Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is the customer always right? (In response to Temptalia's post)

I haven't been reading too many beauty blogs lately simply because I've been very busy but today I came across one of Christine's recent posts: Is the customer always right? I was initially going to leave a comment but since I knew I'd have a lot to say, I decided to post here instead.

From what I read, the drama started when NYX decided to hold an amazing sale that allowed customers to purchase every individual product on their site for the low cost of $1.20. Customers were limited to two of the same product but aside from that, they were allowed to haul haul haul and from the comments on Facebook and nearly every other beauty forum out there, that's what they did!

I didn't take part in this sale (thank goodness!) because, again, I've been busy and wasn't aware of it.

Anyways, when their sale was supposed to take place, the site crashed and many customers spent their entire Sunday in high hopes that their order would go through. Many were left upset and order-less. However, after the event, the site was supposedly (I say supposedly because I did not check this out myself) back up and running just fine. Then, NYX decided to be so kind and offer 50% off to customers who emailed them for a code.

After reading many comments and posts about this sale, to me, something looks very fishy on NYX's end. I'm sure you've read this time and time again if you've been keeping up with this whole fiasco but..
  1. NYX should've been prepared for the sale but since they weren't, they should've at least postponed the sale. So their site crashed -life happens. BUT, they need to keep any promises they've made to their loyal and potential customers.
  2. Why on earth would you offer 50% off when you were supposed to offer products at $1.20 a piece?! That makes no sense to me. Sure, 50% is a pretty deep discount but because a majority of the orders never went through, the $1.20 price per product should still be honored.
  3. Excellent customer service is a must. From what I've read, poor customer service a HUGE factor in why everyone was so disgusted by the brand.
Personally, I've ordered from NYX Cosmetics once last year. And since then, I always reminded myself to avoid ordering from NYX directly. They never did anything to make them completely dislike them but I just don't like difficult orders -no one does. I forgot the details but I remember them not sending me a few products and also being very rude on the phone. I have, however, ordered lots of NYX from Cherry Culture where I received very good service.

Anyways, this goes back the the question: Is the customer always right?

I've worked in retail and I'm sure that most other people have at least once in their lives. Honestly, I love customer service. I love receiving great customer service and I think it's important to give great customer service. Sure, the customer is not always right but because they are the client, you need to do your best to satisfy their needs. And hey, if you don't want to give good customer service and you WORK in that field, you need to find another job. If you're stuck with that job, honestly, you need to deal with it because that is your job. I understand that this may come off as harsh but again, I've worked in retail and I've dealt with customers from Hell. However, that was my job at the time and part of my job was making sure customers were happy. And of course there are times when you face those customers that start to be downright creepy or threatening -that's when you need to bring in your manager/supervisor/boss.. or the police. =O

While I do believe that employees need to really do their best when it comes to dealing with customers, I also believe that customers, as people, need to remember to be polite. No one likes taking demands or being yelled at.

Ok, this was just a random little rant. I didn't spend my precious hours on in front of a screen all Sunday but I feel for everyone who did. Poor customer service just truly disgusts me so I had to write about it.

Some poor customer service I've encountered in the past week:

Forever 21 The reason why I rarely shopped at F21 before was because I always disliked their customer service. BUT, I've really been liking some of their clothes (and cheap prices) lately so I've been stopping by on occasion. A few weeks ago, I asked about a dress on display. Because of all these reasons that I don't want to repeat, employees are not allowed to remove clothing from mannequins. Every other store seems to be able to do this except F21 which is very annoying. Anyways, when I asked about the item, the employee was unwilling to look or check the system. I had to ask another person. The system said that there were 5 units left. They wouldn't even check on the floor for me and said, "Oh, we're probably out and the system is just wrong." Because they wouldn't physically look for the item, I had to ask that they at least direct me in the area that it could be found it. My local store is gigantic so you can see how annoyed and tired I was searching every inch of the store. Anyways, just when I was about to give up, I asked one more person -a supervisor. In under 5 minutes, she was able to find the dress! She seriously saved the day but it was beyond ridiculous that I had to ask and beg so many people to help me find a single dress.

Anyways, again, this was just a very random rant! Have you encountered some poor customer service lately? AND, how do you feel about NYX now?


  1. Ofcourse! I have a lot of experiences when it comes to bad customer service... and I usually don't go back to place If I've received bad customer service.

    thanks for sharing this Rant! LOL... seriously, I feel for you especially on the Forever 21 experience. I hate it when sales people just dismiss you without even putting an effort in find the item for you, I just want to literally smack them!...hehe

  2. I think for me, if the customer actually IS right then yeah, it's a store issue and the person has a right to be miffed, but if the customer is just an entitled PITA, then that person doesn't deserve service at all. And this is coming from a person who has worked retail a total of 1 day, I helped my mom over a boxing day sale in an electronics store. That 1 day I had a lady throw her license at me when I asked for her name for the system. THOSE types of people can get bent.
    This is why I work in a warehouse AWAY from customers.
    But bad service, like I had recently was when I went into a store (Holt Renfrew) in the Burberry department and the 2 girls at the register took in our appearance and decided we didn't need help and continued to ignore us (the only 3 people in the store), until I loudly asked for a Khaki eyeshadow. Then the 2nd girl who was just hanging out took off like she wasn't there and then the lady started being helpful. I was kind of an ass by being loud, but completely ignoring customers when you are paid to work and not to stand around chatting, that irritated me.
    There's my mini rant of the day :)

  3. @ Hollie.. I think that if it's horribly awful, I wouldn't go back. But if it was just "so so" awful, then I'd keep going if I really like the clothes. Usually, with these types of places, I just keep to myself and don't even bother asking for help.

    @ KittenMittens.. I agree. Some customers are really rude so it's totally understandable. HOWEVER, if the customer was polite to begin with and the employee was horribly rude, then I could see why that customer would feel the need to raise his/her voice -I've done that.

    And LOL.. I've noticed that lots of makeup counter gals can be pretty work. They just talk to each other and ignore the customers. =( BUT, I have encountered some really nice ones too.

    Thanks for the mini rant. I appreciate that I'm not ranting alone.. lol. =)