Thursday, January 6, 2011

Regular Readers Please Read: Blog Drama & Absense

I rewritten and edited this post several times as I wanted to say it all in a way that was clear and understandable. I've needed a lot of time to think and process things so that I could clearly express how I've been feeling and what needs to be fixed because of the mistakes that I (unknowingly) made. I'm not going to get angry and threatening as some people have been towards me -some things need to be taken with a little grace especially since I feel that so much of this has spun out of control.

There has been a ton of drama on my blog in the last 12 hours. I've always felt that it is better to let people speak their minds rather than to monitor comments -but now I completely understand why people choose to monitor them. I think it's totally fine to speak your mind but when it gets personal, it stops being OK. I really do my best to understand where people are coming from and although I completely understand what was being said now, I just felt that it got too personal. If it had been said in a "nicer" way, I wouldn't have been so hurt. When something or someone jeopardizes the well being of my loved ones or myself, I'm of course going automatically to take some defense to it without clearly thinking things through.

I wanted to let people know something that I was unaware of and am glad to know now: Reprinting or copying even printable coupons is not allowed. I wasn't aware of this because for instance, on RetailMeNot and on other coupon websites, users post printable coupons with the same bar code (I'm not talking about promo codes -they post coupons too) and thousands of people all over the country print that same exact coupon. But I was told yesterday that that is not allowed so I wanted to be clear about that. I do know that people often use the same coupon over and over again or share them with their friends but I I've learned that is not allowed and it's something that I won't be doing. So let's be safe and NOT do that.

I have to write this post because I feel that it is important for everyone to know -I personally did not know about these rules. I want to apologize to anyone that may have been misled.

In the last 24 hours, I've had my identity stolen and I've been somewhat harassed and threatened and it's really not a good feeling. When I first learned that someone was stealing my hard work and calling it their own, it killed me. Sure I got defensive but I have every right to be defensive and feel upset. It tore me up because I literally pour my heart and soul into everything I write whether it's blog posts, silly random blabbers, essays, stories, lyrics, or poetry. Writing is my life and to have someone take it from right under me felt like a slap in the face.

What made it worse was that this person was being paid for just copying and pasting my full posts consisting of my photos, word for word thoughts, and reviews -if she had at least linked me/given me credit and let me know that she was posting my posts just because she liked and wanted to share them, I wouldn't have been angry. Sure taking photos and written work from my makeup posts and even photos of my hands was one thing but the last straw was when I saw a copied post of when I went to my grandma's house for Christmas and another post that talks about my little sister. I just couldn't believe that someone would fake MY family for theirs. That just made me really mad. I am extremely protective of the people I love and there are too precious to me for someone to just go and do that.

And then it got worse. What really sucks is if you do something wrong without knowing it's wrong! And then having people threatening to report you and telling you that you'll be put in prison when it was never your intention to do something wrong or misguide your readers (and I'm not even clear about this because I've read both sides all over the internet.) I have no idea if these two horrible experiences are linked -I've never had any major drama here so it's crazy that all this happened right after I let you all know that my work was being stolen. A coincidence? Maybe. But the thing is, I can admit that I was wrong -even though at that point in time I didn't know it was wrong -and that's the point of this post and I just want to move on from this.

As for the girl, I by no means want this girl to get in any serious legal trouble although I did mention lawyers in the heat of the moment out of anger. All I really want is for her remove all of my pictures and written content from LUUUX and for her to remove the work of others. Her LUUUX dollars should also be taken away because she did not earn those fairly and properly using her own tools: brain, camera, laptop, etc. She used mine (along with other bloggers'.) If she were to start her own blog using her own belongings, photos, and thoughts then shoot -I'm all for it.

So with that being said, I may take a break from blogging. I just wanted to let you know that if I am absent for a while, it's because I'm just sick of this drama and need to breathe. I was seriously having a great week -the first in a long time. I was looking forward to reviewing my new products (Revlon ColorBurst glosses, Coralista blush, etc.), share more Random Snapshots, and get started on my Valentine's Day giveaway but I'm so out of it now. I'm just upset. But I do want to thank my wonderful readers who stuck up for me concerning the last post -I am really grateful to have you. I am also so blessed to have my supportive family, friends, and boyfriend. Thank you.

P.S. About watermarks -it did occur to me that my photos could easily be taken but I just seriously put a lot of trust in people. Also, I don't really like how watermarks look. And if you put them on the side of the page or something, the person will just remove it anyways. So for now, I won't be watermarking -I'm going to give this another chance. But I guess if the problem continues, there's nothing else that I can really do. If you'd like to use any of my photos, feel free to use them but be sure to link it back to the original post -that's all I ask. And please, never use photos of my family or friends -they are off limits.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of all the drama :( I really hope that girl comes to her senses and removes the photos. It's completely unfair and I was unaware of LUX's website until now. I had no idea she was earning incentives by copying and pasting =/ I also don't use watermarks but I may consider it. I know it looks bad, but it's for your protection. For all we know, she can say you stole her work :/ Shady as it sounds, but I know people can be mean like that. I applaud you for your hard work and I always enjoy reading your reviews :) Come back soon ok? We still need you!! :)

  2. Again I feel really sorry for you and you got all my support. (I wrote an e-mail to the Luuux copyright section.)

    It's not easy sometimes on the internet and you can't trust a lot of people (well IRL too but that's another story...)

    I hope that this person will be punished for her acts, what she did is unacceptable. It's a total lack of respect and honesty.
    I understand the way you feel and I hope this story will have an happy ending.

    Taking a break is a good idea in this case. I'll miss reading your reviews!
    Take care! xxx

  3. Oh my god, you're better now? Has she stopped?
    It's unforgiveable to do such an idiot thing..
    Hope things will get better!

  4. I really hate dramas that be happening over the internet. Everything will get better later on. Take a break or two but do come back. I love your reviews.

  5. Im so sorry sweetie, please come back <3
    Love your blog, lots of love from Christine

  6. that's a shame someone would do that, i love your blog <3

  7. I understand, you need a breather. People can be mean and selfish, but you hon, are beautiful inside and out. You're the bigger person to admit your wrongs and genuinely say you're sorry, and that takes a lot of courage. It's a humbling characteristic that many need. And as for the LUUX girl, I do hope justice will be the result in all of this. She does deserve to have her account to be shut down, etc. etc. and once that drama is done, she is over and done with. But we subscribers/followers will support you, EVEN with future drama that may come your way.

    Take a relaxing break, reevaluate, and learn from the experience. We will all be here rooting for you and waiting for you. Take care.


  8. That is some serious S**t.. =/ I hope you get through it =) hug hug

  9. I´m very sorry for you because it is a indecency what you have done. You count on my support even if that far. A big kiss and a hug.

  10. Kali I understand what its like. I blogged about this before but Ive never really went into details. Someone..more than 1 person. But one of them has been saving pictures of me since I was in the 8th grade and they still have those pictures and would post it on their page along with my recent pictures. I copypright or sometimes watermark it & they still photoshopped it off. Its gotten really bad to where this person actually gives out their number to text or call guys. When they would arrange to meet up, she would make up excuses. I know this because I actually met a girl on Specktra. I posted a picture of me doing a pin up girl look & she thought I was the "other fake girl". I said no and explained to her. She told me shes been talking and texting with my fake for two years. She gave me her number but Ive never done anything about it. Im sad that I cant post many things about my sons too. They use their pictures and claim its their NEPHEWS =/. Its a young person too. On tumblr my pictures are reblogged all over the sites with young guys "liking" my pictures and commenting. Its really creepy.

    I hope you continue to blog, I go to your blog daily. I think you should like put a sticky note in your pictures. Write it in a COLORED ink pen or marker on PATTERN paper. That way no one can photoshop or try to remake it. I read it on or something like that.

  11. I've only just discovered your blog, and look forward to your future posts :) Take your time,do what feels right. Big hugs - no-one deserves this hassle.

  12. So sorry to hear about this..I just started blogging recently so I haven't had this happen to me, but I'm so afraid that it will one day. I can't believe some people would stoop so low as to completely plagiarize someone else's hard work. I really hope this won't stop you from blogging :(

  13. Hugs on your way <3 Your blog is one of the rare ones I actually do follow pretty loyally (even though I don't comment all so often).

    I feel sorry this had to happen to you. Writing is also my passion (though in finnish), so it must feel twice as bad..

    Why she stole your identity is something I really don't understand, because surely the profit made from LUUUX or whatever can't be that great? You know.. I feel sorry for her as well, because I can't imagine any person with their right mind doing something like this.
    I'm not defending her; what she did was low and pathetic and my heart goes out for you, but I do truly hope this doesn't take away your passion for blogging and that you will come back if you do take that break, and provide us well written, honest reviews you have so far.

    Take your time and do whatever is best for you <3 Lots of hugs <3

  14. I'm really sorry Kali. I find it disturbing that she went so far as to actually talk as though she were you-like answering people's comments as though she were you and had actually gone out, used coupons, and bought the things. CREEPY!!!
    I hate that is has gotten you down. You truly are one of my most favorite bloggers out there, and you inspire SO many of my purchases- I feel like we have similar tastes and I love (for example) the cute things you find in the dollar bins at Target, and things like that, because it's those kinds of items I love finding when I go shopping too.
    Your readers support you and I'm always here if you need to vent, as a reader and fan of your blog.

  15. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE reading your blog and I check it all the time. I hope you continue blogging one day, but I totally understand if you don't because people can be so mean online! I hope you feel better!

  16. I hope you're feeling better now. Please don't let what happened get the best of you. Just take a break for a while then come back when you feel better. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

    Hugs. :3

  17. I'm sorry this happend to you =( I didn't know she was taking pictures of your family/friends.. that is way to low.. =(

    I will miss your posts alot, and I know that there are alot of ppl here who support you 100% =)


  18. awww babe i am so sorry. just don't let anything get to you! your fabulous and i love reading your stuff. Those who copies and post are low!! The truth will prevail. ((HUGGGS))) anyways, I just awarded you a blog award. Hope it will make your day! :)

  19. Kali you are my favourite blogger and it is so sad that you have to go through this horrible incident but just take your time until you feel fresh and feel like blogging again I will miss you a lot but I will wait for some lovely posts from you ,don't let some nasty people stop you from doing what you love but just thake some time and relax <333

  20. Hey, i'm sorry to hear that. She sure did it for the money. But you don't deserve it. And i agree with you: she could have taken 2-3 pictures from your reviews and it was't such a big deal but to use the posts about your familly with their pictures that's... i don't think you can describe this.
    I google for pictures for some of my posts, but if i take pictures from someone else and i know the source i always ask for their permission first and post the link to their blog.
    Take your time and find some peace of mind. I love your blog and always come to enjoy your posts.

  21. Kali, I'm sad to see this happening to you and other bloggers. It's one thing to steal a person's makeup related pictures but of family related posts? That's just insane. I really hope this girl gets kicked off the website. I know how upset you are but don't let this low life get to you. Use a watermark program and plaster it all over your pictures where they can't crop it out. *HUGS*

  22. i am so sorry to hear this.. i hope this girl come into her right mind and give you an apology you deserve.. in the meantime, we want you to know that we'll still be right here when you come back! hugs for you, dear!

  23. :( Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully things do get better and we hear from you soon.


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  25. No sweetie pie, just continue what you're doing. Yeah you got couple haters all right and whatever fact they might have given to be discriminating against you we know you only have good intention which is helping other readers get to know products they haven't yet.
    So what a couple haters/poser < all your supporters
    Come on now love do it for us and the love of blogging because I know that's your passion. Don't leaver it aside just because of some petty drama. You always take the high road and t hat's what I love about you.
    Stay doing you no matter what :)

  26. I am so sorry that you're going through all of this! I'd love for you to continue blogging as you have been, but completely understand why you feel the need to take a break.

    Hang in there!


  27. Oh no that's so sad! I have just beginning to read your blog (I am a new follower) and now this! Come back soon we'll miss you. Take care, always.


  28. I am sorry to hear about all that's been happening on top of everything else - just want to give my support. For what it's worth - good luck, well wishes, and we hope to see you back soon. :)

  29. I came back to link to your haul post and was wondering why it was gone! I'm very sorry to hear about everything that just happened. If the retailer accepts the coupons (your cashier certainly did, and so did mine) then it's a little immature for readers to threaten to send you to prison. They make coupon codes and barcodes that are for one time use (like clothing retailers frequently do), and the Rimmel was clearly was not designed that way.

    I'm also sorry to hear about having your identity stolen. I've read countless stories of beauty bloggers who went through the same thing and it really is shameless of the person.

    Don't let the drama wear you down, and I hope your break isn't too long! Your readers will be sad. I always love reading about your latest hauls, deals, and reviews. I'm actually posting about your blog right now as one of my favorite CVS deal and review blogs.

  30. 1. soo glad you are back :) I almost cried when you said you would "take a break" (well, not exactly, but I think you know what I mean)
    2. bella bamba= yumm...I soo want to try it!
    3. If you don't like those sushi earrings, i saw another really cute pair at Claire's you might like! It was two sets of cookies (oreos and chocolate chip) and a pair of little milk cartons. Soooooo cute!
    4. Where on earth can I get a boy friend like yours? please tell me.
    5. Love youuuuuuuuuuu