Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love Lace

Prior to this spring/summer season, I was always into the basics -tees, tanks, leggings, and cardigans were the pieces I reached for while getting dressed. My main squeeze was makeup. While makeup is still very much dancing through my veins, my love for fashion has come back.
After high school, I kind of forgot about fashion as I was discovering the wonderful world of makeup. I'm sure I've mentioned it but since I was about 4-years-old up until the end of high school, I wanted to be a fashion designer. My mother was a designer and I studied, sketched, and dreamed of being a designer from a very young age. But I guess, reality struck and I decided that designing wasn't "stable enough" so I opted out of it when I graduated.
I realized that I kind of stopped shopping for clothing as much as before and focused all my time on makeup. Well, in the past few months, I've been on a wild clothes hauling spree and I can't stop! Lately, I've been so into lace, pastels, and floral prints. My wardrobe has suddenly become a mix of creams, nudes, and dusty roses. But, while I currently smitten with very girly patterns and shades, I still have a strong love for bold navy blues, blacks, and stripes. My fashion taste is very diverse.
Anyways, while boyfriend was looking at watches today, I somehow stumbled into Forever 21 again. It was like a dream come true -endless selection of LACE for some low, low prices. =) Too bad the other dresses I wanted were sold out in my size.
Here's dress #1 ($22.80). I'm loving this nude dress with its Peter Pan collar. At first glance, it looks very granny-ish but I'm glad I gave it a chance! The hem hits above the knee so it does show some leg which is nice since the collar's a tad high up. Boyfriend hates but at least I love it. I can't wait to wear it with a satin black bow and some black heels flats -I rarely wear heels!
(I apologize I can't find either pieces online -I think they're new though so maybe they'll show up in the next few days.)
Here's #2 ($19.80). While the first dress had more of a whimsical feel, this dress wraps around the body clinging onto every curve.I wasn't sure about it at first but after trying it on, I really like it! And the print looks like it came straight out of a black and white film -it's very different.
I'm absolutely loving lace at the moment. Lace isn't only for your undergarments -it can look fabulous in your dresses, tops, and even blazers as well. =) What are your favorite spring/summer trends? Share!


  1. I completely agree about the lace obsession. There is something so feminine and girly about it. Dress #1 is absolutely adorable!!



  2. Mm yeah, I love how feminine lace looks. It's hard finding a way to incorporate it into my style though!

  3. Your style seems very similar to mine. I have been trying to stick with one lace piece a season though, or else it's going to be the only thing in my closet.

  4. I love laceeee.
    It's so girly and cute.
    Gives that sort of fuzzy, faiytale, vintage feel. (:

  5. Lace is the most girly it can get :) I love the feminine look of it and the delicateness of the material! Great picks!

  6. i love the lace!! i ve been buying lots of stuff made of lace too

  7. @ Christina.. =) I'm glad you think so! Lol boyfriend thinks its hideous.

    @ Eileen.. I'm sure you can get it in somehow. Even lace heels or flats are adorable! Or something with a lace trim.

    @ aki!.. Lol! Oh goodness it seems like when I'm shopping, I immediately look for lace or dusty rose pieces first. It's gotta stop!

    @ Valerie Zhang.. I agree. Lace is very whimsical.

  8. @ Jen.. I agree. =) That's why I love love love lace dresses.

    @ In Palace.. Thank you! <3

    @ Rinz.. Ooh what lace pieces have you purchased lately??

  9. I love lace this season as well. Still looking for the perfect lace dress for myself though! I like #1 too. The Peter Pan collar does make it look a bit dated, but I'm sure you will find a way to make it look fresh and modern :)

  10. I've been going to F21 a LOT because they have so many lace items for such low prices. Instead of spending a lot on one lace piece, I've been able to grab many because they're all so cheap!

    Good luck! Let me know when you find your perfect lace dress. I think I've already found mine in a short sleeve ivory lace number from F21. =)

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