Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love is Gap

If my heart belonged to a single store, that store would be Gap. If I had to shop at a single store (for clothes) for the rest of my life, it would be Gap. I've loved Gap all my life and as long as they keep producing casual cool basics, I'll keep coming back! Here's what I got:
Chevron Straw Fedora- $17 (navy sold out online) (similar here)
Blazer (light tan)- $30
(Outlet) Denim Peacoat- $20
1969 Denim Jacket- $24
Glitter Sweater (black)- $10
(Outlet) Glitter Cardigans (light silver, black)- $8 each

Great deals. Honestly, even though Gap is pricey (for me) at full price, they have really great sales. During their sales, I pay less at Gap for more clothes and better quality than I do for somewhere like Forever 21 or even H&M. Heck, I've even paid more for Target clothes!


  1. Cute stuff! I love the black bag, and the beige blazer.

  2. I should have informed you of a sale at CVS about weeks ago. You should keep an eye out for a sale at CVS where if you buy 50 dollars of gift cards to GAP or Old Navy, you get 5 dollars back in ECB. That means you get an extra 5 dollars to spend at CVS. I think it's a pretty good deal since you would be spending money at GAP anyways. Just wanted to tell you that. Oh and i like the cute fedora! :D

  3. I love Gap as well! They have good stuff for everyone, especially great deals :D

  4. cool! awesome the black glitter sweater!

  5. everyone is now into cool blazer and now i want one! =P

  6. Nice buys!:D I agree with you, I also shop at Gap during their sales!:D

    ***** Marie *****