Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitty in Black

Time after time, I visit Sanrio in hopes of finding cute but wearable "grown up" accessories. Usually, I walk out with jewelry (earrings and rings) but no purses or bags. I've been yearning for some new Hello Kitty (or other character) accessories that aren't plastered in pink and bright obnoxious colors. Also something to factor in? The price tag. There are occasions where I'll absolutely love something only to be put off by the price tag. $128 Hello Kitty cotton t-shirt? No thanks.
Well, the last time I visited, I did stumble upon something great and reasonably priced. I'd been eyeing the sequin wallet (in black) for months but never wanted to spend $40 it. Sure, it might by "cheap" compared to the other Sanrio wallets, but I could definitely get a better quality one for less. I lucked out and found it for $20 (on clearance). I got a grumpy girl that day though -she wouldn't give me stamps for the sale items. Everyone else always gives me stamps for any items I buy.. and extra too!
To go with the wallet, I also got the coin purse for $5 (regular price). I do have another Hello Kitty coin purse but it's too small to fit my credit cards.
And lastly, I got this Hello Kitty tote (same material and everything as the coin purse). I actually got this during another trip since this store sold out of them in a single day. I'm beyond happy to have found this.. it's basically a gigantic tote bag with a zipper but I love the design and colors.

Have a nice Saturday! Hopefully you get some sunny weather.. <33


  1. cute! I have a hello kitty wallet too. I'm trying to figure out which purse I want :D

  2. Ooo I love the tote! It's cute but practical and roomy enough for everyday :D

  3. Cuuute! I love the wallet.
    I'm waiting on a hello kitty wristlet I ordered. It's light pink with her face on it.

  4. So cuuuute, i love Hello Kitty :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. cute!
    i love the little coin purse<3 ^_^

  6. Very cute stuff. ITA agree about Sanrio being expensive and sometimes overly colorful/kiddy. I LOL'd when you said $128 cotton t-shirt because I think we've all seen those at Sanrio...

    But anyway, again cute stuff. You scored some great deals. :)

  7. Aww hello kitty! (; I love the HK tote.

  8. Great haul! I LOVE Hello Kitty! :D

  9. So cute! I LOVE Hello Kitty! :)


  10. I really love the black design! I used to be crazy about Hello Kitty Products for so long...

  11. I love HK. Enjoy your goodies.

    Great blog, btw. New follower. =)


  12. Cute and rare buys.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. @ Katie Abshier.. Ooh how does yours look? I love HK wallets. =)

    @ Rinny.. Mhmm.. I really like it for school. Good for all the random stuff I need to carry.

    @ Bailey.. Ooh! That sounds so adorable. Let me know how you like it. <33

    @ Christine Iversen.. Me too. =) And I know YOU do.. I always see Hello Kitty in your haul posts. =)

    @ In Palace.. Thank you!

    @ MSodapop.. Yup! Good for some cards and cash. =)

  14. @ JC! :).. Glad someone agrees with me. I mean, everyhting is pretty adorable but I'm not willing to pay $10 for a notebook with only 20 pages or some cheap necklace that's going to tarnish for $80! =\

    @ Tiffo.. Thank you. =)

    @ DonnaHsueh.. Me too! =)

    @ .x.Sarah.X.. Me too. She's too adorable.

    @ Rinz.. I agree. I got the big tote bag in pink first (they were out of black) but couldn't stand it. I was thrilled to find it in black. =)

    @ D.Sadie.. Thank you, I will. And thanks for following! I'm following back. =)

    @ Marie.. Thank you Marie. =)