Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lightweight Blazer & Absense..

I've been craving for a lightweight blazer/jacket in a pale, summery shade since the weather's getting warmer. I love the structure of a blazer -it automatically dresses up whatever you're wearing. However, I really like the light weight and "easiness" of something like a cardigan so I was hoping to find a blazer in a nice, lightweight material.

Gap came out with the lightweight crepe blazer (dusty rose available in stores) a while back and I've been waiting for a good sale. They had it during the 40% sale but I didn't give in since it was still nearly $60 (plus tax). Yesterday, my boy and I stopped by the mall and I noticed it on sale for $49.99 plus an extra 30% off. A $98 jacket for $34.99? Yes please! It's a bit loose but I can deal..

Forever 21 had this pretty watercolor blue jacket above on their site about 2-3 weeks ago for around $27. I must've checked about 8 times for this jacket (in stores) but never found it. It sold out online in 2 or 3 days. I'm (sort of) kicking myself for not just ordering it but 1) Forever 21 sizing is not consistent 2) The return policy sucks -only store credit 3) Quality is never guaranteed.. I've seen so many gorgeous items from F21 but when I go to feel the material, it ends up being a disaster.
I hope they bring it back or at least bring it to the stores because I'm in love with the color.
Anyways, my Spring classes are about to come to an end which means I'm in full procrastination mode. I'll be back by next week. Have a lovely next 2 weeks. <33

P.S. I'm aware that I still haven't done my giveaway yet. I have a huge bag just sitting in the closet waiting to be given away. Please be patient with me -I promise there will be one. I've just been super busy. Giveaways aren't easy -I need to sort out the rules, number of winners, prizes, etc. I said I'd do it after Easter but now I'm just hoping to do it when school's finally out. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting!


  1. I love the look of your blazer from Gap! So cute. (: I've wanted one in that "dusty rose" color & also a navy blue with pinstripe cuffs for so long.

  2. The blazer is really cute! I love the color - it's perfect for the warmer seasons :)