Friday, June 3, 2011

Floral Flats for Friday (Express & Marshalls Deals)

I've been searching for some patterned flats for months. I needed the perfect pair to replace my favorite, nasty, worn out Old Navy flats purchased about 3 years ago. I was looking for something like a floral print -or any cool pattern with lots of colors (so that they could be worn with many outfits.)

I found two pairs. The first is a pair of bright Lucky Brand flats I found at Marshall's for $30. They're the same "Emmie" style as the last pair I got but with a floral pattern. And guess what? I found them online at Piperlime and Bloomingdales for double the price!!
The second pair is from Express. I bought two pairs of shoes there -the flats and some sandals. The flats went FAST. I wanted the navy pair also but they were sold out. There were only three or so left in the purple. They're no longer available online either. =\
The flats were on sale for about $20 and the sandals were $15. BUT, my awesome shopping buddy had a Express coupon for $15 off a $30 purchase so I scored both for $20 (plus tax)!
Here are the sandals. They're even cheaper online -just $12.45. I needed a new pair too. I'm sick of my Old Navy flip flops and wanted something a little "fancier." Plus, my little sister keeps stealing all my Old Navy ones..
And if you're curious about my beloved old flats, here they are (above). It's time I retired them. They're so beat up. I've sewn them up, added insoles -I've done everything I can but they're at the point where nothing else can be done. I've searched high and low on Ebay for another pair but I just can't find them. I know it's kind of ridiculous how much I love them.. but they went with everything. I got compliments on them everywhere I went! And best of all, they were under $10. Whyyyyyy didn't I buy ten back up pairs?!

Anyways, have a wonderful fantastic amazing marvelous Friday everyone. I know I'm happy it's finally here. The whole 3 day weekend really threw me off -I've been super tired all week and really need another weekend to recuperate.


  1. Those floral flats are very cute!

  2. I love the purple floral flats the best! (: Great finds. & RIP old flats. :(

  3. the flats on the right are so beautiful! I think I'm going to look for something similar...

  4. Those flats are so cute :)

    Love Christine ♥

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