Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I thought my computers got some sort of virus yesterday so I didn't touch them all day.. Turns out everything was fine. =) Here's a wishlist I wrote up during class in order of what I "need" most. I forgot to add 3 things:
  1. Jacquard coat (pale color)
  2. Sky blue (light) jacket
  3. Nude, taupe, or beige sandals or wedges
Why is everything I want so difficult to find?! (Except for the Gap Legging Jeans.. waiting for a great sale.) If I found all these things (without breaking the bank!), I feel like my wardrobe would finally be complete -well of course, with some extra things thrown in there too.

Happy Wednesday. <33


  1. I have so much trouble finding brown riding boots that go over my gargantuan calves! I must have much larger calves than most people. This sucks because I have this dress that I literally cannot wear without riding boots. Maybe it's all the hiking I do; I live near a canyon so I hike or run up it for exercise. I hate gyms. The beauty of exercising outdoors is that if I go faster, than I actually get farther away from the people I'm around. I'm not constantly surrounded by the same creepers.

  2. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I totally feel your pain! I do too! My calves are pretty muscular so it's hard finding ANY boots that fit -especially if I'm tucking my jeans/pants in.

    I admire you for working out. =P I've been super lazy since hs.

    @ PetiteLittleGirl.. Thank you. =) You should see when I'm taking notes (in class) though.. totally unreadable.

  3. I wish my handwriting was like yours,my brothers say my writing looks like a 11 year old kid's writing :(. Wedges are on my wishlist too

  4. Happy Thursday Kali :) Are you on summer vacation now? I usually make lists too but mostly of cosmetics and skincare. It is tough to find white jeans for sure.

  5. @ alvira.. Oh you should see my "note taking" writing.. it's HORRIBLE. =) What color wedges do you want?

    @ Kristie.. Oh no not yet. =( One more final to take! I usually do that too but lately I've been on a fashion kick. I want to update my wardrobe and not have to buy anything until Fall. =P

  6. i want black and beige because they can go with almost every dress

  7. Pink glitter Toms are cute, my sister is thinking of getting one!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. @ alvira.. I really want beige too. They'll go with absolutely anything. =) Let me know if you find some. <3

    @ Marie.. Ooh which ones does she want?