Thursday, June 2, 2011

Iman Display @ Target

As promised, I have photos of the Iman display at Target. They're not the best -they were taken with my iPhone but hopefully the pictures give you an idea of the line.
The line includes lipsticks, glosses, foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, and (I think) some skincare items too. Most of the shades are rather dark (no pale lipsticks and glosses here!) but I think that makes it stand out from other drugstore brands.
Lip Glosses

Enjoy! Not much to say here. Reviews and swatches of the products I purchased will be up soon.


  1. Nice pictures! I haven't heard or tried this line before so I'm eager to hear your reviews and feedback


  2. @ Christina.. Agh I don't think I'll be posting a review soon since I have finals right now but I'll post hopefully in 2 weeks. So here's my quick take on it:

    I didn't like the blush much but I really like the bronzer. It's more of a blush shade though but that's ok. The color is gorgeous -kind of a raspberry with some peach and bronze to it. It's got a lovely glow and the formula is silky and smooth.

    I didn't like the blush. It was rather chalky and the color payoff was "ok." It's not horrible but I don't see anything special about it.

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