it's not good for the busy girl who needs a quick makeup routine.
There are tons of other wonderful items that Tarte offers. Try them out if you like natural ingedients and makeup that makes your skin feel good. They also don't test on animals. Hurry before the sale ends!
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