Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you.. yet again!!

I took my last post down since it was just another silly rant that didn't belong on the blog. I knew that if I commented you all back, you wouldn't see the replies since they would get pulled along with the post and I unfortunately don't know all of your email addresses so I thought I'd say "thank you" in a post.

You have no idea how much better you made me feel yesterday. The thing is, I talked to my friends about the same problem but I already knew what they'd say (same advice over and over) and to hear advice from others was refreshing and helped so much!

The lovely girls who knocked some sense into me: Leah, Mai, alvira, Erynn, Jen, Deerest, rock-or-not, Tinny, too_busy_to_stitch, Ms Bubu, Emmabovary, Tormentilla28, Alétheia, šɑfiɑ, xXMaNdAXx, glitteryeyesxx, and Valerie Zhang.

I have to say that by far, the person who helped me the most was Alétheia. Even though she didn't jump to my side of the argument like any of my (real life) friends would do, she was fair and helped me better understand what may be going on from another point of view. Alétheia, immediately after I read your comment, it was like a switch when off in my head and I understood everything. And to everyone else, you made me feel tons better as well and it was really comforting reading all of your messages. Something that wasn't such a big deal in the first place turned into a "small crisis" but it's all done with and everything's solved now. =) Thank you for the kind words as they really helped me deal with the situation.

P.S. I wanted to link you all since some other readers do have the same names. If you would like the link taken off, please let me know! =)


  1. I'm glad you feel better! It's good to know that some of what I said helped haha

  2. Yay!! I'm happy to know that your mind is all cleared up now! :D And You know what to do :] I'd love to know that my comment has somewhat made you feel better about yourself!


  3. I am so happy that your problem is solved and you are feeling better now I hope you don't have to face any problems like this again

  4. i hope your problems are eventually solved sweetie! Thanks for the mention. You didn't have to!

  5. you're welcome!! glad you're feeling better about the whole situation xoxo really happy that you found my advice helpful!

  6. Aww glad to hear that you're feeling better girl!<3 *hugs*

  7. good to hear you're back to your happy self ^____^

    now just in case there is abit of negativity left.. you better go and kill it with some retail therapy.. hehehe :P

    then do a post on what you bought with pics and share it with us :)

  8. Really glad ^^ I was a little afraid that maybe you would be offended, you know, many of my friends normally ask me for advice with some reticence since sometimes I'm a bit harsh (and also I don't know you at all! That's a bonus xD), obviously it's not my intention but I also think that beign a little harsh sometimes is useful :) Really glad that you're fine now, sweet lady ^^


  9. I'm glad that it helped you ^^
    And glad to see you're better =)
    Keep doing it how you feel!

  10. No problem! Glad you've moved on!
    Keep smiling, xx.

  11. I think it's such a good thing that you can trust your followers to help you with your problems. We're all here to help you whenever you need!

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better, I hope you have a great rest of the week. ^__^

  13. I ´m so happy that your problem is solved and you´re feeling better now. In anything that could help you, here I am.