Monday, May 30, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Collection: Liquid Silk Foundation & Gloss Balm

Foundation Grade: A-
Gloss Balm Grade: B-

I'm sure you've noticed loads of new CoverGirl products pouring through the cosmetics aisles of your local drugstores. Today's review is all about the Liquid Silk Foundation ($12.99 for 1 oz) and Gloss Balm ($7.49 for 0.07 oz) which are part of their new NatureLuxe Collection. To be honest, the last time I used a CoverGirl product was probably in high school. Their Lipslick (in a silvery whiteish pink) was a a staple in my makeup bag (I cringe when I look back on it!) and my first foundation was made by them as well.

However, as I learned more about makeup, I preferred other drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon. But after trying these two products, CoverGirl has definitely made a comeback in my book -I wouldn't be surprised if some new products showed up in my makeup drawers anytime soon.

Product Description
I'll start off with my favorite of the two -the Liquid Silk Foundation (with SPF 10). This stuff is amazing! I'd describe the foundation as more of a tinted moisturizer or very light foundation. It goes on smoothly and gives light coverage leaving a slightly dewy finish (but nothing over the top.) The foundation is feels so light on the skin -I forget I'm wearing it! It covers all my veins and light marks well and best of all, it doesn't make my forehead look super ashy or gray. Also, it doesn't dry out or irritate my super dry, sensitive skin which is a huge plus.
The foundation does have the standard "makeup" scent but after applying it, the scent fades. It lasts me through an average day (about 5 hours) with minor fading.
I received #350 Oak which was the darkest shade of the five or six BzzAgent offered (there are tons more shades in store). The shade is a little light for me but it works. When the weather gets warmer I'll have to mix it with some bronzing gel.
Gloss Balm in Muscat
The Gloss Balm (with SPF 15) is nice but I'm not amazed. It's nice -basically a (very) tinted lip balm with a glossy finish. The color payoff is good and leaves my lips with a tint of strawberry red with some orange (and subtle red sparkles.) It lasts about 2 hours before it starts to fade but it does leave a very light tint of color. There is a slight artificial strawberry makeup scent but the scent fades once it's applied.

Above (with flash) from top: Liquid Silk Foundation in Oak, Gloss Balm in Muscat
Above (with flash): Gloss Balm in Muscat

I received both products from BzzAgent. Anyone can sign up with BzzAgent. Members are able to sign up for free and join campaigns and receive products to try and review.


  1. I had CoverGirl as my first main makeup brand as well, and like you got away from them, but I loove the Nature Luxe foundation! Best of all, it doesn't have the usual Cover Girl Scent.

    I have a gloss balm, but don't use it enough, I should though :D

  2. I used to use the blue compact from CG :p It's good that their products are improving. No more cringing now I suppose :) The lipstick looks really good :)

  3. i tried a sample of the foundation before but it made my skin really irritated :( its sad coz i actually liked the finish to the product~ im glad it works out for u :)

  4. @ Bailey.. I'm glad you love it! =)

    @ Jen.. I really think they are!I can't wait to review their new lipsticks -I've heard so many good things.

    @ MEOW.. Aww that's too bad. =\ It could be the SPF. I know SPF can irritate some people but I'm not sure. Prior to using it, I did read some reviews and heard the same thing (about how it caused irritation) from other people.

  5. I have that GlossBalm - in my opinion it's like vaseline with color;D Not rich color at all, but it's ok for daily make up:)

  6. i love the red balm! so natural. I might wanna try this :) thanks for posting

  7. @ Supergirl.. I agree. That's why I mentioned it's like a tinted lip balm only I find it has better color payoff than other tinted lip balms. It's nice for a natural look.

    @ Rinz.. Let me know if you get it! =)

  8. Not only does it make the skin feel brighter, it also makes the skin look brighter all day long.