Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Perfect (Affordable) Peep-Toe Nude Heels? Introducing Nine West "Zuki"

I've really been trying to shop for items only on my wishlist in order to stray from buying things that I don't "need." Recently, during a recent Piperlime sale (20% off all orders), I snatched up a pair of Nine West "Zuki" heels in "Light Natural Leather" hoping they would be the perfect nude peep-toe heels. I think they come close.

The heels are simply gorgeous. They come in multiple shades ranging from black to natural to a snakeskin pattern. The heels feature a peep-toe (to me, the perfect amount -not too much toe and not too little!) and stacked heel.

The 4 inch heel (with 3/4 inch) platform is the perfect height for a short gal like me. While the heels are indeed high (and a wee bit scary since I never wear heels), they're comfortable enough and are easy to walk in -given I've only walked around the house in these so far. The only thing I dislike about the sizing is that the back of my foot slips out from time to time. (I noticed many customers had the same problem according to reviews from multiple websites.) However, luckily, I had purchased some "back of the heel" inserts just before receiving these and they really helped the problem.

Another major plus is that they are pretty darn cheap (compared to other quality nude heels) at around $45-50 (at most sites) on sale. I ordered mine for $36 (including 20% off) and also received free shipping. From what I've seen online, the regular price is $79-89 for these.

Although there are a few minor flawsome scuffs (on the heel and platform), I don't even care because they are great for the price. And I don't want to send them back and risk missing out on these beautiful shoes.

Also, I thought I'd mention that while light natural leather is gorgeous, I do wish it was a shade or two darker since I have medium-tan skin. These would be amazing nude heels for someone with a paler skin -but they can of course still work with darker tones.

"Back of heel" cushions found at Marshalls for $2.99
On another note, I think Piperlime has the nicest packaging. Who else wraps the shoe boxes with tissue and adds little cards and even a shopping bag?! I'll keep shopping with them for the packaging alone!

Where to Buy: Piperlime, Nine West, Endless


  1. love your new buy!!! they look great!! soo perfect for summer :) & great deal too

  2. These shoes look absolutely gorgeous :)
    Really good deal :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. The peep toe heels are really pretty! Great find :D I have that problem with all my pumps too! I think I just have very narrow heels though - because I experience this in all my high heeled shoes, even if they are already snug on my foot :/

  4. These heels look amazing! I love the nude color for spring/summer. The gold on the inside of the shoes look real nice. Some cute leopard cushions too. (;

  5. perfect pumps for the summer!! great buy dear:]