Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm back! First "real" post in forever: August 2011 Favorites (plus H&M, leopard, storage, & more!)

August has once again been all about minimal makeup. It's too difficult to put on a pound of makeup before class when I'm super tired and only half awake. Because of that, the routine has been 1) fill in the brows 2) eyeliner along the upper lash line 3) a dab of mascara 4) a dash of bronzer and 5) a wee bit of highlighter.
  1. Harajuku Lovers Makeup Girls (Solid) Pencil Case- I purchased this makeup bag about a month ago and I've found that it's the perfect bag for a day's worth of (minimal) makeup. If I'm out for the day, I'll pack this case up with a gloss, some mascaras, a brush or two, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliners, brow gel, and primer. (Buy the clear version here)
  2. Gap So Pink Body Mist- So Pink has been a staple on my perfume shelf for years. I recently bought a couple of new bottles during the Gap 50% off sale and I couldn't be more thrilled to have backups of one of my very favorite scents in the world. I'm the worst person at describing perfumes and sprays and if I were to describe this magnificent scent myself, I'd totally butcher it and leave all of you afraid to try it. It is described (as stated on the bottle) as being a "flirty blend of citrus and flowers." It's a floral yet very simple and clean scent. (MakeupAlley reviews here) (Buy in stores)
  3. MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Lash Mascara- I recently busted out my sample tube (from the free VIB "Must Have" kit) and discovered that this mascara definitely lives up to its hype. I have short, pathetic, tiny lashes to begin with and I have to use primer and two or three mascaras but the end result is fantastic. It's a great lengthening and thickening mascara and I love the rich black color. I bet that Smoky Lash would be absolutely fabulous for those with medium to long lashes on its own. (Buy here)
  4. Sonia Kashuk Blusher/Powder Brush (from Gold Mine set)- I bought the SK Gold Mine set nearly two months ago but I've only used this brush so far. I really like the slightly smaller, convenient size of this brush. It's great for carrying in my travel bag. I use it mainly for highlighter but prefer a bigger brush for blush/powder. It's decently soft but I do sense the slightest bit of scratchiness -nothing bothersome though. (Buy here)
  5. Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Gilded- I reviewed this back in July but I still absolutely adore this gorgeous bronzer. It's just really easy to use and blends in so nicely. When I'm in a hurry, I just dash some along the hollows of my cheeks and I'm set. It gives me the perfect warm, golden glow and pulls together my (very simple) look. (Buy here)
  6. Guerlain KissKiss Gloss in 800 Crystal Pearl- I don't normally buy $30 lip glosses (make that $30.50 to be exact) but I bought this one on a whim on one of those "I don't care -I'll buy whatever I want" type of days (do you have those too?!) Girls and our mood swings.. smh. Anyways, it's beautiful. The color is practically clear but with the slightest hint of shimmery baby pink mixed with purple. Although it mainly contains a tint of pinky-purple goodness, it almost has this "rainbow" effect going on. There are a bunch of cheaper versions that look similar but I can't recall anything exactly the same. Also, it smells oh so delicious -like the sweetest candy in the world (without being sickly sweet.) For the price, I'd expect better staying power. It only lasts about 3 hours on me. But, I do love the nonsticky formula, its moisturizing properties, the unique shade, and the yummy scent so it's a keeper. (Buy here)
  7. Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter in Melon- I love to try new lip balms and I really like this one. I'd say it's more moisturizing than the average lip balm. However, it's not the cure to dry, cracked lips. I use this when my lips are "normal" but when they're cracking and peeling, I have to turn to something a little stronger. Oh and the melon flavor is right on and smells exactly like it should. (Buy here)
  8. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- I wouldn't be surprised if this stuff was magic. My skin's been pretty funky lately. I have this horrible dry patch on the left side of my forehead and on the bottom of my chin. I apply my CeraVe first (all over the face) and then apply this right after. No, it doesn't cure my dryness instantly but after a few days of once to twice daily use, it helps the situation a lot. I also use it on my body -especially when my legs start to look scaley and resemble crocodile skin. (Buy here)
And what else have I been loving?


I never really loved H&M until this past month. I'm so impressed with their Fall collection. I'm absolutely loving their blazers with the elbow pads and all their plaid offerings. All the items I've purchased so far have been at some really great prices too -$30 for nice blazers and coats, under $30 for a few pretty dresses, and $20 and under for some lovely sweaters. Above is a collage of some of the pieces I purchased (including the colors purchased) -there are a few more items but I couldn't find them on the site!

Links & photo credit to the items (clockwise from upper left): lace dress, burnt red-orange cardigan, plaid coat, plaid pants, powder pink dress, black blazer with elbow pads, camel sweater, plaid blazer.

Leopard Print
I can't wait for fall/winter so I can start rocking the leopard. It's an easy way to spruce up a simple, boring outfit. I can't wait to rock black leggings and a top with my leopard coat or jeans, a tee, and my leopard loafers.

Items shown above:
  • Tulle Leopard Faux Fur Jacket (Piperlime Exclusive)- This jacket has the coolest shape ever. The only downside is that it doesn't come in x-small. While the length (shoulder to hem) is perfect, the sleeves are rather long and the jacket overall is a bit wide. I'm too in love with it to send it back though so I'll have to make it work! (Buy here)
  • Wanted Carlton Slip-On Loafer- I bought these for under $30 on Amazon. I didn't want to spend too much -I like them for the price. The only bummer is that they run a half size small. I'm debating on keeping or selling since I can't find them anywhere. It seems like they all sold out from all the retailers overnight or something. (Buy here)
  • H&M Leopard Cap with Black Bow- I just picked this up earlier this week for around $12 (from H&M's Divided line.) I really like the little bow and fun print.
Organization Supplies
I'm in the process (it's been a very slow process) of organizing my room so I've been keeping an eye out for some quirky, playful supplies.

Items shown above:
  • Bloom 3-Drawer Cart (Buy here)
  • 4-Section Acrylic Swivel Organizer (Buy here)
  • Narrow 8-Section Drawer Organizer Linen (Buy here)
  • Jewelry Box (T.J. Maxx)
  • Glitter Organizer (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls)
And lastly, check out what I found..
I bought this pink storage ottoman from Target on sale for $17 the other night. I love that it doubles as furniture and storage since 1) I never have enough places to sit in my room and 2) I have a lot of crap stuff laying around -this makes for a quick and easy "hiding spot." It also comes in a variety of colors. (Buy here)

Have a terrific Thursday everyone. <33


  1. Oh, wow, these are great products, Kali! Thanks for letting us know about em. I wish we had great brands over our shores (UD, H&M First Aid Beauty, etc), too.

  2. I'm so glad you're back! Those leopard print slip ons are absolutely adorable, omg. I missed reading your posts!

  3. Would love to see how you rock the leopard print in fall :)

  4. I LOVE THE FIRST AID BEAUTY REPAIR CREAM!!! haha one of those products that doesn't get enough hype, in my opinion <3

  5. I have the same Guerlain gloss! I know what you mean about buying compulsively on some days... I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean o_o I have to try the SMokey lash mascara! I hear it's wonderful and I have pretty short darn lashes myself :p

  6. I've always wondered how the Gap So Pink Body Mist would smell like. when you said flowers & citrus... I want to try it now.

  7. Thank you for always going above and beyond to ensure the success of a project.