Sunday, January 16, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Details & Photos, Thoughts, Wishlist

U.S. Launch Date: Thursday February 10, 2011
International Launch Date: March 2011

I haven't posted any updates/details/promotional images for upcoming MAC collections in a really long time. The reason? None of the collections have really sparked my interest. Mickey Contractor and Peacocky got me at the last second but the collections in the last few months haven't really inspired me. The last collection that I was this excited for was Venomous Villains (which didn't turn out to be as amazing as I had hoped) but I'm definitely excited to be excited again.

From MAC:
"Banish any thought of being a Plain Jane: M∙A∙C and Wonder Woman have joined forces! For Spring 2011, take a trip to Paradise Island with a legendary line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass, jumbo-big Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash inspired by the larger-than-life Bold Babe. Dashing and dazzling, the iconic super heroine reminds us that inside every woman is a Mighty Aphrodite full of courage, confidence and charisma. Kaboom! Mission Accomplished!

Wonder Woman has always known the importance of astounding accessories. For her collaboration with M∙A∙C, we’ve infused her sense and fantasy and wonder into a vivid collection of awe-inspiring accessories as fierce and feminine as the heroine herself. Bright, bold, superhuman designs in Makeup Bags – from radiant Red to Bulletproof Blue, Utility Belt Brush Sets, and exclusively online, the WW T-Shirt and Invincible Mirror. Shazam!"

Lipstick ($15.50 USD/$18.50 CDN)
1. Heroine (LE)- Brown bronze (Frost)
2. Marquise'd (LE, Repromote from Brunette, Blonde, Redhead '09)- Sandy cream peach (Lustre)
3. Russian Red (Permanent)- Intense blue-red (Matte)
4. Spitfire (LE)- Bright creamy magenta (Satin)

Lipglass ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
1. Athena's Kiss (LE)- Bright blue fuchsia
2. Emancipation (LE)- Pale neutral pink
3. Secret Identity (LE)- Mid-tone copper with soft pearl
4. Wonder Woman (LE)- Bright red with soft pearl

Mineralize Skinfinish ($35.00 USD/$42.00 CDN)
1. Golden Lariat (LE)- True coral with fine gold shimmer/Soft suntanned bronze/Soft gold with fine shimmer
2. Pink Power (LE)- Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/Soft shell pink with fine shimmer

Blush Duo ($24.00 USD/$29.00 CDN)
1. Amazon Princess (LE)- Bright yellow pink/Deep blue pink with gold pearl (Satin/Satin)
2. Mighty Aphrodite (LE)- Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl (Satin/Frost)

Defiance Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 USD/$48.00 CDN)
1. Defiance (LE)- Iridescent white pink (Veluxe Pearl)
2. Paradise Island (LE)- Soft warm pink (Satin)
3. Real Drama (LE)- Dark burgundy with pink pearl (Satin)
4. Star Studded (LE)- Mid-tone violet pink (Satin)

Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 USD/$48.00 CDN)
1. Bold Babe (LE)- Deep metal blue with white pearl (Frost)
2. Deep Truth (Permanent)- True dark blue (Frost)
3. Insurmountable (LE)- Dirty blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)
4. Lady Justice (LE)- Bright silver with white pearl (Frost)

Valiant Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 USD/$48.00 CDN)
1. Diana Undercover (LE)- Dark forest green (Satin)
2. Manila Paper (LE, Repromote from Spring Colour Forecast '09)- Pale frost white gold (Veluxe Pearl)
3. Spinning Transformation (LE)- Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (Frost)
4. Valiant (LE)- Light lime with yellow pearl (Frost)

Pigment ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
1. Bright Fuchsia (Permanent)- Bright magenta
2. Marine Ultra (PRO)- Vivid marine blue

Reflects Glitter ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
1. Reflects Bronze (PRO)- Sparkling rich gold (Glitter)
2. Reflects Pearl (PRO)- White glitter with pearl sheen (Glitter)

Opulash Mascara ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Army of Amazons (LE)- Green
2. Black (Permanent)- Black
3. Themyscira (LE)- Blue
4. Victorious (LE)- Purple

Lash ($14.00 USD/$17.00 CDN)
#48 Lash

Penultimate Eye Liner ($18.50 USD/$22.00 CDN)
RapidBlack (Permanent)- True black

Nail Lacquer ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Obey Me (LE)- True red
2. Spirit of Truth (LE)- Navy blue

Utility Belt Eye Brush Set ($49.50 USD/$59.50 CDN)
224SE, 213SE, 194SE

Utility Belt Face Brush Set ($49.50 USD/$59.50 CDN)
129SE, 109SE, 190SE

Wonder Woman Makeup Bag ($30.00 USD/$36.00 CDN)
1. Bulletproof Blue (LE)
2. Wonder Woman Red (LE)

Invincible Mirror ($20.00 USD/$24.00 CDN) (Online Exclusive) (LE)

Wonder Woman Tee ($25.00 USD/$30.00 CDN) (Online Exclusive) (LE)

Product Photos..

Comic Strip..


Phew! That's a lot of info. =P Anyways, like I've said, I'm really excited for the collection. It's not even (fully) because it's Wonder Woman -there are just some really cool products that I'm dying to try. I love how the Mineral Skinfinish compacts contain three shades and the fact that both (at least seem to be) beautiful and universal. The blush duos are really tempting me -especially Mighty Aphrodite because I'm totally addicted to corals. The colorful Opulash mascaras seem pretty cool too (I want blue!) Also, all three quads look gorgeous. The only thing is (in my opinion) usually with MAC's collection palettes, they never seem to be top quality.

As for the packaging, I'm in between. All of the products look like they came straight out of Wonder Woman's makeup drawers. I've been reading all over that people really hate the it but give MAC a break, this is a Wonder Woman collection. I know I wasn't too fond of the Venomous Villains packaging but I do feel that this really does say "Wonder Woman" even though some of the products look like children's toys. Like with Venomous Villains, I definitely feel that they could've done better but I don't hate it (don't love it either.) If it had been up to me, I would've done mainly gold packaging (to make it look more grown up and classy) with a Wonder Woman logo. Another fun (but non-grown up) idea would've been to add Wonder Woman images. I DO like the jumbo sized products though -they look really funny! (Check out the video link below.)

And now onto what I want!!

MAC Wonder Woman Wishlist

1. Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo (NEED!)
2. Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish (NEED!)
3. Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish (REALLY want)
4. Amazon Princess Blush Duo (want)
5. Themyscira Opulash Mascara (maybe -will I ever use it??)
6. Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad (maybe -I have too many!)
7. Emancipation Lipglass (maybe -I don't really like MAC's Lipglass formula)

Check out this video of some of the MAC Wonder Woman products and swatches here.

Images and product information belong to MAC Cosmetics. I originally found everything @ Temptalia (here & here) (Check out Q&A with MAC at the second link)

Have a great Sunday everyone! <3

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  1. OMG! I LOVE the Wonder Woman MAC collections!!!! But they are so expensive. lol. I think I'll have to get at least one of them though.

  2. This collection is really cute, loving all the colors :)

  3. i think its really cool that their doing a wonder woman line but the packaging really makes it look like kiddie makeup o_o

    &LOL at the comic strip, wonder woman and makeup power.

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    I'm so excited. Can't wait to see this fill in all the blogs. it'll be crazy fun!

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