Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robot Love & Lunch

I just wanted to pop in and share something I drew during class today -I call it, "Robot Love". =) I'm going to color it in later but thought I'd snap a picture of it first. Also, a random fact about me: I pay attention better when I'm doing something else. If I'm listening to a rather lengthy lecture and not doing anything but trying to focus and listen only to the teacher/speaker, I'll start daydreaming and my head will drift 18035854465 miles away from what we're learning about. BUT, if I'm doodling or doing something else, I actually listen a lot better and retain most (or even all) of the information we learn. Strange but true!
And here's what I'm eating for lunch. I stopped by a Thai place on the way home and ordered two Pad Thai dishes for my mom and myself -I got chicken for her and beef for me. Why Pad Thai? Because I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. My insomnia is bad enough as it is but when you're hungry and can't sleep, oh man.. I got about 1.5 hours of sleep last night and I'm in desperate need of a nap before work tonight. But first, I gotta get my grub on!


  1. You drew that picture? It looks pretty good (and cute). I love Pad Thai. I am the same way. If I am hungry, I can't sleep. I am drooling over your lunch even tho I just ate :)

  2. i love pad thai!!
    and what a cute picture :)
    i used to doodle during class too hahaa but its coz i get bored... but it makes me lose concentration of the professor instead of improving my concentration like u!!

  3. It's super cute! If you have insomnia try doing cardio during the day, but not to close to when you sleep, that might help.

  4. wow, you drew that during class? Such a cute drawing! I used to draw loads during class too. I mostly drew cakes!

  5. Love the picture! I have an affection for robots too. I'm afraid to draw in class, though, because even if I am listening the professor might think I'm not...

  6. Hi Kali,
    the bean spouts looks yummy..

    I gave you a blog award...
    do check it out.

  7. Aww robot love :D I love Pad Thai, I eat that when I go back home to Victoria all the time. but for some reason all thai places suck in my city, it's so hard to find ethnic food in Ottawa! have a great weekend <3