Monday, May 16, 2011

HAUL: Clothing, Accessories, Makeup (Thoughts, Deals, etc.)

Cynthia Rowley Fringed Cardigan
The following photos display items I've purchased before and after Lent. Really, it's not a lot. It may just look that way since I've been MIA over the past 2-3 months. I'm also undecided on a few (clothing) items so let me know what you think! Oh yea.. and I've been loving Marshalls lately -definitely stop by if you get a chance.
P.S. I'm not listing prices since it's a bit too tedious but I did get everything on sale or for dirt cheap (some sweaters were only $3 a piece!)
First off, the two items above. I absolutely love stripes and what I love more than stripes are navy and white stripes. =) The Forever 21 dress was very cheap and will work for any casual, lazy day outfits. I also like that I can dress it up or down. The fringed Cynthia Rowley cardigan is one of my favorite purchases and I scored it at Marshall's for something like $10! I wasn't thrilled with the fringe at first but now I love it -it makes it different from any old sweater I already have.
Short Sleeve Lace Dress (Similar here)
Bow Front Floral Dress (Pretty sure this is the one)
I love love love lace lately even though the boyfriend hates it. He hates hates HATES it. I have a feeling that this lace F21 dress is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe for years to come. As for the floral dress, the photos (mine and on the site) don't do it justice. It looks very "unspecial" but when worn, it's really adorable. It's for the grown up looking to be a kid again without looking completely childish. And I don't know if this is a good thing but it shows off a good amount of boobage cleavage.
Soprano Flutter Sleeve Dress (Dusty Rose)
I'm really unsure about this lace dress because it's a little baggy on me (without a belt or bow) but I really had to fight to get it.. long story. I really love it though. I don't know why the sizes are so inconsistent at F21. Smalls sometimes fit perfectly while others fit like larges! Ugh.. As for the dusty rose dress, I really like it. I wore it recently for my mom's birthday dinner and it's a nice casual but fancy enough to be fancy dress.
 Fun & Flirt Maxi Dress (Similar here & here)
I'm not sure about either of these dresses. I got both for under $10 price which is what brought me in but I'm not sure they work for me. The Proenza Schouler dress is very cute and fits me everywhere (size 1) -except for the chest! I don't have big boobies but seriously, even without a bra, this makes it hard to breathe. BUT, it's still incredibly adorable and I love how it flows. I like the maxi dress but I'm not sure if I like the smocked bust -at least on me.
The minute I tried the F21 dress on, my friend told me I had to get it. It's a little too "sexy" for my taste but I do love it! It hugs every part of your body so I have to be in good shape to wear it (my weight's been really crazy lately. Lot's of losing and gaining -my body's being indecisive.) The Old Navy dress is another nice casual piece. I'll be pairing it with a belt and cardigan and some nice sandals. =)
Forever 21 Tweed Cropped Jacket
I don't generally like cropped cardigans and sweaters but I love the pattern on this. I'd LOVE it if it was a "normal" length but this will do for now. The wannabe Chanel jacket is one of my favorite purchases. I may need to bring it by the tailor's but it'll be worth it. I love the little ruffles and beads.
Gap Outlet Blazer (Black)
Gap Outlet Trench Coat (Tan)
The black blazer is another maybe. I really like it but again, I don't know about the fit. However, I'm in love with the trench. It's the first trench ever that fit me perfectly right off the hanger. For all you petite/short ladies, check out Gap Outlet for this!! I got it (with sales and discounts) for under $30! I've only worn it a few times and have received LOTS of compliments on this.
These two are maybes again. I really like the top but it's just very different than what I'm used to. And I love the idea of a lace blazer but again, I'm not sure about the cropped length of it.
I LOVE these tops. I was rummaging through the sales racks at Target and found these. I didn't even realize they were maternity until after I tried them on. They don't look like maternity tops/sweaters at all. The ties make the sweater somewhat slimming actually since they defines the waist and the mixed fabrics give it a twist. I've gotten compliments and people were surprised that 1) This was a maternity sweater and 2) That it was from Target. You need to check this out.
I actually bought this for around $35 a few months ago but I'm so glad I returned it. I never felt it was worth $35 -at least for an Old Navy cardigan. Anyways, I found it a weeks ago for $8 and was ecstatic! I've been wearing it on a regular basis.
Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan (Dark Gray)
Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan (Cream)
I told myself myself that I wasn't going to buy these since my cardigan habit is a bit out of control. BUT, for curiosity's sake, I took them both to the register just to see if they were cheaper than their tags were marked. They turned out to be $3 a piece! I had to allow myself these since good cardigans will never be out of style.
I'm loving dusty roses, peachy pinks, light grayish blues, minty greens, and lots of cream and ivory so these cardigans were a must!! The love the pleats and glittery silver detailing on each.
I've been needing some striped/plaid button downs so I was glad to find a few in the Target sale section. I initially looked at the more "normal" colors like brown/white and blue/white but settled for the lilac/white. It's fun and different -I can't wait to wear it with shorts and skirts. I'm loving Target's boyfriend cardigans but seriously, for $17, I think they're way too expensive. (I also bought tan.) I know that buying online is cheaper but these seem to be sold out in nearly every shade -even in store! I'm going to return one or both until they go on sale because I just think that's too expensive for Target.
I love the length of these tees -they cover the butt so they're nice with leggings. I also love the pocket even though it's fake. =O
Old Navy Rolled-Cuff Jersey Tee (Neutral Combo)
Marina Luna 3/4 Sleeve Pocket Tunic
These are both just nice basics -good for jeans or leggings.
Target Xhilaration Bodycon Skirt (Stripe)
Target Xhilaration Bodycon Skirt (Polka Dot)
Ok, I don't generally wear skirts ....EVER. Why? Because I think skirts look weird on me. I guess I just think that most skirts make girls look like they don't have butts -they kind of just ignore the booty area. However, I do love these fitted skirts. They'll be nice with or without leggings.
Nice basic skirts..
I've been waiting for this bag to go on sale since it first showed up on the site. However, I don't like to spend a lot on bags and purses so even $100 was too much for me. I ended up getting this for under $30!! And it's 100% suede.
I love the detailing.
This is another bag I had my eye on -got it for around $10. I'm a little unsure about it now though..
Coach Patent Pumps (Black) - Returned
Nina Clear Jelly Rhinestone Flats (Similar here)
I scored the Coach flats for $49 (originally $200) so they were a GREAT deal. BUT, being a short girl, 3 inches wasn't enough. I need a higher heel so they went back. Plus, they weren't all that comfortable. The jelly flats on the other hand are one of my favorite purchases. I bought some last summer but they were a little too big so I had to return them. These fit perfectly and were cheaper at only $10.
BCBGMAXAZRIA Belle Flats (Tan)
Jessica Simpson Striped Flats (Navy/Cream) ("Name" unknown)
I've been wanting nude flats so these "Belle" flats were a nice find. However, I'm not so sure about the jewels. I'm still contemplating bringing them back. I absolutely adore the Jessica Simpson flats but I still need to break them in. They're so uncomfortable right now so I've been avoiding them. I really like the Tommys but 1) I'm not so sure about the red and 2) Boyfriend, again, hates them!! LOL.. I have to keep them though since I already wore them.
Hello Kitty Earrings
You may know about my obsession with Hello Kitty/Sanrio jewelry.. It's still going strong. Will need to exchange the black pair though since I didn't realize it was missing a rhinestone!
Had a bunch of coupons so I threw in the glosses and cleanser since I was getting them (basically) for free. I forgot to include the L'Oreal bronzer I bought (review later..) I've been REALLY into bronzing lately too which is why I got all the bronzing products from The Body Shop. There's a Buy 2 Get 1 Free/Buy 3 Get 2 Free deal going on. I bought two lotions too but they messed up my skin! I ended up returning them but they told me I could still keep the free items (bronzer and bronzing gel) so I really lucked out! My skin stayed tight and red with minor rashes for a while though. =\
Cupcake Jewelry Box

Ok, this post took me FOREVER to write up so let me know what you think! Have an amazing Monday. <33

Links were included to give you an idea of places you can purchase the items or to show you similar styles. I don't necessarily recommend any of these websites -I purchased everything in store. The random "name brand" items were from Marshall's and TJ Maxx.


  1. OMG! You've got so much stuff :) My favorite is the BCBG flats and those GAP Ts. Great haul!

  2. I really like your purchases! You have really awesome taste in clothes! I'm tempted to shop at Forever 21 now :) Marshalls is one of my favvvorite places to shop at and Target as well! I love their maternity line because it's not maternity-ish at all :) Yay! Cute jewelry box! ^_^

  3. When you haul... you HAUL. I love it. Stripes are so in style right now and I really liked the little white dresses you got. And some great shoes.

    And I feel like I need to hit target for some of those skirts!

  4. oh my goodness, great haul~! i love all of the cardigans and the trench coat. In my opinion I would return the F21 bird top...but it's just because I'm not a fan of chiffon because I think it looks too cheap :/ I guess it really depends on how you wear it though!

  5. ohmygoodness!! sooo much great stuff! I love everything :D

  6. WOW! I just want to STEAL EVERYTHING you got! Haha(: I'm just kidding.

    xo -Mallory

  7. You got so many amazing things, i love everything ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  8. Love all the dresses! Great haul :)

  9. i saw those jacquard striped navy jessica simpson flats today @ marshalls but they didnt have my size. I googled them but i cant find them anywhere do u still have the show box or anything that has the item number on it so i can find them??

  10. @ Esra.. I actually got these at T.J. Maxx but they were on clearance and didn't come with a box. Inside the shoe, it says "JP-LEONI" and the size and materials -no number! Sorry.

    They must be the navy stripe version of this shoe since they look very similar:

    Hope this helps.

  11. Thanks hun im gonna look into it maybe stop by a few different places i appreciate your response :)

  12. @ PetiteLittleGirl.. Thank you. =) I'm loving the Ts.

    @ Jen.. Thank you. =P I just keep it simple with some frills here and there. Definitely go to F21 -just be sure to check the quality before you buy anything! It can be iffy there. And I LOVE Marshalls! And Target's sales. =)

    @ aki!.. I love stripes. Love love LOVE them. =) And definitely get to Target! I thought they were a little pricey though (I think there were $12.99) because F21 and H&M have very similar skirts for $5-6. However, I think the quality of the Target skirts are much better.

    @ Jessica.. I ended up returning it! Thanks for the advice. I just didn't really love it and what's the point in keeping something you don't love right? P.S. I'm a total cardigan junkie. =O

    @ In Palace.. I held off for a really long time so I kind of just let myself indulge. But this was over the course of a few months though. =)

  13. @ charlene-ann.. Thank you. <33

    @ Mallory Taylor.. LOL! Thanks. =)

    @ Christine Iversen.. Thank you! I love your hauls as well. =)

    @ Jo.. Thank you! I've been really into dresses lately -just easier to wear.

    @ Esra.. You're welcome! I hope you find them. Btw, I went to Marshalls over the weekend and saw 2 pairs of similar flats from different brands. They were navy/white and navy/cream so check out Marshalls again if you get a chance.

  14. Wow amazing collection, very nice designs and trends.

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