Sunday, January 2, 2011

When I'm Feeling Down, I Shop..

When I'm bored, sad, or when there's crazy sales (i.e. Black Friday, Day After Christmas, etc.), I shop on impulse. I don't think things through and I just buy buy buy. Shopping is probably the ONLY thing I'll go out for if I'm feeling really depressed. Otherwise, I'll just lock myself in my room and sleep the day away. This happened on Wednesday when I was bored and then again on Friday when I was really upset. Here's the outcome of my crazy raging hormones:

I picked up this Jessica Simpson jacket for from Ross for only $9.99 (retail: $79.99) while waiting for my friend to get off work. I thought it was pretty cute for just 10 bucks -I love outerwear so it's a nice addition to my wardrobe without hurting my wallet. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the frayed bottom edge but it's not very noticeable.
I also found some really cute sprinkles that are perfect for Valentine's Day -I can't wait to bake some cupcakes and cookies! The sprinkles were $3.29. I also found a six-pack of Lip Smackers for only $2.99! I thought I'd get into Lip Smackers again and also give some to my little sister since she's building a little "lip balm collection." She told me today, "Kali I have four! That's almost more than you!" LOL I didn't have the heart to tell her that I must have maybe 30 or 40 lip balms.

I was having a horrible day on Friday and had to head back to the mall because I forgot to use my coupons for The Body Shop during my previous visit and Dec. 31st was the last day to use them. Surprisingly, they allowed me to return a recent purchase and re-buy the items. I had two awesome coupons that were $5 off any purchase of $5 of more and I'm KICKING MYSELF for not printing more. I didn't print extras because I thought they'd only allow me to use one but they were so cool about it and let me do separate transactions! I scored three Wild Cherry Lip Butters, a mini Cranberry Joy Body Butter, and a Cranberry Joy Lip Balm for only $2 (plus tax)! She was also so so so nice and gave me a free little goodie bag that includes a Body Butter and some samples -these were meant for The Body Shop's Love Your Body members but she gave me one anyway.

The reason I won't sign up is because the last TWO years I signed up, I missed out on my birthday gift (each is worth $10.) Every time I came to get the gift, it was already too late and my membership had expired and they couldn't do anything about it. Plus I rarely go to The Body Shop unless there's some massive sale going on.

I also stopped by Sephora (Wednesday) to pick up Tarte's "Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smoky Eye" Set that's on sale for $34. I've been wanting their Clean Slate primer which is $30 so I figured I'd pay $4 more and get five extra products. Also, again, I was totally KICKING MYSELF because I wanted to buy this online since Sephora had an extra 20% off all sale items going on AND for cashback purposes (via Ebates.) I could've saved about $7 plus gotten my cashback but I lagged and it was sold out online on Tuesday or Wednesday. I also picked up a NARS Orgasm Illuminator deluxe sample since I just felt like getting a free gift lol (100 points from Sephora's BI program.) I bought it when it first came out but ended up returning it because I wasn't sold on it (review here) but I thought I'd give it another try.

On Friday I came back and while browsing, I found Illamasqua's Lover blush!! I was so excited I bought it on the spot. I've been looking for it for around two months now but it's been sold out online and in every store in the Bay Area (I called around..)

Oh and you see the pink case in the corner? I picked up a JK Jemma Kidd Classic Couture Lipstick in A-List. I wanted Minx (pretty pale pink) but they were sold out so I just bought this to try it out -I'll probably review it for Nudey Tuesday.

That's it for my haul! I was crazy sad on Friday so I'm glad I'm out of that funk and starting to get back to normal. Tomorrow I'll work on a "Best of 2010" post -just didn't have the time today or yesterday. Have a lovely Sunday everyone! <3


  1. Aww, sorry that you had a bad day! But I'm sure these purchases made up for it =)

    I can't believe how cool TBS was about your purcahses!! AMAZING deals!

  2. i really do like to shop also when i'm down. I keep trying to refrain myself and make a list of items i am allowed to purchase (you know, like really bad needs or wants) because in september i ended up spending almost my entire paycheck (around $800) in 2 weeks of on the whim shopping and for me that was like a wakeup call. I hadn't realized the amount i spent until i got my account balance at the end of the month. So now I'm only allowing myself to buying things I need or really really look for for long periods of time, like some nice OTK boots that I really really need. Or another cardigan. Oh, and I'm allowed sales as long as I have 3 items in the current wardrobe that go with the desired item.
    Call me crazy but I have saved a lot of money over these last few months by using this system. I get off track sometimes (esp. with online shopping) but I get it done.
    I can't wait to pick my mineral makeup samples tomorrow from the post office.
    oh, and Happy New Year since I don't think I commented this year on your blog. I really am happy o be back in the fold after a long vacation and all

  3. Great haul and deals. Don't worry hun I always shop when I'm sad/mad/you name it lol. It relieves my stress and makes me happy. Hope your feeling better.

  4. I have days like that too, quite frequently actually- my hormones are out of control.
    I always shop during those time periods too, but now that I'm on a no-buy I don't know what I'm going to do lol! Glad you're feeling better now though :)
    I love everything you bought, as always

  5. omg me too! I think I have a problem...

  6. Great buys! Sorry to hear that you were down. Hope everything gets better!


  7. hey love! happy New Year!! and yup when i am down i normally go shopping as well!!! and when i am back to normal, i'd return those that i didn't like LOL

  8. I am totally the same way, shopping is WONDERFUL, yet dangerous, therapy!!

    Hope you start feeling up soon!


    Come visit me! I'm your newest follower!

  9. omg.. that jacket is so pretty ! and only 10$! !! what a steal ! =)

    ahh i am like you as well.. i shop when i am sad.. but then i look at my credit card statements later.. and i am sad again.. lol..

    hope you feel better =)

  10. Hope you feel better soon.. and dont hurt your wallet too much :)

  11. I also shop like crazy when I'm depressed or annoyed. Don't fret, seems like you purchased wonderful products! :)

  12. You scored some great deals while shopping! I am very jealous of that jacket for ten bucks!

  13. Dear Kali,
    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award!

    xo Leah

  14. WOOOah, nice haul. Hope you feel better. I shop too when i'm bored and sad. For me, it's a bit better than stuffing my face with sweets b/c then i break out :( Love the Body Shop haul. I also got the cranberry body butter. Yum!!

  15. @ ~Lisa.. They sort of helped -but I believe time is the BEST THING in helping get over a bad day. And yea, TBS rules! I was so happy.

    @ Schumitza.. That's a GREAT system. Goodness I keep trying not to spend but it's so hard. Money goes so fast.. ESPECIALLY on food. =P I like that you allow yourself to buy sale items as long as they go with 3 things that you already have (that's really neat!)

    Happy new year to you too! <33

    @ yourstrulypam.. Thank you! LOL I think all girls turn to shopping when they're upset. =O

    @ Jennifer.. Gosh mine too! I seriously need to go on a no-buy. I gave up shopping one Easter and it drove me insane. And thank you for the well wishes -I AM feeling a lot better. <3

  16. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. LOL I think most girls have this problem. =P

    @ Savannah.. Thank you! Everything is loads better. =)

    @ Rinz.. LOL that's what I'd usually do but I think I like EVERYTHING!!!! =\

    @ Erica Wark.. Yupp.. it is VERY dangerous. =P Following you back. =)

  17. @ siwing.. LOL me too. =P I guess that's what returns are for.. =O And thank you. =)

    @ Lene.. Thank you. =) And I won't! <33

    @ sugar sugar.. Agh I think when I'm annoyed, it's worse! I'm happy that I didn't go too crazy. I actually saved a lot! =)

    @ aki!.. Do you have a Ross nearby? Check the store!

    @ Wilson.. Thank you.

  18. @ Leah.. Thank you so much dear!! =)

    @ Pamela.. Thank you. =) See I have the problem of NOT eating when I'm sad. It's weird -I just won't eat.. so I guess that's why I turn to shopping instead. =P

  19. im the same when im really feeling down i go shopping at asda food shopping and i just buy loads and loasds it meakes me feel better ill never starve thats for sure