Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mom's Long Lost Dior

I was rummaging through my mom's bathroom cabinet when I stumbled upon this little lipstick case (above). Curious, I opened it. Inside the case was a very old tube of Dior lipstick.

Judging from the design (and being no expert on Dior whatsoever), I figure it must be from the late 90's or possibly early 2000's. What does it look like without the top on?

Oh my! A nearly empty tube with oodles of melted lipstick goodness. But let's swatch it..

Mmm.. Violet Spectrum is a gorgeous shade of red with a touch of burgundy. I can see why she kept it.

Do you keep very old things even though they're pretty much completely useless because of sentimental value or because they're just too darn gorgeous to throw away?

P.S. I just now realized that I own absolutely nothing from Dior. Now I have to go buy out and buy..

Have a wonderful Wednesday lovers. <33


  1. I love finding things like this! I def do keep things that are sentimental but are completely useless!!

  2. I love finding random things like this!

  3. That is seriously the cutest thing ever, from the case down to the lipstick itself. I love the color, it's gorgeous!

  4. What a surprise :D I have no idea what year it's from but Dior lipsticks are charming always :)

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  6. i definitely do because sometimes it has a sentimental value like i wore this "x" brand lipstick when I had my first kiss with my bf heheh