Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coach Cambria Tartan Flats

I'm probably one of the few non Coach-crazed Asian girls in the U.S. I'm almost 100% positive that every single one of my female friends and family members (aside from my mom) owns a Coach bag whether it be a version with the logo all over it or a pretty leather number. It's always Coach. Heck, some of them even rock the bag, matching shoes, and a matching watch -all at once! While some of the leather bags are enticing, I'm really not a fan of of their bags with logos galore.

Well, I'm no longer a Coach virgin. I picked up these Coach Cambria Tartan Flats (in Blue/Red) at Marshalls this week. For $60, they were a little pricier than I'd like for flats but a total steal since these were originally $138 (retail price.)

And best of all, no logos. =) There are so many times where I'll really want to buy Coach flats or rain boots only to find the darn "C"or "Coach" name printed all over them. While others might be into that sort of thing, that's just not my personal style. I generally like my labels and logos more to be a wee bit more discreet. I don't like my clothes and accessories screaming, "Hey, look at me -I'm a walking billboard!"

But I do have one exception. I really wouldn't mind a huge LV tote -but I'm sure any girl would love one of those.

For reference, I purchased a size 6. I'm a (large) 5.5 but I can usually get away with wearing a 6 (for flats.) These tend to run a tad "long" but with the help of some inserts, that shouldn't be a problem.

Have a splendid Holiday weekend my loves. <33


  1. I have 2 Coach bags, a wallet and a coin purse. The only one that says Coach anywhere on it is the wallet and it is very understated. I am also not a fan of the billboard bags. As for the LV bags I think I would also get one that didn't have the LV logo so blatant. Cute shoes you got here!

  2. Cute flats! I like shoes with bows on them, very kawaii! ^_^

  3. Cute flats! I'm not Asian, but I own a lot of Coach. :) I love them! I am not a big logo fan, so 95% of what I own does not have logos on it. I do own 1 LV, but I got my Speedy in the Damier Ebene print.

  4. so I totally agree with the logo printed all over! I am also not a fan, although I must admit I own a swing bag and coin purse that has the logo all over. But now I'm totally over it! lol. THESE flats are sooooo cute!!! BOWS galore!! I love it! such a great deal!! :)

  5. It's so true. I don't love labels on this but my mom did purchase a huge coach bag for me with a gigantic shiny logo.

  6. Hi fellow non-crazed for coach Asian. Funny.. 'coz my first coach is a pair of shoes exactly like what ya have. I lurve it!