Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Hauling: GAP, Forever 21, CVS Clearance Sale, The Body Shop, & More..

I've been very, very bad.. Well, not really. Most of the following items were purchased with gift cards, through exchanges, or were gifts -so I feel like I can justify everything! Plus, everything was on sale -or just very cheap. =)

Also, if you didn't already know, Gap is currently offering an extra 30% off to anyone who brings in clothing to donate to Goodwill. No coupon is needed -just bring in the clothes and you'll get 30% off at the register. (Ends May 29th, offer available in U.S. and Canada)

I'm really liking the F21 blazer. At first, I wasn't too thrilled about it being knit (knit outerwear seems to cry "cheap" to me) but I do really adore the style. Plus, it's warm! And onto the Gap blazer.. I'm so in love with it. I've been wanting some simple blazers for the longest time and recently, I've really hit the jackpot. Quality jackets and coats for cheap reasonable prices are extremely difficult to come by. This is listed online for $98 -I scored it for under $40! The pink polka dot lining is a major plus (to me). Also, it was purchased through an exchange so I ended up paying 10 cents total for this and some sweaters.
Gap Beaded Cardigan
I originally bought the pleated cardigan in Pink Fairy, a peachy color, but ended up exchanging it for this mustardy brown color. Peach just isn't my color. However, I'm dying to own it in Verveine, a dusty rose. I also found the beaded cardigan for a very sweet deal -around $5 (with extra 30% off)! There was only one left in a size small -slightly larger than what I normally wear, but it'll work.
Niketown Chicago T-Shirt
My boyfriend picked this up for me during his trip to Chicago -I really like the purple. He's already decided that he wants me to wear it with leggings and TOMs. =P
We went to Marshalls yesterday and I spotted these and fell in love. They were the perfect color (a rosy nude) and only $30! My boyfriend's been wanting to get me some new flats. A month or so ago, I found some Coach ones at Macy's for something like $130 but I told him I wanted these way more. He was actually trying to get me to choose the pricey Coach ones instead (weird!) because he hated these .. oh well. I love them. P.S. I didn't want the Coach ones because I'm not a fan of logos being plastered all over my clothes, shoes, and accessories and of course, that's what Coach is pretty much known for.
Gap Leopard Print City Flats (similar here)
I've been wanting to try Gap's very popular City Flats for a while now and have been wanting some animal print flats so this was a nice find at just $20. However, I'm not sure if they'll be comfy -does anyone own a pair? Let me know!
Forever 21 Braided Belt (rainbow)
I also picked up some cheap belts.. ($3.50 each)
And the CVS Clearance items..
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara (new version here) ($2.12)
Great savings but I didn't have any coupons to use so it really wasn't that awesome. Oh well.. I've noticed that stores around here haven't been putting out the coupon pads anymore. And I used my newspaper coupons for some purchases a few weeks ago. =(
I came into The Body Shop during the week for a consultation (members received a free gift for coming) and the Moisture Foundation was used on me. I took home a sample and really liked it so the next day, I brought in a product I didn't like to exchange it for the foundation. It was an almost even exchange so it only cost like 98 cents.
The free gift!
  • Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in Gold Glimmer
  • Coupon for free makeover & free Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover
  • Honey & Oat Mask Sample (in jar)
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream (sample)
  • Buriti Baby Body Butter (sample)
  • White Musk Eau De Toilette (sample)
  • Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash (sample)
  • For Men Maca Root Energetic Face Protector (sample)
Boyfriend also got me a Princess Leia key chain.. I always get him Lego key chains so I was kind of surprised he got me one! And the gum? Oh it's amazing. It tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I cannot believe how spot on they got the flavor.
That's it for the haul! Have a beautiful Monday everyone.


  1. @ In Palace.. Thank you. <3

  2. Great haul! I really want to take advantage of that Gap Donation discount... do you know if they accept shoes as well?

  3. haulssss are my favourite!! I love both flats you got!! really cute :)

  4. @ Amy.. Thank you! As far as I know, I think they accept anything. I've gone twice and each time I brought huge bags all tied up but they didn't bother to look inside. I'm sure they'd love some shoes. =)

    @ charlene-ann.. Great! I love looking at other peoples' hauls which is why I post them. =P

  5. I saw that F21 blazer and I am going back to get it soon! i ended up getting this really cute quarter sleeve sweatery type of shirt, with the humane society logo on it in the clearance aisle. So, we can donate anything for the 30 percent off? i think its a great idea to help out, way to go gap!

    btw, i've been a long time fan of yours, Kali! I usually never get around to reading everything off my computer, but today i had some time on my hands. I usually read on my phone and it wont allow me to post. :\

  6. You always find such good buys!
    Your hauls always make me want to buy something<3

  7. Love the blazers! Great haul.

  8. @ kananagai98.. Aww I'm really happy that you enjoy reading. It's ok if you don't post comments -I just love when people read. =)

    And yes Gap is accepting donations in exchange for 30% off until tomorrow. However, I just learned that they won't combine discounts. For instance, the other day, I came by and there was a 40% off discount on many items but they wouldn't allow the extra 30% off -I ended up just giving them the bag of donations.. it's for a good cause anyways.

    Oh and let me know if you get the blazer! =)

    @ Angie.. Other peoples' haul posts make me want to buy stuff too. =P And I LOVE looking for the best deals -I guess it's probably one of my favorite hobbies!

    @ Jo.. Thank you. I'm absolutely loving blazers right now.