Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nudey Tuesday: Limited Edition Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout Review & Swatches

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $8.99 (0.13 oz)
Product: 22.5/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: A-

I've been searching high and low for the Revlon's limited edition ColorBurst lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout since seeing it on Nouveau Cheap months ago. My area seems to always be the last to receive any limited edition or new products so I still had high hopes in the beginning of May. Finally, I spotted it at my local Walgreens! I wanted to grab a second to give away but out of the three on display, two had been tampered with and only one was left perfect and untouched. =\

The Packaging: Nothing special here. This limited edition shade is packaged in the same ol' ColorBurst packaging -a square matte black tube featuring a quilted design. The bottom contains a sticker displaying the shade name. And once again, I love the fact that "Revlon" is engraved into the actual lipstick bullet.

The Product: Revlon lipsticks, with the exception of the "new" shades, are generally very pigmented and Fashion's Night Pout is no exception. Along with its great color payoff, it is also buildable, glides on smoothly, and feels nice on the lips without drying them out. Prior to applying the lipstick, my lips were very dry and naked (no lip balm!) so application could've gone better with some exfoliating and a good balm.

Fashion's Night Pout
The Color: Fashion's Night Pout is a slightly warmed pale pinky nude with a tinge of salmon. While the shade is indeed very "nude", it doesn't give off totally corpse-like lips -it's actually one of the prettiest drugstore nude lipsticks I've ever encountered.
Above (no flash): Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout
Above (with flash): Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout 
Above (with flash): Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout
Overall: I've never tried the original "Soft Nude" shade because I've heard countless times that it's very drying BUT I'm beyond happy that I gave Fashion's Night Pout a try. It's better than some high end nude lipsticks that leave my lips looking cracked and dry. For $8.99, you get an amazing formula and shade for a total steal.

Where To Buy: Walgreens


  1. I like it!

    It does look a fair bit like Soft Nude. I have it and do find it a bit drying compared to my other colour burst's but nothing too major.

  2. The color is really pretty on you! I was expecting a brown nude since it looks so dark in the tube.

  3. @ In Palace.. Thank you!

    @ alvira.. Yay! I really love it -hopefully you do too. =)

    @ Bailey.. Ooh.. Yea, the reason I never got Soft Nude was because I heard it was drying. I have super dry lips to begin with so anything even slightly drying is a no no for me. =\

    @ Rinny.. Thank you. =) Nah not brown at all -just a very pretty light nude.